Great Senior Pooches

Senior GSPs deserve only the best in their retirement years. We’d like to be sure they get it. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for YOU - yes, you! You’ve got a soft spot for the oldies. That’s why you are here, looking at this page of Great Senior Pooches. You know you want one. We can help you with that.
great senior pooch final
New! Adopt a GSP and Add a Great Senior Pooch for Free!   
That’s right. We are serious about finding the best homes for our Grammy and Grampie GSPs. And if you’ve adopted from us before, or are in the process of adopting now, you can qualify to add a Great Senior Pooch to your family for free. Just mention this offer to our adoption team.    
The small print: we will work with you to determine the best timing for adding your Great Senior Pooch. If you are in the process of adopting now, we want to be sure that dog is well-settled first. This offer does not expire.

Lucille – Our Foster Dog

Lucille is a sweet senior that is still up for many adventures!  She is enjoying life with her current foster home, taking daily long walks, going to wineries, meeting lots of new people and taking it all in stride! She may be a senior, but she’s got lots of love to give still.  She gets along with other dogs just fine and loves being around people. Does your home have room for this sweet ole gal?!    

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