Archie already knows the ropes!


Archie just arrived with us and he’s quickly settling into his permanent foster home after a team of volunteers helped to transport him. He’s a pocket pointer at just 42 pounds but he’s showing off to his new friends, he is crate trained, sits, walks nicely on leash is ready to find his forever family. He’s also young and energetic and would love a sibling to play with!

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Playful Kiki


    Kiki is settling into her new foster home. She’s getting along with the other dogs, going on road trips and doing her best at cleaning up her toys in the yard. She even has shown she can be around the family bird and show very little interest! Good Girl Kiki!  

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Ladybug and friends


Ladybug doing her best pointer pose. This is LB with her BFF’s, waiting patiently to come inside, and then go back outside, and then come back inside. Sound familiar? She’s doing better each week at developing her social skills and joining in on all the family fun. She’s still shy, but she’s learning the benefits of hanging out in a pack (people and dogs).  

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Autumn is here!


Autumn is ready for Thanksgiving! She’s practicing her car ride manners so she can go to the park for family football and she’s refining her house rules training to be sure she will be a great dinner party guest.  This young girl is sweet and a fast learner and is ready to enjoy fun and loving family life. And she loves turkey!

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Cuddle-bug Piper


Sweet Piper has gotten used the couch life with her cuddly foster sibing. She’d love a forever sibling to hang out and nap with. Two pups are always better than one. She’s your and affectionate and is eager to learn and please!  Recently she got a little cut on her tummy, so she’s wearing her heart on her belly.  

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Gordon the gregarious!

Gordon's arrival

Young Gordon may have been recently neutered, but that “cone of shame” is all but slowing him down. He’s tearing it up at the park with his friends and is looking for his perfect active family! Can you keep up?

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Lovely Ladybug


Sweet Ladybug coming out of her shell. She’s been warming up a little more each day. Following her foster sibling around, wagging and begging for dinner, and now she’s finally warming up to visitors! She’s patiently waiting for the right family to find her.

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The amazing feats of Rhett!


  Don’t be alarmed…but yes Rhett can climb! Don’t be fooled by his senior age, he has plenty of curiosity and energy to be a wonderful companion. While he doesn’t walk on tables often, it is clear he may not have learned house manners before arriving in our foster home, but he is catching on quickly, don’t worry!

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Bella wants to know what you think.

Bella debate 2

Bella and her foster mom are having a philosophical debate and they’d like you to weigh in. Foster mom thinks that since she weighs almost three times as much as Bella, she should get 2/3 of the easy chair, it’s simple math. Bella thinks that since she has spots, is super cuddly and cute, she should get 2/3 of the easy chair (and any other furniture for that matter). What do you think?

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Dyson has come a long way with the help of so many friends! He’s been able to have the tests he needs and now we have confirmed his diagnosis of Epilepsy. It’s not curable, but it’s definitely manageable. He’s so much more than his diagnosis! He’s energetic with all the typical GSP qualities…loves to walk, hunt and snooze on couches! He does well with other dogs, and even cats! and he would be fine in a home with kids 6+. Do you think you have room in your heart to take in this gentle soul?

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Kona the party girl


Kona continues to “wow” her foster mom. She’s a regular party girl showing her charm and greeting new people and being at her best when the whole family is in the room with her. She’s gained the trust of her foster family and she’s proven can be left alone in the house (with free roam) for up to five hours and she’s settled in nicely. She’s also housebroken and even does a funny “moan” while standing at the door letting you know she needs to go out- what more could you ask for? She’s playful and energetic and is currently […]

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Bella on the green

Bella loves ball time at the park!

Bella really comes alive at the park and she really loves a relaxing game of fetch and then laying on the soft grass. She’s energetic and loves playing ball, but not so much it’ll tire you out. She’s playful with the perfect balance of “chill”. As you can see from these pics, she is enjoying her foster home and is looking for the perfect family that appreciates jaunts in the fresh air, as well as knows the value of being a couch potato at home. So we now know she is a champion snuggler, is mastering the art of meeting […]

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Dash feels at home.


