archie ss

Little Archie is adopted! He joined his wonderful new family and two GSP siblings, Prince and Aspen, just in time to enjoy the holidays at his forever home. Prince is a NorCal GSP Rescue alum who was adopted in 2002 and is being treated like a “prince” in his golden years.  Archie is very fortunate to join this family and they are going to have a great time with him! Thank you to foster homes Lola and Cathy for fostering Archie and preparing him for his forever family! Adopted December 2014

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Marlow goes home

Marlow found his match! This little pocket pointer burrowed his way into the hearts of his new mom and dad just in time to spend the holidays at his forever home. They’d been looking for the right dog for awhile, and when mini Marlow came along, they just knew he was the one. Now named Eddy, this cute little guy will even get to go to work with his new mom. Happy Holidays to the whole family! A big thank you to Eddy, Lisa and their whole family for springing little Marlow from the shelter, transporting him a long way […]

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georgia ss

Just in time for the holidays, Georgia is home! This sweet gal was adopted by a wonderful family who are repeat GSP adopters. They just can’t get enough of these amazing dogs! Sounds like Georgia will have the wonderful life she deserves. Wishing the whole family lots of happiness together! Thank you to Tara and family for fostering this little gem of a GSP. Adopted December 2014

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Cutie pie Kiki has been adopted! After a very short time in her foster home, they decided she was the one for them. Could have something to do with the fact that she gets along great with the two other dogs, the two birds and the cat in the home! Not many GSPs can adjust so well to living with such a menagerie of animals. We’re very happy for Kiki and the whole family! Adopted December 2014

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ruth ss

Darling Ruth has found her forever home! After several months of caring for her through heartworm treatment, her foster home decided she was just too perfect to pass up! They’ll continue to care for her through the last legs of her treatment to make sure she is 100% heartworm free. What a lucky girl to have found such a committed forever family! Adopted November 2014

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It’s definitely Autumn‘s season to celebrate – she just found her forever family! This very petite shorthair went home with new mom and dad to be pampered and loved for the rest of her life. Lucky pup and lucky family! Thank you to Lola and Dalia for each fostering Autumn and giving her a boost on the way to her forever home! Adopted November 2014

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piper ss 4

Pretty Piper found her people! This adorable and rambunctious young pup went home with her new mom and dad, human siblings, and furry brother Dash. Piper and Dash both love to play. Hopefully they can tire each other out! Congrats to the adopters – welcome to the NorCal GSP Rescue family! Thank you to foster home Carol and Mike for working hard to get Piper ready for her forever people. Adopted November 2014

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Jo with toy

Jo will have a lot to be thankful for this upcoming holiday season – her new forever family most of all! Included in this new family is furry sibling Zeus, a 4-year old Vizsla who makes Jo look mellow compared to his crazy antics! We’re sure they’re going to have a blast playing together in between bouts of snuggle time with the family. What a great happy ending for Jo! Thank you to Charlotte and Al who fostered Jo for close to a year until her forever family came along. We knew the perfect home was out there! Adopted November […]

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London has found her calling – to be the best friend and companion to her new forever mom! After a very short time in rescue (we love when the oldies get scooped up quick!), she went home in time for a very happy Halloween. London’s new mom is a longtime GSP owner and lover. They really are a perfect match! Congrats to London (now Skye). We wish you many happy years! A big thank you to Barbara for fostering London and making this happy ending possible. Adopted October 2014

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Princess Kona has found her castle! This sweet 9 year-old made herself very comfy at her foster home – so comfy, all involved decided it was the right place for her. Especially Kona! She has claimed all the best spots in the house, including the human bed, of course. This is one GSP that knows where she belongs. Congrats to the whole family! Thank you to Feb, James and Jane, who all gave Kona a spot to stay on her journey to her forever home. Adopted October 2014

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gordon success story

Gordon has scored big time! After barely two weeks in our foster program, he’s been scooped up by his forever family. New mom, dad and human sisters couldn’t be happier with this cute little guy! He’s just the bundle of fun they needed after recently losing their last GSP, also a NorCal GSP Rescue alum. We’re overjoyed for everyone involved – such a great happy ending! Thank you also to Lola for making it possible for us to save Gordon by rescuing him from the shelter and giving him a safe place until the right family could be found. Adopted […]

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West is all about keeping it in the family! This darling dude has been adopted by his foster home’s daughter. A longtime GSP owner herself, she met him and fell in love right away. Not only does West get a new forever mom, he also gets to keep his foster home around as frequent dogsitters and visitors. It’s the best of both worlds! Congrats to the whole extended family. West is on the right, his new sister Scout on the left and grandpa Bob (aka former foster dad Bob) in the middle. They all look pretty happy with this new […]

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photo (2)

Dyson found his forever family! What a difference just a few months makes in the life of a dog like Dyson. Originally returned to the shelter after his adopters discovered he had frequent seizures, we rescued him from the shelter and placed him in a loving foster home. He then went through several specialist vet visits to determine the cause of his seizures: epilepsy. When he first arrived in foster care, he was having up to 4-5 seizures a day. Now, with the help of meds and a stable home, he hasn’t had one in several weeks! His new mom […]

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stella 4

Stella is adopted! This cute 10 month-old GSP gal was swooped up by her foster home after they saw how great she is with their resident GSP, also a NorCal GSP Rescue alum. She has also learned to be friendly with MauMau, the cat. Something tells us Stella has a lot of fun to look forward to between her new furry friends and her two human siblings. Congrats to the whole family! Thank you to Robin and Corey for fostering (and foster failing!).

