buckaroo ss

Buckaroo is a rambunctious and fantastic young boy, ready for a new adventure! Buckaroo has had a streak of bad luck, but is ready to find his true forever-home and he has finally done just that! This boy stole the hearts of his Forever-Mom and Dad immediately. He is already the talk of the neighborhood and making many friends. This affectionate boy is looking forward to hours of family walks together followed by many hours of cuddle and nap time (on Mom’s and Dad’s laps of course). It looks like this boys luck has finally turned around! Adopted December 2013

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When Lily first came to us, we weren’t sure how long she had left. Sick from pneumonia and heartworm positive, she was a frail little thing. Then after a few weeks of treatment, we started to see a little pep in her step! When Lily’s adopters saw her sweet little face on our website, they knew she was the dog for them. They plan to give her as much love and comfort as possible for her retirement years! Adopted December 2013

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Young and precocious Trudy is happy to explore each and everything around her, and has found a forever-family to join in her exploring. She is already having fun with her new sibling sightseeing, learning how to swim, and of course lots of napping and snuggling together. Trudy is such a loveable pup that her foster family even wanted to keep her, but when she met her now forever-family they all knew it was the perfect fit for Trudy. This lucky girl has been smothered with love since the first day she entered the rescue program and will continue to be […]

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Sweet Sawyer is about as easygoing as it gets; this 5 year old boy has all his basic training, great manners, as well as his cuddling techniques perfected. When his forever-dad met him he felt a connection with him right away and couldn’t wait to make Sawyer his next GSP rescue pup. It seems as though Sawyer used those cuddling techniques like a pro (his new Dad didn’t even stand a chance, wink)! Sawyer and his forever-dad are already enjoying long hikes through the Presidio and even met up with another previous NorCal GSP Rescue dog for a playdate! Sawyer and […]

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Lassen aka Buffy with Ben

Sometimes things end happily in a different way. Lassen came to us with a broken leg after being found by firefighters in the wilderness. She was thin and looked like she’d been on her own for a bit. There was surgery, recovery, more surgery, more recovery. A fellow called us after seeing her posting online. He claimed Lassen was his dog Buffy, and after a careful verification process, we agreed. We won’t bore you with the details of how she was moved from one relative’s home to another without his knowledge, or how she got out and no one told […]

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This 3 year-old beauty has got the typical GSP personality, part love bug, part hunting dog. She loves to snuggle, but she’s also equally happy to hunt out squirrels in the yard all day. Lucky for her she found a forever-family and GSP sibling who loves to do the same thing (more the dog likes to hunt squirrels and the family watches and takes pics)! Gretel is so excited to have found a home that will show her lots of love and make sure she gets the exercise she needs as a young GSP. Gretel certainly followed the bread crumbs […]

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Epic success story

This handsome young boy definitely did not get all the attention he needed in his previous life, coming to us skinny and scared. He absolutely loves people and seeks attention every chance he gets, so he is now thrilled to have found a forever-family that will give him more attention than he has ever dreamed of getting. Epic’s family is so excited to have him that on his first day with them they said, “Today was what I call in our home a ‘memory day’ a special day to recall and talk about as time goes away from us.”  Epic is […]

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Hansel with new family

Hansel has an easygoing, affectionate personality – his foster home says his smile is contagious! Apparently this cutie pie’s smile was very contagious because his entire forever-family fell in love with him immediately! He is a big goofball that just loves to play, and cannot wait for lots of playtime with his family. Hansel is going to fill his forever-home with his lovable, playful GSP spirit! Adopted November 2013

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gunner ss

This playful bouncy boy, has finally found a forever-home who he can share his spunk with on a day-to-day basis. Gunner is excited to spend many days with his forever-family and new furry sibling, including his favorite activity, taking a little dip in the kiddie pool. This is one happy family! Adopted November 2013

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goose ss-2

When Goose first arrived at his foster home, where was the first place he went? The most comfortable spot in the house of course, the bed! Goose has definitely made himself at home and his foster family thought the same when they decided to officially adopt him. Now that Goose is an official part of the family he can count on being part of the action all the time and taking part in all the fun family outings. This sweet boy has found all the companionship he needs, and he is not afraid to show how happy he is with all the […]

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Roxie success story

Roxie is very affectionate with people and loves hanging out with other dogs, so she was delighted to meet her forever Mom and Dad as well as her new GSP sibling. She prefers to always be with her humans and will be “happy as a clam” just going wherever her family goes – whether that’s trotting around the house at their side, going on errands, soaking up some sun, or enjoying a family swim. Roxie has found a family who she can spend loads of time with and she can’t wait! Adopted October 2013