Dash is settling in. He’s ensuring his foster family gets lots of exercise every day. He can play fetch with his foster mom in the morning for 30 minutes, has a another friend that comes to visit in the afternoon to exercise (and he continues to fetch like crazy)… and still go out for a four mile run later in the day! He’s comfy on the dog bed (as you can see in the photos) and also does well in a crate. He’s so versatile and accommodating! His foster mom says, “He’s such a great dog. While he’s certainly energetic […]

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Bella’s making friends!

bella making friends

We all know how hard it is to adapt to a new environment. As Bella has become acclimated to her new foster home, she is a bit apprehensive of strangers coming over. Luckily her foster mom works at home and has clients that come over for meetings, which is the perfect opportunity to practice meeting strangers. At first, she barked a bit and the visitor was asked to “ignore her”, and then a few treats came into the picture. An then, as we can see in these pictures, in just a matter of a few minutes she came and laid […]

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Dottie’s Meetup

Dottie after eye test at UCD

Not only did Dottie donate her time to participate in a fancy eye study over at UCD, she also decided to host a Senior GSP meetup for her friends. She invited Rosie, Cyrus and her pal Suzie to get together and enjoy some sunshine on the grass together.  They  had a great time socializing and meeting all of the nice employees at UCD. They  also invited a few of their humans along, since none of them have their drivers license anymore.                              

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Meg’s Smile Gives Back


Even though Meg is still waiting to find her perfect family, that doesn’t stop her from “giving back” to other foster dogs! While we were working on one of our fundraising auctions, we submitted this picture of Meg (showing off her love for treats) to a contest to win a $100 basket of Sam Yam’s doggie treats for the auction. And guess what? She beat out some tough competition of cute puppies and spry adolescents…with her winning smile!

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It’s just Rosie

Rosie on the rock

As you can see,  Rosie is 12 yrs young and she doesn’t let something like age, slow her down.  She spends her days climbing the rocks in the yard, sprinting around the yard and hunting for squirrels in true GSP fashion. She’s easy going showing the wisdom of years and she gets along with all other dogs. We think maybe even cats! She’s sweet and loving and just waiting for the perfect family to find her. Until then, she’s just enjoying life in her foster family home.

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Meet Olaf


This is Olaf. This 3yr old teen is mature beyond his years. He’s calm and trusting with people and has a positive interest in meeting other dogs. He’s a gentleman on leash and pays attention to his walking companion. You can skip all the high energy and stress of the puppy stage and go right to having a young and strong companion that is ready to go with you anywhere. While he seems to have had a previous injury to his leg (has a bit of a crooked gait), it doesn’t slow him down at all and he loves to […]

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Sunny Aspen


While it might still be snowy Aspen, our young foster girl Aspen is full of sunshine. Two year old Aspen came to us with a sad story, but she has shown us that her spirit is far more than her beginnings. She has demonstrated she is well trained and well socialized with other dogs. She easily gets taken on road trips because she behaves so well! She gets along well with her foster siblings, enjoys laying in the sun and long walks on the beach. Who doesn’t?

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Sweet on Imke

imke with bandana

It just takes a little patience to find the right forever home. Imke (here on the right) is relaxing with her brother while she practices her “lay down and nap” command. She’s been eagerly learning all of her commands and has that sweet face that no one can resist. She’s playful, cuddly and pure sweetness.     But don’t be fooled by all that cute sleepiness. She’s a huntress too, just check out her and her brother guarding the yard.

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Elvis takes to the water.

Elvis swims

Elvis had a tough start when he came to us, as he had a horrible injuries from a car accident. He is all healed up and ready for his forever home. He walks great on leash, loves car rides, plays ball like a teenager..and now you can see he swims like a champ! He is an out and about kinda guy, and does just as well as home while his family is at work or school. If you’d to know about his story or if you’ve been following his story and want to see how he is doing, watch his […]

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Wyatt knows the grass is greener.

