ID#A473547 – Male- Shelter Dog in Modesto

GSP pic2

This male liver and white boy is a GSP mix. He is listed as 11 years old, however we wonder if that’s a data entry error because he looks and acts much younger. At this time we have no further information on him. ID#: A473547 If you are interested in adopting him, please contact Stanislaus Animal Services Agency: 3647 Cornucopia Way Modesto, CA 95358 Voice:  (209) 558-7387 Shelter Hours: Monday -Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: 8am – 5p m   Location: Modesto, CA   

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Dax – Adoption Pending

What a looker!

Meet Dax! This sweet, cuddly boy’s charming and friendly personality is hard to resist. He has some basic training and knows how to sit, stay and come. He will even shake! He loves people, and gets along well with children and other dogs. He also loves to snuggle, go for runs, play with toys and is anxious to be somebody’s best friend. As long as Dax gets enough exercise, he is happy to stay home while you’re away, especially if he has a canine buddy to hang out with. Dax would love to find an experienced GSP home that he can call his […]

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Booker – Adoption Pending

Hello Booker boy!

Booker is quite the looker! This 5 year-old boy is a total sweetheart in addition to his handsome looks. He loves being with people and would cuddle all day long with you if he could! He’s also good with other dogs, although he doesn’t always know his own size (70 lbs) and can be a little overwhelming for some dogs. He’s just a big, silly guy! He did live in the past with a small dog and currently lives with a female GSP at his foster home and they get along well. He seems to be a bit too keyed […]

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Holmes & Watson – Adoption Pending

Holmes and Watson are the best of friends!

Holmes & Watson are on the case – the case to find their forever family! These charming detective dogs should have no trouble using their sniffers to sleuth out the perfect home for them. The clues they’ll be searching for are: humans who love to cuddle, the kind of home where they can get plenty of exercise and also plenty of couch time, a place where they can stick together, and the most important clue of all – a family that will never give up on them. Can you help them solve the case? More on the detective dogs: house-trained, walk ok on leash […]

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Gauge – Adoption Pending

Handsome Gauge!

Welcome Gauge! Our first new foster dog of 2017 is not just good looks – he’s also a champion snuggler who adores his people. Gauge is great with other dogs, is an eager learning and has a awesome silly side to him. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his ball! He is comfortable being left uncrated while you are not at home, is quickly embracing leash manners and is beginning to learn that car rides are nothing to fret! In addition to the long list of positives, Gauge came to us in need of a little extra TLC. Last December and February, he had […]

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James – Our Foster Dog

Handsome James!

Meet James! James arrived at his foster home looking like he’d seen better days. His eyes were sad, his coat was rough, and his entire body was painful. From the looks of him, he had spent his whole life outside and had never known the comforts of a loving home. He melted into his bed that night.  If you touched him wrong and/or surprised him, he would yelp in pain. When he made it to the vet, they cleaned years’ worth of gunk and debris from his sore, inflamed ears and a prescription for Deramaxx quickly took the edge off […]

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