Beau – Referral Posting – Concord, CA

beau-6sqBeau is estimated to be an 8 year old GSP.  He was adopted from a local shelter a few years ago. Unfortunately his family’s circumstances have changed and his single working Mom cannot give him the attention he needs. Beau is a beautiful black and white GSP and although might be around 8, he acts a LOT younger. He is very healthy, strong and has many adventurous years ahead of him! He is a smart, happy, loving, active 78 lb boy. Beau has been house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash and knows his basic commands – although he’s pretty sure he’s ready to hit up some advanced obedience or agility classes to keep his mind and body going! Beau is the kind of dog that needs and wants something to do! Beau does not care to socialize much with other large dogs he mostly ignores them, and he is too prey driven for small dogs and cats. Beau will likely not be a suitable dog off leash due to his high prey drive with small animals and his future family will need to work with that. Beau’s ideal home would have a large yard with lots of squirrels and birds to chase around, a large comfy couch to hang out on and lots of walks/runs throughout the week!
Beau is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He is not currently on heartworm preventative and we recommend his new family do a routine check-up upon receiving him into their home!

For more information, please contact Rita at

Rehoming fee: $150. You do not need to fill out our adoption questionnaire since Beau is not in our foster program and you will be working directly with his owner. 

Location: Concord, CA

This listing is a referral or courtesy for other rescue organizations or families needing to find their dog a new home. Please note that we have not evaluated these dogs nor do we make any representation as to their health or temperament, nor have we validated any of the information provided by the parties.

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