Wyatt with his foster sister.

Wyatt has not only settled in, but he’s loving the good life of cool grass and warm sunny days in the park with his foster sister Arabell. No more cold shelter days for him! He’s looking for just the right forever family to share the good life with him.

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Cyrus comes home

Cyrus comes home from the dr.

For those following sweet Cyrus, you will be happy to know he is home after a successful eye surgery that will improve his vision and make his eyes more comfortable. He’s not a happy camper right now, and especially not pleased about having to wear a cone, but after a few days of love and rest, he will be well on his way to a full recovery.

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Three Amigos!

Open, Open, Open...

Think you’re seeing double? triple? Well, that’s Meg on the left, Jo on the right, and foster brother Patch (a rescue alum) standing guard. After all, their foster dad had left for a few minutes..and they they missed him already! That’s some GSP love. Velcro dogs + pack behavior + love = unbeatable welcome committee.

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Maximus shows off!

Easy breezy Maximus

We all know how hard it is to keep our bodies in tip top shape. Maximus has been busy burning calories by hunting critters and racing Cyrus up the stairs and now he has lost 10lbs! He’s ready for his forever home so he can continue his exercise and help keep his new family fit and healthy too!

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Jo is ready to play!

Jo and her chicken

Last we heard Jo wasn’t feeling so well, but it looks like she is fast on the mend and back to her loving self! This is her sitting closely and patiently awaiting for her foster mom or dad to play with her!

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Jo’s emergency vet trip


This past Friday, foster girl Jo tanked suddenly. She stopped eating and drinking and was very lethargic. Her foster mom took her temp and it was at a very scary 105.8 F – the normal temp for a dog is around 101-102. Her foster mom rushed her to an emergency vet where she received fluids and a round of tests were started. She finally went home last night after several days of hospitalization. We think we’re close to finding the cause of her sudden illness so that it can be treated effectively. In the meantime, she’s getting lots and lots […]

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Wyatt and Imke are safe!

Wyatt on the left, Imke on the right

Wyatt and Imke were sprung from the shelter today. They’ll have a quick stopover at a vet and be on to their foster homes. Thank you to the wonderful transporters Eric and Celia and to their foster homes who can’t wait for them to arrive!  

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Meg and Jo love to cuddle


                    This mother daughter duo are professional cuddlers. Whether it’s with their foster mom or dad, their GSP foster brother, or each other, they’re always in the mode to do a little cuddling!

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Rally’s service dog story


Rally has experienced quite the journey since we first rescued him from the shelter in March 2013. His journey has taken him to his perfect forever home, where he acts as a service dog for migraines. He’s having such success as a service dog, he and his forever mom will be speaking at a college about how to train service dogs. In this fantastic article, his new mom shares more about his amazing transformation from shelter dog to service dog:

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Lily loves treats!

lily3 1

If you give her a cookie, she’ll be your best friend for life. Can you guess what the photographer had in their hand when they took this? Yep, a treat!

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Rally devours the toy!

Rally new toy

Rally met a new volunteer today and she brought him a new toy. Well, it was new for a little while! He had a great time with it, first carrying it around, then wrestling it to the ground (where it gave up), and finally knocking the stuffing out of it. Fortunately, Rally doesn’t actually eat any of the pieces, he just likes to take toys apart. He got the squeaker out in short order, and then enjoyed taking out the fluffy bits of stuffing. It also had lots of stringy things, each of which needed to be pulled and chewed.

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Rally’s Road Trip

Enjoying an outdoor lunch and meeting some adoring fans!

Rally is embarking on a trip down the California Coast, and he hopes everyone will follow along on his adventure! Did we mention how much Rally LOVES car rides? More info on Rally: Day 1 Rally traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area down the coast to Santa Barbara. What a great time he had! Along with getting to add quite a few locations to his GSP-GPS navigation system, he also had a lovely outdoor lunch and got to meet several members of his fan club who thought he was a very handsome boy, and then had a close call […]

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