Topaz 2009

Topaz found a wonderful home in no time and she’s sure to be the center of attention. She joins another four legged sibling in her new home and will get plenty of attention and love. We’re sure she’ll be happy there.” Adopted: October 2009

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Leonard 2009

Leonard is enjoying his new home with a few acres to roam. His new family consists of two brothers who run their own business from the property, as well as another older dog that should make a wonderful playmate for Leonard. We’re sure he will have a great life in his new home. Adopted: October 2009

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Triton – Lucky dog! Triton is going to a wonderful home with dogs and cats, a home that has adopted from us before. He’ll enjoy being the gentleman companion to the female dogs, and we know he’ll enjoy lounging on the couch! Adopted: October 2009

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Princess 2009

Princess is enjoying her new home in the country with four acres of land to enjoy and her very own pond to swim in. Her new family includes two children who are sure to give her plenty of love and attention. Adopted: September 2009

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Brinkley face crop_sm

Brinkley waited a while to get the right home, and it was there all along! His foster home decided Brinkley was happier there than he would be anywhere else, he was getting along with everyone so well, so they made it official. Adopted: September 2009

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Drake dock3_sm

Drake‘s going to live in the city, but no worries! He’ll get at least 3 walks a day and is close to two different parks. His new dad tells us “I’m in love!” And we think Drake hit the jackpot in finding such a perfect forever home. Adopted: September 2009

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Cocoa face_sm

Cocoa will join another lucky GSP living on a 20 acre ranch in Northern California. Her new adoptive family is retired and fell in love with Cocoa right away, she’s sure to have a wonderful life with her playmate running in the pastures and playing. Adopted: August 2009

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Belinda – It took a awhile to find the right place for Belinda but she is going to a wonderful home that is dog heaven. Dog yards front and back with doggie doors everywhere and several dog beds. Belinda will be doted on by her new owners and is sure to enrich their lives each and every day. It was love at first meeting. Adopted: July 2009

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Eleanor was adopted from our shelter postings. “We just wanted to let you know about another happy ending as a result of the NorCal GSP Rescue. While we did not adopt Eleanor from the NorCal GSP Rescue, we did find her on the website under the “Urgent Listings.” We had been looking for another GSP to add to our family and (since we were going to be in Sacramento for the day) decided to check out the solid liver girl at the Sacramento Shelter who needed a home. Her description said she was sweet and boy were they right! We […]

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Marianne aka Annie

Marianne, now Annie, quickly became an important member of her foster family and they just couldn’t see her go. She is great friends with their other GSP and feels quite at home. Adopted: May 2009

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Gretchen had to wait a while for her forever home, but this lucky girl is right at home now! Her folks had adopted from us before and were ready to welcome another GSP into their family. Adopted: May 2009

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Bud has a super new mom who fell in love with him the moment she saw his picture online. Bud’s wonderful new home is just a few blocks from the each, a dog park, and he even gets to go to work with mom in the afternoons. The guys at the office call him ‘The Bud Man’. He’s a hit everywhere he goes! His new hobbies include chasing the sea gulls on the beach and snuggling with his mom. Congratulations to you both! Adopted: May 2009

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Stevie chair_sm

Stevie will have lots of fun in his new home. He’ll get a lot of quality play time with another young male GSP. Stevie’s new dad fell in love with him right away even though Stevie is very shy. They are sure to bond and Stevie will make a great addition to the family. Adopted: February 2009

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Katie with stuffee_sm crop

Katie got a great home with folks who have adopted from us before. We know she will be happy in her new home and will enjoy good times with her new brother and buddy who also came from our group. Adopted: February 2009

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Duke & Farley


Duke and Farley were adopted by the same wonderful family. Not only do they have each other to keep company, but they have parents who are able to give them lots of attention and exercise. They have a great new home in the country with plenty of room to run, a pool and chickens!   Adopted: January 2009

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Boy face_sm

Boy went to his new forever home! He will be showered with love and affection from the family’s two boys and stay at home mom as well as lots of trips to the dog park to romp and play. Adopted: January 2009

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Polly‘s moving to the big city! She gets to sleep on the bed (her very favorite thing to do), hang out at the dog park, and go to work with her new owner. Polly hit the jackpot. Now, if only she can convince her new brother The Bean to share his toys with her. Good luck Polly! Adopted: January 2009

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