Rhett – Our Foster Dog

Well hello there handsome!

Rhett is a handsome senior shorthair, ready to find love with you! Terribly thin when he arrived in his foster home, he’s chowing down now and we expect him to fill out nicely. His tests at the vet were all within what you’d expect for an older dog. Rhett loves people, loves other dogs. Loves cats too much, so a home without a kitty cat is preferred. We suspect he may have been an outdoor only dog before, since he didn’t know what to make of stairs, but smart boy that he is, he’s learning quickly. Rhett enjoys walks and […]

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Ladybug – Our Foster Dog

Ladybug is a darling little girl!

Ladybug is the sweetest petite GSP! Since being rescued from the shelter, she has been recovering her smile and happy personalty slowly but surely. She’s much warmer towards her foster home than in the first few days. She relies on her GSP foster sister to show her the way to interact with people. Another dog in the home is a must for Ladybug. A quiet, patient family that will give her time to warm up to them is also a must-have for this sweet girl. She is also working on walking on a leash – she’s a little freaked out […]

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Trudy – Courtesy Posting

Trudy 2

Trudy - female pointer mix – Courtesy Posting for Community Concern for Cats Trudy is a young pointer mix searching for her forever home. Trudy was found abandoned by a member of Community Concern for Cats, and after searching long and hard, her owners never came forward. Trudy unfortunately can’t stay with her cat friends, so they’re trying to help this young cutie look for a home of her own. She’s 1 1/2 years old, 80 lbs, spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped!  Trudy is known for being sweet and cuddly. She is playful, goofy and loves car rides, walks, and […]

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Piper – Our Foster Dog

Piper is a beauty!

Piper just arrived! We’re discovering more about this cute 10 month-old girl each day, but currently we know: she is good with other large dogs, enjoys the company of her humans, and has a very strong prey drive (no cats or small dogs in the home). She will need her forever home to work with her on training, but she’s a quick learner. We believe Piper might be a Brittany Spaniel/GSP mix.

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Kona – Our Foster Dog – Sponsored by a Fairy Dogmother!

Kona has the biggest smile!

Kona thinks she’s a person. Naturally, she wants to do people things! Hang out on the sofa and watch a movie, go for a drive – these are all things Kona would like to spend her days doing. For her, people time is the best thing in the world. She’s not so sure about spending time with other dogs just yet. She’d like a home where she can be the only dog (ahem, we mean “human”) and keep all the love to herself. Her favorite trick: wrapping herself up in a blanket by grabbing it with her mouth and pulling it over […]

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Maximus – Our Foster Dog

Have you ever seen a more handsome senior GSP?

Maximus is one happy Shorthair! After ending up in the shelter, he’s now practicing the fine art of living the good life by eating lots of good food and stretching out in bliss on the comfy couch. All in preparation for finding that perfect forever home who will pamper him! This is one dog who likes his luxury! And who can blame him after his time in doggie jail? He’s a love-bug with people, very good with other dogs, and is even cat-friendly. It appears that he is mostly blind, although he is getting around great. He has learned to use his […]

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Jo – Our Foster Dog

Jo with her favorite toy

Jo must be short for Joy – she’s so much fun to have around! She is an absolute love bug who can’t get enough of cuddling up to her foster parents and foster siblings. She lives to lay on top of the other dogs in the home whenever they let her! Jo would really love to live with another dog in the home. She would also love a family who will stay by her side most of the time. She doesn’t like being left alone for more than a 5-6 hours. She’s on her best behavior while her people are gone, however, as […]

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West – Our Foster Dog – Adoption Pending

West is a handsome charmer!

Prepare to have your heart melted! West is a darling 9 year-old GSP boy that can win you over with just one look with his sweet brown eyes. He’s got a mellow, sweet personality, but also loves to go, go, go! He’s a perfect gentleman on walks and isn’t the sort that will tug your arm off when you go for a nice stroll. He loves people and makes fast friends with other dogs, big or small. He’s lived successfully with two grandma GSPs and knows when to give them their space and when to cuddle. He also enjoys cuddle […]

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Ruth – Our Foster Dog

Ruth is happy to be taking it easy!

Beautiful Ruth has been rescued! This 11 year-old gal was given up by her prior home after a change in the home situation. After a life of living outside, she’s adapting well to the luxury of a comfy indoor life! On July 29th, Ruth tested heartworm positive and has begun treatment. See more below and donate to her medical fund. Ruth is settling in well to a life of easy living! After a few initial accidents, she has learned that potty is outside and her foster home has learned to take her out periodically and after a nap. She’s adjusted well […]

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Molly – Courtesy Posting


This is a courtesy posting for Oregon GSP Rescue. Molly is a 7 year old female GSP in Oregon with some mobility issues but she now has a treatment plan in place and she’ll make a lovely household companion! She’s had xrays and a full vet exam, the findings indicate she has hip dysplasia, her left knee has been previously repaired with ACL surgery, and her right knee is swollen and sore. The good news is that with anti-inflammatories, she will be able to live a good and comfortable life. She won’t be able to jog or hunt, but she’ll be […]

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Rosie – Our Foster Dog

NorCal GSP_0485

Rosie is all sweetness and fun! This absolutely beautiful 12 year-old sweetie pie had a rough few months before she landed in our rescue. Her owner died and she and her golden retriever siblings ended up with a neighbor. When a relative came to retrieve the dogs, they left Rosie behind! First she had lost her human companion and now her doggy companions as well! But that’s the great thing about Rosie – judging by the constant smile on her face, she hasn’t let any of this get her down. She’s loving life at her foster home and just is a […]

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Meg – Our Foster Dog

Meg on the left, Jo on the right.

Meg is such a sweetheart! She is extremely affectionate, especially with her foster parents. Meg’s favorite pastime is standing next to her foster dad’s chair with her head on his knee for some pets. Meg would love a home with another dog companion, but people are #1 in her book! She’d love a home where she can have regular human companionship and not be left on her own for more than a 5-6 hours. She also loves to go for car rides and is happy to hang in the car while you run errands. Bring Meg home and you’ll have more love than you know what to […]

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Dottie – Forever Foster Dog

Dottie is happy to have found her forever foster!

Dottie is in our Forever Foster program. She will be living out the rest of her days in the comfort and safety of one of our Forever Foster homes. Learn more about becoming a Forever Foster home. As a senior gal, you’d think Dottie would just want to take it easy and relax. Maybe if she wasn’t a GSP! Before Dottie came to us, she was rescued from an abuse case where she and another GSP were the victim of tortuous treatment by their former owner, including a version of waterboarding. It’s unbelievable what this girl has been through, but she is such […]

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