Bandit made many new friends at our rescue reunion in September soon after he came into our program. However, he found his new family a little closer to home, his foster home that is! After fostering Bandit for a few months, his fosters decided that Bandit needed to stay on permanently. With NorCal GSP Rescue alum Lorelei to hang out with, Bandit is looking forward to one awesome 2016! Thank you to Barbara and Keith for fostering and adopting Bandit and to Liz for fostering while Barbara and Keith were on vacation!

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leroy ss

Leroy is another one of our oldies but goodies, and being at the right place at the right time is his specialty. Leroy’s foster brought him to our holiday card signing event where we put together all the holiday cards we send to adopters, donors, volunteers and friends of NorCal GSP Rescue. At that event was one of our previous adopters who had recently lost her GSP, alum Cyrus, another grand old chap. Leroy turned on the charm and now he scored his new family which includes two of the cutest little girls you could ever imagine. We wonder how […]

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brady ss

Brady, now Hopper, is a youngin’ full of sass and spunk. Luckily he found the right match for him—a guy who manages a running store! Ha, Brady, we gotcha! Another excellent home for the holidays for a homeless GSP. If you see someone running along with their GSP it just might be Brady. Give them a wave:) Thanks to Jason for fostering Brady and to Alex for fostering and adopting him!

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duke2 ss

It warms our hearts when one of our oldies gets adopted. Plus, Duke had many volunteers wishing they had room in their homes for just one more:) Duke’s adopters were looking for a more mature dude to hang out with their golden retrievers. Duke decided he would love to be part of a golden family and packed his bags. Have a great holiday Duke and family!! Thank you to Kiara and Floyd for fostering Duke!

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vixen 4

One of the purposes of rescue is to give a dog the time they need to find their perfect family. Vixen was in foster care for almost a year waiting for her forever home to come along, but come along they did. Now Vixen has found a home for the holidays and we are so excited for her! Enjoy your long-awaited happiness, Vixen and family! Thank you to Sally and Doug and Janelle for fostering Vixen!

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blossom ss

Blossom has found a home for the holidays! This little sweetheart is ready to be spoiled rotten in her new home and her new people are definitely up to the task. 2016 is looking good for this adorable GSP! Thank you to Cari and Mark for fostering Blossom!

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colby car 1

We all know that GSPs are no dummies! Colby landed in one of our best foster homes where the older gents are more than welcome. Even though Colby needed a couple of surgeries to get his health back in top shape, his fosters didn’t blink an eye, and decided to make Colby a permanent resident. Don’t tell them that was Colby’s plan all along. Happy holidays to the whole family! Thanks to Catherine and Mac for fostering, and adopting, Colby!

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isabeau ss

Little did Isabeau (now Scout) know, she would fill the empty space in the heart of her adopter after he lost his previous GSP. He was used to having a GSP buddy to go to work with him every day, hike with, and hang out with 24/7. As soon as he met Isabeau, he knew he’d met his new pal. We wish them the very best of times! Thank you to Lola, Lesley, and Brian for fostering Isabeau and Vicki for working with the adopter.

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ryder ss

Ryder is one handsome, strapping young dude who had many a potential adopter beating down our door to adopt him. His match turned out to be a young physician who is ready to run with him in the morning, play with him in the afternoon and love him 24/7. Sounds good! Here he is already having fun on one of his many adventures in his forever home. Thank you to Lola and Hillary for fostering Ryder and to Vicki for working with the adopter.

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aiden ss

We are so thankful for the loving adopters who open their hearts and homes to our dogs. Aiden’s new family had previously adopted another senior GSP from us back in April—gorgeous boy Ace. When they saw Aiden on the website,they contacted us and asked if they could adopt him as well! We couldn’t say yes fast enough. Aiden, now Ranger, gets to enjoy the good life with Ace and their doggy sister Lily. Now that’s the way to start the holiday season! Thanks to Therese, Kathy, and Jessica for fostering Aiden!

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Hello Wrangler!

Wrangler came to us with one of the saddest stories we’d heard in a while. After his family moved and left him at the property, he got stuck between the fence and a shed and was there for a week with no food or water (in August) before neighbors found and rescued him. Not surprisingly, Wrangler is very afraid of people he doesn’t know. We knew it was going to take a special family to take on “Project Wrangler”. It didn’t take long for that special family to come along. They showed they had the patience to help Wrangler feel […]

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Chandler Bing

chandler ss 2

Every once in a while you get a little surprise in rescue and Chandler Bing is one of those surprises. From his shelter pictures he looked like he could be a GSP mix, but in person not so much. Whatever he may be, Chandler Bing is a charmer and wiggled his way into two foster homes and his adopter’s heart! Now Chandler’s off to live the good life (minus a few nasty teeth that needed pulling) with his new family. He even gets to go to work! Have a great time, Chandler. We love ya! Thank you to Marlene and […]

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Daisy Mae

daisy mae ss

Miss Daisy Mae was taken to the shelter to be euthanized because her family couldn’t manage her Addison’s disease. We rescued her and our wonderful vets helped get her health under control. Daisy met her new mom at our annual reunion and was picked up by her new family at the Strut Your Mutt event. Daisy knows how to make the most out of an outing! We all wish Miss Daisy many awesome, healthy years with her new family! Thanks to Cathy and Cari for fostering Daisy Mae and to Sharron for working with the adopter.