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finch ss

Finch is adopted! We rescued this darling young pup a short time ago after he had been surrendered to a vet with parvo. Luckily, the vet was able to get him through what turned out to be a mild case of parvo and back to 100% health. He has now joined his new family which includes a Springer Spaniel sister – the two of them are already in love! Something tells us Finch has a great life ahead of him! A big thanks to Priscilla and Phil and Angie and Bob for fostering this little guy so he could find […]

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bella ss 1

Beautiful Bella has been adopted! When Bella first entered our foster care, she was extremely shy and withdrawn. Thanks to the love and patience of her foster home, she was able to come out of her shell far quicker than we hoped…and right into the hearts of her new family! She has found the perfect forever home for her where she will be loved and continue to gain confidence each and every day. Have a great life Bella!  Thank you to Dalia for being a superstar foster mom to Bella! Adopted August 2014

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Dash ss

Dash has dashed right into his forever home! This handsome young guy stole the hearts of his new mom and dad right away. Are you surprised? With those good looks and his fun personality, they never stood a chance! Congrats to the whole family!  Thank you to Claire and Aaron for fostering Dash and giving him a second chance at a happy life. Adopted August 2014

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Cyrus ss

Cyrus is adopted! This handsome senior fellow found a wonderful forever family who wanted to adopt an oldie just like him. He has two new human siblings and a senior lab sister. What could be better for this silly senior boy? Cyrus is the perfect addition to the family!  Cyrus was in our foster care for over a year, as sometimes happens with the seniors. Thank you to Cathy and Marlene for fostering Cyrus until he found the family that was just right for him! Adopted August 2014

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Hagrid ss

Hagrid is home! This playful young boy found the forever family he was searching for – and who had been searching for him, too! After two great meet and greets with Hagrid, his new family just knew he was the one. Congrats to Hagrid and his Muggles! Adopted August 2014

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The moment Olaf arrived at his foster home, we were pretty sure he wouldn’t be leaving again. Looks like we were right! Olaf, known as Ollie by his foster-turned-forever dad, has a very happy life ahead of him now that he’s officially one of the family. He is joining fellow foster alumni Dozer and Ruby – quite the GSP gang! Adopted July 2014            

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Zeke success story

Zeke is adopted! After successfully working through a few less-than-desirable behaviors with him (including his desire to chase and try to eat poisonous lizards!) and forming a strong bond during the training process, Zeke’s foster dad was ready to commit to forever with this handsome boy. We couldn’t imagine a better home for Zeke – congrats to this perfect pair! Thank you also to everyone who sponsored Zeke’s medical care, fostered him temporarily, and transported him from place to place. All of you made this success story possible! Adopted July 2014  

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imke with bandana

Imke, now Emmy, has found her forever home! Her new mom and GSP sister Dottie are both totally in love with the latest addition to their family. Congrats to all! Adopted May 2014

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elvis ss

After coming to us months ago with such severe injuries many thought he would not make it, Elvis has found his forever home! This wonderful GSP boy was adopted by a man with cerebral palsy who had been looking for a mellow, affectionate companion. Elvis couldn’t be more perfect! They’ll spend their days side by side from now on, even doing their physical therapy exercises together. And don’t worry, Elvis went to his new home with a year’s worth of his favorite tennis balls. Congrats to Elvis! Also, a BIG thank you to Elvis’ foster home, Priscilla and Phil, for […]

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jodie ss

Jodie barely had time to get comfortable in her foster home before her forever family came along and scooped her up! They knew she was the one for them right away. Congrats to Jodie! Adopted April 2014

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Aspen cuddling

When Aspen arrived at her foster home, she had no idea she was there to stay…forever! Aspen now Isadora (Izzy for short) joins a full house, including a Great Dane and two other GSPs. She has fit in perfectly with the group and we can’t imagine her ending up anywhere else. Congrats to Aspen and her family! Adopted April 2014

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august ss

August is adopted! His foster home decided they just couldn’t imagine life without him, and also couldn’t imagine him being any happier than he is in their home. We’re sure Augie Doggie agrees! Congrats to August and his foster turned forever family! Adopted April 2014