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If Barley could talk, she would tell you about how far she’s come since that first day in her foster home. Once shy and withdrawn, she’s now bursting with energy and is a happy, playful girl around the people she’s learned to trust. She especially can’t get enough of kicking up her heels during playtime with her furry siblings. As her true personality bloomed her foster family fell more and more in love with her and decided to make her an official part of the family. Now she can look forward to many days with her Mom and Dad spending […]

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ronan ss 1

This little ball of energy and “smarts” needed to find a family who could keep him mentally and physically challenged, and he did just that! Ronan’s forever-family has been searching for months to find the right fit for their family and the search has finally paid off. All of them knew when they met each other this was a perfect fit! Ronan can’t wait to spend some quality time with his forever Mom and Dad going for runs, mountain bike rides, chasing birds, learning not to jump out of his kennel (wink), and blooming into a wonderful GSP! Adopted September […]

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Barney's Forever Home

Barney hit the jackpot when he met his forever-family, and he didn’t even know it. They met when his now forever-family was transporting him from the shelter to his foster home. Ever since Barney stepped “paw” out of their car, they knew he was the dog for them. Within the very first moments of joining their family they couldn’t be happier saying, “I could fill a book about what a perfect dog he has been, but suffice it to say that he is a very special dog and already part of our family.” Barney and his family look forward to […]

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sophie ss

Sophie entered rescue with a large tumor on her left cheek that her previous owners were not able to provide treatment for. While in the care of rescue, Sophie underwent surgery to remove her tumors and lumps. She recovered fabulously, more enthusiastic about life than ever before. This gave Sophie a new start at life and the ability to find a true forever-family; and she did just that. With her big brown eyes and a happy wag of her stubby tail, Sophie immediately melted the hearts of her forever-family. This 10 year-old beauty is a model dog with the most […]

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nina ss

Within the first few moments of Nina (on the right) entering her foster-home she seemed to be a perfect fit! Her personality came out right away and her sibling immediately started teaching her “the ropes” for the house and family. This sweet and energetic girl is so very happy to have found a family and sibling who loves her so much! They all look forward to many outdoor activities together where Nina, now Hattie, can chase balls and bugs until her hearts content! Adopted September 2013

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bonnie with baby

Bonnie was a pretty mellow girl when she arrived at her foster home, but her playful side, especially with her “baby toy” she takes everywhere, has definitely come out! She also made fast friends with the other GSPs in her home and she is “happy as a clam” to follow their lead. Bonnie has become such an integral part of her foster family they couldn’t imagine life without her which means Bonnie has finally found her forever-home! This all-around great girl can’t wait to spend her days with her forever-family who will show her love each and every day. This […]

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janie ss

Janie underwent hip surgery shortly after entering our rescue program to repair her hip that was injured when she was hit by a car. She’s healed very well, has made a full recovery and is ready to continue enjoying the prime of her life with her very own forever-family. This gorgeous girl plans to enjoy whatever the day brings – a long hike, a game of fetch, a snuggle session on the couch – or all of the above! She just can’t get enough time with her forever-Mom and Dad, plus her GSP sister! Adopted August 2013

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Alphie is such a smart, well behaved, regal looking GSP it’s no wonder this family fell in love with him immediately. This sweet boy seems to always have a smile on his face, especially now when he is thinking about cuddling up close to his forever-family and spending lots of quality time together. He is looking forward to exploring lots of new hiking trails, going on long walks, and having many play dates together, but more than anything else Alphie just can’t wait to get in as much snuggle time as possible. He is definitely looking forward to many happy […]

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bandit ss

When we rescued Bandit from the shelter, he had a case of mange that had led to hair loss on much of his face. After some time recouping in his foster home, he is on the way back to his handsome self! Through it all, he has kept a smile on his face and now he even has a forever-family to go along with his new found health. Bandit’s forever family is a real gem having rescued GSPs before, and Bandit is so excited to be the next GSP family member! They look forward to many happy days together! Adopted […]

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cooper ss

When we rescued this handsome 2.5 year-old, he had a shattered back leg and dislocated hip. Due to the degree of injury, Cooper‘s leg had to be amputated, but it didn’t faze him for a minute! Not even three days after the surgery, he was running around like a pro. He is a very good-natured sweet boy who quickly charms everyone he meets – including his now forever-family! As soon as they met Cooper they immediately fell in love with this energetic, perseverant, amazing GSP and couldn’t wait to bring him home! Cooper is an extraordinary boy who now has […]

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When Bailey and his foster mom met, they bonded instantly. She knew he was home very soon after she started fostering him. Bailey needed a quiet home with other dog friends and that’s exactly what he found! His foster-mom turned forever-mom brings out the best in Bailey and he can now be his true GSP self. This handsome boy is enjoying lots of quality time with his mom and dog brothers, playing non-stop (or at least until his mom says it’s time for bed) and wiggling that GSP tail every chance he gets. Adopted June, 2013

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Bug is all smiles!

