2017 Fabulous Pointer Brothers Calendars

3mar3 Walter Luther calendar 2017The final year

For many years our amazing friend in Canada has captured her beautiful GSPs (Walter and Luther) as a way to fundraise for our rescue dogs here in Northern California. With Walter now 13 years old, the fabulous Pointer Brothers are retiring from stardom this year to live a quieter life without pupparrazi. This photographic walk through their life will be their “farewell” and last gift to our rescue dogs.

Much love and gratitude to the Pointer Brothers and their mom.

The Pointer Brothers are delighted to provide you with 2 great choices:

  • 2017 Walter’s Long Farewell
  • Goodbye with Love, Walter and Luther (The Fabulous Pointer Brothers Say Goodbye)

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Get one or both (home and office?), a few for your family and friends, and what great gifts!

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Each purchase benefits our foster dogs.
Walter and Luther are happy to be able to help their brothers and sisters!

Order yours today!