Rex – Courtesy Posting for Lily’s Legacy


Rex is a gorgeous 7 year old GSP/Lab mix that is needing that super special forever home. He’s had at least 2 families before, and spent a few weeks in the county slammer.  Rex is neutered, microchipped and current of vaccinations.  He likes everyone he’s ever met, people, dogs, cats and birds!  He does need to loose a few pounds, so he’d be a great holiday buddy to go on long walks after dinner with!  Rex does have an ongoing medical need though if treated is not a problem. Rex has an adrenal gland condition called Addison’s for about 5 years, and  always will. He […]

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Fletcher – Our Foster Dog – Adoption Pending

Handsome Fletcher!

Meet Fletcher! This sweet 8+ year-old is ready to steal your heart. He was probably an outside dog in his former life, but he’s quickly learning to enjoy the comforts of being indoors. His favorite things in life are be food and people – he’d like plenty of both all the time! Fletcher is an easy guy that meshes pretty easily into his home. At this foster home, his daily schedule includes a walk/run in the morning, then plenty of napping in his crate until it’s time for a midday fetch session, then more napping until dinner time, followed by […]

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Finnigan – Our Foster Dog

Finny is all smiles!

Finnigan is up for anything, whether it be a drive, a walk, a hike or just lounging around the house.  His favorite sports are chasing the ball, tug-o-war and sharing the ‘armchair quarterback’ position with his foster family. He enjoys car rides, especially when they end up someplace fun like the park or the off-leash beach. He will race across the sand and romp around playing with other dogs he meets along his way. It’s all fun and games but just say the word and he will come when you call him! He has great recall!! (Yes, you read that right!) He […]

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Beau – Referral Posting – Concord, CA


Beau is estimated to be an 8 year old GSP.  He was adopted from a local shelter a few years ago. Unfortunately his family’s circumstances have changed and his single working Mom cannot give him the attention he needs. Beau is a beautiful black and white GSP and although might be around 8, he acts a LOT younger. He is very healthy, strong and has many adventurous years ahead of him! He is a smart, happy, loving, active 78 lb boy. Beau has been house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash and knows his basic commands – although […]

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James – Our Foster Dog

Handsome James!

Meet James!  James is hoping to live out his golden years squirrel chasing, laying in the sun and spending time with his people.  He walks nicely on a leash, rides nicely in the car and is great in the crate.  If you enjoy walks, giving a massage every now and then, and having a friend around to keep you company, James would love to meet you.        

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ID#33424350 – Male – Shelter Dog in Fresno


This young male GSP has found himself at the pound! He’s listed as a 2 year old pointer mix but we think he’s pretty GSP-y.  At this point we have no further information on him, other than he is adoptable. If you are interested in adopting him please contact Central California SPCA: ID#33424350 103 South Hughes Ave Fresno, CA 93706 Voice:  (559) 233-7722 Shelter Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm Wednesday 10am – 6pm Location: Fresno, CA  

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Messi – Courtesy Posting


This cutie has been at the shelter for about a month and she’s not a big fan.  She spent her first year of life as a backyard only dog receiving no attention, and then her owners surrendered her to the shelter.  They believe she is a GSP Border Collie mix – which means she’s one smart cookie!  Messi would be a great dog for an active family or someone interested in dog sports! If you are interested in adopting her, please contact El Dorado County Animal Services – Placerville Animal ID: A109855 6435 Capitol Ave Diamond Springs, CA 95619 Voice:  (530) 621-5795 […]

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Murphy – A126721 – Male – Shelter Dog in Yuba City


Murphy is a 6 month old black and white Pointer mix. He has been at the shelter for a while now and is looking for his forever home. At this point we have no further information on him. Animal ID: A126721 If you are interested in adopting him check out the Adoption information at Yuba City Animal Control Services/Sutter Animal Services Authority: 200 Garden Highway Yuba City, CA 95991 Shelter Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 4:30pm   Location: Yuba City, CA           

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A1035584 – Female – Shelter Dog in Mojave


This cute girl is thought to be a 10 month old English Pointer mix. Staff say’s she’s a fun sweet high energy girl that needs an active family. She gets along well with all dogs, old to young, small to large.  Cats unknown. Animal ID: A1035584 If you are interested in adopting her contact Kern County Animal Services – Mojave Shelter: 923 Poole, Mojave Airport Mojave, CA 93501 661-824-1030 Shelter Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am-4pm *closed flor lunch 12pm-1pm   Location: Mojave, CA           