Bug is a young, affectionate and social boy who immediately stole the hearts of his foster family. This energetic boy is already enjoying his now forever family getting lots of runs, hikes, and capitalizing on every opportunity to chase each squirrel he can get his little GSP eyes on. Bug is excited to see where his new and exciting life will take him. Adopted June, 2013

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madison ss

Madison is ready to enjoy her forever-family and wasted no time getting straight to playing, running, and exploring with her new brother Jake. This sweet girl is just happy to have found a forever-home and looks forward to many days of love and affection with her wonderful forever-family!   Adopted May 2013

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Princess, now Betty, is looking forward to nice long walks with her forever family plus lots of cuddle time with her forever Mom and Dad. She is also enjoying having a brother, Duncan, and it’s no coincidence these two are named after “sweet treats” as they soak up sweet love and affection while enjoying lots of cuddle time (and some snoring time) on the couch as a family! Adopted May 2013    

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GWP/GSP Puppies Bonnie and June


Bonnie and June have been adopted! These two female GWP/GSP mix puppies have been placed into their forever homes through a collaborative effort between PAW FUND and NorCal GSP Rescue. The pups came into PAW FUND’s program, where they were fostered and received the medical care they needed. We assisted with the application process and pre-screening of adoption candidates. Check out the good work that PAW FUND does in the San Francisco Bay Area. Congratulations to the Pointer Sisters on their new homes! Adopted April 2013  

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hagen ss web

Hagen is an adorable, energetic guy who has turned out to be quite the love bug. This little love bug has finally found his forever-home and they look forward to spending each and every day together! Hagen is excited to get lots (and lots and lots!) of exercise, go for tons of car rides (his favorite!), and do some sun bathing whenever he gets the chance! Adopted April 2013

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bentley and james web

Bentley is a sweet, happy, and energetic boy who loves to give kisses. Apparently he has given just the right amount to his foster family because they have decided to make him a permanent part of the family! Bentley and his now forever-family can look forward to being with each other always! They look forward to going on many runs together, playing hide-and-seek with his bone, and lots of quality time together at night (plus some snoring as Bentley is quite the snorer)! Adopted April 2013

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anabelle ss

Anabelle is a sweet, loving, and gentle girl who got swept up by a wonderful forever-family right away (to no surprise of course). When she met her now forever-Mom and Dad and GSP sibling, Bauldr (on the right), they said, “Anabelle has stolen our hearts” and immediately knew she was meant to be part of the family. They are excited to take lots of walks, hikes, and go on many play dates with the newest member of the family! Plus Anabelle is quite the cuddle-bug so they will make sure there is plenty of time for that too!   Adopted […]

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This little boy had an interesting start to life, found running loose around prison grounds. However odd the beginning, his future proves to be very bright. Jay immediately fell in love with his foster family who is now his forever-family.  His family is so happy to have met him and through all that crazy GSP energy they realized he is quite a gem. Jay, “who is cute as the dickens” according to his forever-family loves to play with balls, bones, people, and continues to be a curious, loveable GSP! They can’t wait to see what the future holds. Adopted March 2013

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Hadley ss

This sweet young girl is very excited to go be part of her forever family. She can’t wait for all the attention she will get along with the many hours of playing with her doggy siblings. Adopted March 2013

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This healthy, handsome, and active boy is ready to start the next chapter in his life, as part of his forever-family! Jed is liked by all who have met him – dogs, cats, adults, children, and the vet raved about what a “sweet boy” he is! That sentiment was shared by his new family from day one! After meeting Jed, they couldn’t wait to make him a permanent part of the family. They all look forward to nice leisurely walks, exploring new hikes, and enjoying each day together! Adopted March 2013    

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Bart, now Jesse, has finally found is true forever home. He has definitely traveled a long road to find his perfect family but the search is over. His family is excited and committed to working through his separation anxiety and has already seen great improvements. They look forward to lots of hikes, fun days at the beach, and so much snuggle time with the family Bart won’t even know what to do with himself! Adopted March 2013

