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Enjoy these casual blog posts on current and former foster dogs! To view the up-to-date list of available foster dogs, go to Our Foster Dogs.

Sunny runs a 5K


Sunny came to us a bit scared and shy but she’s certainly coming out of her shell! Not only is she  going to dog parks, but this weekend she ran a 5k! Who says senior dogs aren’t energetic?

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Holmes and Watson go on a hike

Holmes Watson hike 3

  Surrounded by 6 of their newest doggy friends, Holmes and Watson took to the hills for a refreshing hike in Joseph D. Grant County Park. They had such a blast with all the new smells and slipping around in the mud from the recent rain. Holmes and Watson are going to be great hiking dogs!

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Handsome James


James is really coming into his own in his foster home. He’s loving having a sibling that respects his space and he even went to see Santa this year! (We think he has a crush on Layla).

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Snow Bunny


Young Bunny is loving life these days, she’s hitting the snow with her foster family and showing them how to climb those hills! She’s full of energy and is fast learning how to be a perfect family dog.

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Layla starts the NY off right!


                            Miss Layla doesn’t care that’s it been the coldest winter we’ve had in a few years, she’s enjoying the bright, chilly weather to play in the creek and do a little hunting.    

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Herschel is making friends!

herschel is making friends 3

When he arrived in foster care, Herschel made his anxious feelings towards other dogs known by barking and lunging when one crossed his path. But during a recent trip to visit his “foster grandma” in San Diego, he had a big breakthrough! After meeting his foster grandma’s pup, a calm collie, they became fast friends. As the older and wiser soul, the collie seemed to show Herschel how to interact. Suddenly Herschel seemed happier, more playful and less anxious. Maybe he had just been looking for that doggy mentor all along! Since then, handsome Herschel has started spending time with […]

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Giles brings home the Gold!


Who needs to watch Usain Bolt when we’ve got our own Gold medal winner? Mr. Giles took first place in his first race with his foster mom and dad! Check him out on the podium standing proud!

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Handsome Huxley

Huxley 2

  Here’s young Huxley, enjoying his freedom and settling down with a little relaxing chewing session. He’s as playful as you’d expect of a young GSP and he’s ready to find his new home!

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Danica vs Frisbee

dani new 4

What can we say, Danica is a darling. She’s just an easy going love bug, who still wants to have fun! Here she is playing a mean game of frisbee!

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James taking a stroll

Hi James!

Senior dude James is getting used to living in doggie “shangri-la” where he can lie on the grass, stretch his legs and test out his squirrel hunting skills. He’s a long way from living homeless now, we’ve got your back James!

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Courtney on the hunt


Some people may think having only three legs might slow a pup down, but Courtney will prove them wrong. She is astute at ensuring there are no critters on the property and will “lean in” to any opportunity to hunt!

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Layla goes hiking

Layla - 032816 10-R

Layla’s recovering from her surgery and got a chance to get out in the world and do some hiking. She’s doing well on her new harness and loves to check out little birdies and critters, in pure GSP form.

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minnie mouse 106

Minnie Mouse has made it her mission to become bffs with her foster sibling and she’s learning all the ropes of living in a warm and loving home! She’s discovering how to live with chickens and all the necessary house manners.

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Jasmine goes to the spa


Sometimes you don’t know what good living is until you get your first spa treatment. Here’s cute Jasmine getting ready to get her nails done…and taking a nice nap afterward!

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Courtney loves toys

Courtney and new toy

Courtney is soaking up all the fun with her post Christmas goodies! Having only three legs doesn’t slow this destroyer down, she keeps up with the young ones in that area!

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Tessie tries a crate

Pretty Tessie!

Little Miss Tessie is settling in and crate training is a first step to learning to be independent. She’s not too sure right now, because she’d rather sleep in her foster mom’s lap!

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Brady hits the beach

brady 5

  Brady wasted no time when he got out of the shelter, he hit the beach in San Francisco and enjoyed the surf and sand and of course, just a little fog.

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Courtney shows Lucas the ropes

Courtney & Lucas hanging out

Not only has Courtney been recuperating and enjoying living pain and cancer free since her surgery, but she’s taken to showing the new kid the ropes. Here she is role modeling the perfect pose in the perfect sunny spot in the window.

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Vixen makes top honors

Vixen graduated!

We can’t tell you how excited we are to announce Vixen’s accomplishment! She has just finished her first training class with her foster mom and did so well. Meeting new dogs and their humans, and enjoying the car ride and outing each week. Congrats Vixen!

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Sammie settles in

Sweet Sammie!

Sammy came to us with quite a few nicks and scratches from not being taken care of in his past life. However he now knows how many people were pulling for him to get out of that scary shelter! Here he is at his temporary foster home enroute to his longer term foster home. Looks like he’s settling in nicely (and apparently he loves to be near his human’s feet!). He’s eating well and is a sweet as loving as can be.

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