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Beau – Male – Shelter Dog in Milpitas


Beau is 10 year old male GSP. He’s new to the Humane Society but staff says he’s a wonderful boy with lots of love left to give. He’s a great explorer with his nose and would love to explore with his new family.  Beau weights 73 lbs. Animal ID: 16496524 If you are interested in adopting him contact Humane Society Silicon Valley: 901 Ames Ave Milpitas, CA 95035 408-262-2133 ext 150 Shelter Hours: Monday – Friday 12pm – 6pm Saturday-Sunday: 10am – 6pm   Location: Milpitas, CA           

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Herschel – Our Foster Dog

herschel happy

Welcome handsome Herschel! This 5 year-old lovebug is the definition of sweetness. His favorite activity is diving in for cuddles with his foster mom. He’s well-behaved and very smart to boot, and is showing off his skills by being 100% house-trained and sitting on command. He also has learned to wait for his dinner and is proving to be a very patient pointer. It seems that Herschel didn’t have a lot of good experiences with other dogs in his younger years, so he isn’t so sure about them. However, he’s improving with other dogs, especially  those that are calm and […]

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Savanna – Our Foster Dog

Savanna profile

Welcome Savanna! This beautiful southern belle was surrendered to the shelter by her owner when they moved away. Her life was turned upside down in an instant, but we were there to turn it the right way round again. Savanna is now enjoying the comfort and love of her foster home. And good girl that she is, she’s proved to be both crate-trained and house-trained, and will go into crate with the command “go to bed.” She is also perfecting the commands sit, down, stay, come and leave it. She loves a nice few walks per day. So far, she […]

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Rocco – Our Foster Dog

Handsome Rocco!

Rocco is a 5 year-old GSP masquerading as a senior! This handsome 12 year-old has got the energy of a much younger dog. He loves to go all day and then crash at night. Rocco will do best in a home where he gets plenty of exercise. He’d make a great jogging partner, and if you have a large yard, he’d love to police the area for squirrels! He also is happy to hang out at home while you’re away – he regularly stays in his foster home with freedom to roam for several hours and doesn’t get into trouble. […]

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Layla – Our Foster Dog

Layla is such a happy girl!

Layla is too adorable! This sweet 9 year-old has a “hummingbird tail” according to her foster home – it never stops wagging! Besides being cute, Layla does very well on leash with a harness, seems to be house-trained, and is a good copilot. She needs to work on learning basic commands, but is eager to please. Oh and she is happy to hang out at home while you’re at work. She enjoys a little time along to catch up on her naps! But then she’ll be overjoyed to see you when you come home. A great all-around girl! Medical update – […]

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Vicki – Our Foster Dog

Pretty Vicki!

Vicki is one sweet senior! Have you been looking for the perfect companion that doesn’t require much exercise? This old GSP lady will fit the bill – plenty of spring in her step for a walk or two – and she’d love to spring right into your home and heart! Vicki loves dogs and people, so who better than a sweet gal like Vicki to snuggle up with?              

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Danica – Our Foster Dog

Dani is one funny senior girl!

Meet Dear Danica! This 10 year old distinguished gal has the spunk of a pointer without the extended battery life that most of the young ones have. She enjoys both canine and feline family members and loves to make new friends, to join in and play! Danica is super content hanging out with people at home, but can also stay on her own while her family is at work. She enjoys walks with no pulling on her leash and is comfortable sleeping in her crate through the night. Getting her chin and ears petted is one of her favorites. This beautiful tail wagging lady […]

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ID#17545 – Hazel – Female – Shelter Dog in Fresno

Hazel 1

Hazel is a young female GSP mix, she is a fantastic sweetheart who has been looking for her forever home for 4 months! Hazel is a very driven and active dog. She will need a large yard and active owners. She would make a great hiking, running or agility buddy.  Staff says she is a quick learner and very well mannered – she has never jumped up on anyone! Her fantastic fly away bat ears will always keep you smiling! ID#A17545 If you are interested in adopting her, please contact Valley Animal Center: 3934 N. Hayston Fresno, CA 93728 Voice:  (559) 233-8690 Shelter Hours: […]

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