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When Hobie’s forever mom met him, she had a sense he would fit perfectly into their family. No argument from Hobie! He’s joining two human siblings who have promised to spend lots of quality playtime with Hobie and are excited to have a new furry sibling. When he’s not playing with them, he’ll be taking walks in the woods with his new mom. Sounds like Hobie hit the jackpot! Adopted April 2014

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wyatt ss

Wyatt is home! This handsome boy has joined a family with years of experience loving and being loved by GSPs. As the latest GSP to join his new home, we’re sure he’s in for all the love and devotion a GSP could ask for. Congrats to Wyatt and his new family! Adopted April 2014

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Hazel ss 1

Hazel is adopted! Hazel is the last of the three puppies that we rescued in February to find her forever home, and what an awesome forever home it is! Hazel is joining a 1 year-old male GSP and a few human siblings. She’s going to get plenty of playtime and snuggle-time. Congrats to Hazel and her new family! Adopted April 2014

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13528001383_d36cdd6958_z (1)

Harper has found her forever home! This little pup is joining Bandit, NorCal GSP Rescue foster alum from 2013, and his GSP-loving mom and dad. Something tells us Harper is in for a lifetime of fun! Adopted March 2014

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harvey now darcy 4

Harvey, now Darcy, is the first of the puppy threesome to find his forever family. He found a wonderful home that includes a 2.5 year-old vizsla – sounds like lots of playtime to look forward to for Darcy! Adopted March 2014            

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harley3 ss

There was no question for Harley‘s foster mom as soon as she arrived – Harley was home! Her fun, playful spirit had her hooked right away. Harley and her new mom have many years of fun and love to look forward to – congrats little Harley girl! Adopted March 2014

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phoebe ss

Phoebe was a super sweet but extremely timid girl when she first came into the rescue program. As soon as she arrived, her foster mother knew immediately that she had a bigger purpose to fulfill and Phoebe has done just that! She is going to help her forever dad and work to become a certified therapy dog. This loving girl has really come into her own and now has the opportunity of a lifetime. She is going to thoroughly enjoy all the quality time she can spend with her forever mom and dad; including playing lots of ball and eating […]

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jake2 ss

Jake arrived just at the right moment for his foster family. After recently losing their GSP, they weren’t sure if they were ready to commit to a new dog. They decided to try out fostering instead, but it was very clear to them soon after Jake arrived that he was home. It was clear to Jake, too! Jake is ready for a lifetime of beach trips, playtime with his lab brothers, and lots of snuggling! Adopted March 2014

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Copper was the spry burst of energy this foster family, now forever family, was looking for in their household. With three wiser GSP siblings to learn from, this boy can enjoy all his young energetic personality has to offer with the wisdom and foresight his brother and sister can teach him. Yet another love affair and foster failure, one and the same! Adopted February 2014

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Hugh Update Photos

Hugh, now Bertie, also known as “Goldilocks” to his forever family, has hit the forever home jackpot. This shy boy’s personality has already started to emerge and his excitement and curiosity make him young beyond his years. He is already making himself right at home, sizing up each of the beds in the house as well as collecting his toys and secretly putting them in his “man cave” for safe keeping. His forever family and forever sister have given Hugh his own fairytale ending…or beginning! Adopted February 2014

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boyd sept

When Boyd first arrived at his foster home, he was a bit shut-down and fearful in the new environment. Fast forward a few months and he’s an integral member of the family. Once Boyd’s foster home realized how well he had settled into their home, they just knew they couldn’t say goodbye. Another happy foster fail! Adopted February 2014

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Boris found his Natasha! After a few months in his foster home, they decided just couldn’t say goodbye. Known as the “perfect dog” in his foster-turned-forever home, we can understand why this boy has stolen their hearts, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! He’s a great cuddler, loves everyone whether two-legged or four-legged and has a happy, sweet spirit about him. Now that he’s officially part of his forever family, he gets the rights to a full family name: Boris Luke Pickle Edward Francisco. Hurray for Boris! Adopted February 2014

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rally ss 1

After a long wait, Rally has found the perfect forever home. Adopted to be a service dog for migraines (as well as a forever companion), he has already successfully alerted his new mom more than once to an impending migraine. As an official service dog, Rally can go everywhere with his new mom – to college classes, to the grocery store, to the library, everywhere! Since he struggles with severe separation anxiety, this makes his forever home the best match possible. Plus, he gets to have a regular “job”, something that any working dog like Rally loves! This is a […]

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Molly found her way into the heart of her foster home, and they decided to make it permanent! Don’t you just love foster failures? After a hard backyard-only life, this senior sweetheart found love and a comfy couch. We know she’ll be spoiled for the rest of her days! Adopted January 2014

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Star N Jim

Star has found a forever-home where she can be the “star” of the show for her remaining years! This girl really couldn’t be any sweeter, not just with people, but with all dogs and cats, too! She looks forward to many strolls in the park and on the city streets where she can meet many new people, animals and of course make lots of new friends. She is just as excited to get in a little rest and relaxation too, spending as much time with her forever-family as possible! Adopted January 2014

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