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annie ss

Remedy came into rescue with heartworm, and needed prompt veterinarian care. Now, after the right treatment she is feeling much better and ready to get on with her life. Remedy is excited to join her forever family and get back into the swing of things. She is enjoying lots of cuddling, many walks and hikes on the beach, and plenty of playtime with her new sibling as well! Remedy finally found her “true remedy” for a happy life! Adopted March 2013

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buddy ss web

Buddy is a sweet boy who was just waiting for the right family to see his potential and give him the safe and fun environment he deserves. Buddy has finally found his forever home and can’t wait to go exploring with them and discover all the good things life can bring. He looks forward to lots of runs, hikes, doggy play dates, and of course the occasional bone!   Adopted March 2013

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Ruby and Dozer small

Ruby entered rescue with an injured front leg but it is healing nicely and the injury is not expected to have any lasting effects. This is definitely to the delight of her new sibling. Ruby and her big brother Dozer (a second-generation NorCal GSP Rescue alumnus) are getting along famously and enjoying every minute with each other.  Ruby is very happy to have a sibling with whom she can share favorite napping spots, critter watching vantage points and the occasional “wrestling” match.  Ruby’s sibling is especially looking forward to the removal of her splint, as it’s proven to be a […]

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coconut ss

Coconut is one of our older dogs who is old in age but not in personality. He runs around like a speeding bullet and continues to sniff and explore the world every day. His foster family has fallen in love with him so much they couldn’t stand the thought of parting with him, so they are making it official. His now forever-family looks forward to many more exciting days with this energetic “young” boy!   Adopted February 2013

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ariel_success story

Ariel’s forever-family went through quite the search to find a GSP, and Ariel ended up being their lucky match! This shy little girl is now surrounded by more love than she could have ever hoped for and her family is so excited to have her as part of the bunch. Her family is looking forward to helping Ariel continue her progress, regaining confidence, and finally enjoying some of the “finer things in life”! Ariel is already loving all the games of fetch she is playing with her family! Adopted January 2013 Thank you to Jennifer Webb from Kane Photography for […]

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Zephyr with his new siblings

The moment Zephyr‘s foster home met him, they knew he had something special. And after just a few days, they decided he was there to stay forever! Zephyr never had any doubts about where he belonged – he immediately found his place within the family and settled into his new home. Zephyr now has lots of love to look forward to from his forever Mom and Dad and his other rescued GSP siblings for many years to come. Adopted January 2013

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This little pocket pointer “pointed” her way right into the hearts of her forever family. When they met Chanel, they couldn’t imagine bringing home any other dog. They can’t wait to hit the trails and get Chanel lots of exercise and play time, in addition to the cuddle time at the end of the day. Chanel’s forever family looks forward to seeing her grow up and blossoming into a wonderful GSP.   Adopted January 2013

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This sweet little girl had a rough going for the first few years of her life but is now ready to start a new chapter with her forever family. Leyna, meaning “little angel” in German, can’t wait to live out her life just the way a GSP angel should – playing lots of fetch, running on the beach, hiking, and taking lots of camping trips! Adopted January 2013

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John-Rebekah-Belle 1-19-1319

This sweet girl has been working very hard to gain her confidence back since being in rescue and has now found a forever family committed to continuing her progress and helping her become the sweet, confident GSP she truly is inside. From the first time Belle met her forever family she was eager to cuddle, smell, explore and immediately took to them. Belle and her forever family are a wonderful match and are excited to go on hikes, camping trips, and many city walks together! Adopted January 2013

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Snow is a white with raven, gorgeous girl!

This shy little sweetheart finally found a wonderful forever-home to spend the rest of her days. The family is so excited and her forever-Mom and Dad can’t wait to nurture Snow into a spunky little GSP. Snow is already loving her forever-home with her doggy siblings and all the fun play time that comes along with them! Snow’s family is showering her with tons of love and happiness and she is gaining more confidence each and every day. Adopted February 2013

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Hank is adopted!

When Hank entered our rescue program, he was almost completely blind with the ability to only see some lights and shadows. Thanks to a surgery that corrected his eyesight, he is able to see all those things he’s been sniffing for so long – including his newly found forever-home! Hank has really hit the jackpot with his forever Mom, Dad, and doggy sibling. He is enjoying lots of hikes, play time on the beach, and plenty of love! Adopted February 2013

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