Our Foster Dogs

The dogs listed below are in our foster program. The foster home provides a transition period between life in the animal shelter and the new, permanent home. The dogs are given the opportunity to learn any needed social skills and to receive the much needed love, shelter, and medical care they deserve.
If you would like more information on any of the dogs in our foster program, begin by completing our adoption questionnaire and reading about our Adoption Process. The adoption questionnaire is the first step in our adoption process, whether you are interested in a particular foster dog or are just beginning to explore the option of adopting a rescued GSP. Please note: The information we give on each dog is based on observations while the dog is in our program. The dog may display different behaviors in your home after adoption due to a number of factors, including different environmental stimuli, disruption of routine, and so on.

Not sure if you are ready to adopt? Perhaps you are interested in fostering? We need foster homes! We can't save the urgent shelter dogs unless we have a foster home in place. Learn more about becoming a foster home. Foster homes receive priority in adopting their foster dog.
Not able to foster but want to help one of our wonderful foster dogs? Check out how you can become a Guardian Angel! See all the options for helping (some free!) under our Donate tab.

Wiggins – Our Foster Dog

Welcome Wiggins the Wiggly GSP! This young handsome dude is brand new to our rescue and wow, he’s already making waves. And how could he not with that adorable face and his tendency to be wiggly and fun? This guy is very affectionate and would happily recline in your lap if you let him. He also loves other dogs and loves to play! He wants to play a little too much with cats if you catch our drift, and likely has too strong a prey drive for any smaller critters. With some solid training and the right amount of exercise, […]

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Delilah – Our Foster Dog

Delilah is a sweet little girl who enjoys running around and chasing squirrels. She rides nicely in the car and sleeps nicely in the crate. Delilah has had successful play dates with other dogs, and really loves spending time with her people.  She still has a lot to learn, so she’s looking for a forever family who will teach her to be the best girl she can be. If you’re looking for a companion to spend your time with, Delilah would love to meet you!

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Jacob – Our Foster Dog – Adoption Pending

Mid-December, we were contacted by a shelter about a young GSP boy with a broken leg. Knowing time was of the essence to get his leg looked at and repaired, we were able to identify a foster home quickly and get him immediately to the vet. Jacob had surgery shortly thereafter to repair the break. Now he’s healing and soaking up the good life at his foster home. He’ll need a number of weeks of cage rest and recovery, but his prognosis is good. More information will be coming as we learn more about his personality and how he does […]

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Guy – Our Foster Dog

If you’re looking for a really, REALLY sweet and super friendly dog who is great around everyone, including kids and dogs of all size, you just found him! Guy is your guy! This 5-6 year-old GSP boy is a gentle soul who craves human attention. He also enjoys his foster sister, another GSP, and is well-mannered with her. He enjoys a good game of fetch and frolicking while chasing birds and squirrels like a typical GSP. He came to us with very little training, so will need to continue to work on that in his forever home, but is a […]

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Pinto – Our Foster Dog

Welcome to Pinto! This adorable 14 year-old gentleman is spry as can be for his age. He loves a nice long walk with his people (as long as there aren’t too many hills). After a walk, he loves to get a dog massage and then crash out for a few hours to nap. Sounds like the good life, right? Pinto is mostly blind, but not too blind to see the outdoor cats at his foster home! He’s living with several other dogs without any issues, although would be best in home where he doesn’t have to deal with too much […]

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Juanna – Our Forever Foster Dog

Juanna is in our Forever Foster program. She will be living out the rest of her days in the comfort and safety of one of our Forever Foster homes. Learn more about becoming a Forever Foster home. Juanna is a such a sweet senior – she’s got one of the nicest dispositions we’ve seen! She’s definitely over 10 years old and deserves a home where she’ll get spoiled every single day. Juanna loves being around people and hasn’t met a person or critter she doesn’t like! Her favorite past-times are hanging out at home near her people and taking naps. She loves […]

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Thelma and Louise – Our Foster Dogs – Forever Fosters

Thelma & Louise will steal your heart and are double the love!  They are sisters with a special bond.  Louise is the fearless one; but she is also the blind one.  She will happily charge across the yard in pursuit of the critter she has sniffed out but otherwise she sticks right to Thelma’s heels.  Thelma is the caretaker, always there to help her sister navigate back in the dog door and around all the household furniture. The two sisters’ favorite pastime is to follow their foster dad around wherever he goes.  All he has to do is simply say their name and their tails […]

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