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sammie ss

Sammie came into rescue with a leg injury that had happened a while back and atrophied. His foster family, who had just lost their NorCal GSP Rescue alum, was ready to open their home to another spotted dog. Lo and behold, they were instantly smitten and decided to add Sam to their home permanently. They’re even willing to take over on whatever treatment his leg requires. Three cheers for Sam and his new family!! Thank you to all the people who helped rescue Sam and get him to his future—Chere, Carol and Mike, Mara, and especially Rebecca and her family.

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addie ss

Addie is just the cutest senior GSP! Who knew that her finding a forever home would hinge on her relationship with a cat named Stan? It was important that Addie and Stan get along if Addie was going to make her foster home her forever home. Addie’s fosters took their time and followed all the suggestions for creating a happy GSP/cat relationship. Their patience and work paid off and now Addie and Stan are family! Thanks to Marlene and Mara for fostering Addie and Imee and Albert for fostering and adopting Addie. And thanks, Stan, for letting a GSP into […]

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corey ss

Corey didn’t stick around long in rescue before he found his match and hit the road!  Corey’s adopters had just lost their GSP and had a huge hole in their hearts. Luckily, our Corey was in the right place at the right time and was ready to fill that hole to overflowing! Thank you to Carol and Mike and to Lola for fostering Corey, Janie for case managing, and Vicki for working with the adopters!

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abigail ss

Abigail came to rescue as pregnant as a dog can be! Our fellow rescue, Pound Puppy Rescue, took in Abigail and her litter and all of her puppies have found wonderful homes. Once Abigail weaned her puppies she came to us so we could find her a fantastic home too. She didn’t have to look far and has been adopted by her foster home. While her days of motherhood are over, Abby still has many years of pampering and spoiling ahead of her. Thank you to Lola, Heidi and John for fostering Abigail and congratulations on your new family member, […]

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bpbby ss

Bobby’s been one of the most popular adoptable dogs we’ve had in rescue in a long time. We could have adopted him out ten times over! It helps when you get along with everyone and everything—even cats. Bobby met his perfect match and will get to go to work with his new mom. Have a great time, Bobby. We should have cloned you when we had the chance. Thank you to Catherine and Mac for fostering Bobby, to Erica for managing him while in foster care, and to Heather and Vicki for working with the adopters. Update: Bobby is now […]

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Meg and Roxi

meg and roxi ss

Meg and Roxi have been living the good life at their foster home with NorCal GSP Rescue alum Patch and a standard poodle. Fortunately for these two gals, their foster home decided to make their living situation permanent. Bonanza!! They get to enjoy their twilight years together and no doubt the antics of their doggie bros will keep them young :) Congratulations to Charlotte and Al and thank you for fostering and adopting Meg and Roxi! We love you guys!

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shelby ss

Shelby’s foster home was filled with GSPs and since she’s no dummy she made herself right at home with the crew. Shelby’s fosters aren’t dummies either and decided to make Shelby’s stay permanent. We’re very glad GSPs and their people are so smart!  Have a great time, Shelby!! Thank you to Carol and Mike for fostering and adopting Shelby!

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blue ss

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, it’s definitely true in this case! Super cute Blue has scored a fantastic looking family! We are certain that they’re going to have the most fun getting to know each other and growing up together. Best of luck to Blue and her new peeps! Thank you to Pat and Mike for fostering Blue!

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snickers ss

Snickers didn’t even make it to the website! His foster home fell in love with him from the minute they saw him and decided he was home sweet home. It’s just like a GSP to worm his way into people’s hearts in record time! Wishing this handsome boy many adventures in his new home. Thank you to Janie and Geoffrey for fostering, and adopting, Snickers!

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We think it’s safe to say it was love at first sight for Oscar and his new mom. She fell in love with Oscar and “his crooked little grin” in his photos and then the match was confirmed when the two met in person. After such a long road to recovery, we couldn’t be happier that Oscar found the perfect home to be his quirky little self forever! Thank you so much to Oscar’s amazing foster homes for seeing him through his health needs so he could find the home he deserved. Thank you also to Vicki and Jacquie for […]

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dot 5

Dot’s foster home just couldn’t let her go to someone else and decided to turn her foster home into her forever home. Dot couldn’t agree more, we’re sure! Dot joins NorCal GSP Rescue alum Boyd for fun and games with her not-so-new family!

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gidget ss 2

We thought Gidget would be in and out of rescue in a flash, but she tested positive for heart worm. Wah wah! Fortunately she tolerated the months of treatment and bed rest like a real trooper. Her adoptive family waited until she was finished with treatment and now Gidget can romp and play like any other young GSP. Good luck and best of health, Gidget!! Huge thanks to Gidget’s fosters, Angie and Bob, for getting Gidget healthy and teaching her to “settle.” Also thanks to Heidi and John helping her make it to her forever family.

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pan ss

Pan liked his foster’s neighborhood and was smart enough to charm himself into a forever home in the same area! He’s now part of a young family who can’t wait to help Pan reach his full potential as an awesome family dog. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun Pan has with his new people! Thanks to both Tracy and Janie for fostering Pan!

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Lucy’s been in several homes in her short life. A young girl with energy to spare, (even for a GSP!) and a quirky, yet loving personality, it took her some time to find her perfect fit. Fortunately, Lucy found her forever home with a GSP sister, Bella, and a family ready to deal with whatever life with Lucy sends their way. Have a ball, Lucy! Thank you to Kim, Karen and Mara for fostering Lucy!

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Chloe was a stray who ended up at the shelter. Her previous owner must have lost his/her mind not to reclaim this fantastic dog. Oh well, their loss is Chloe’s gain! She’s found a new home with a young lady who was looking for a running partner and she and Chloe will be hitting the pavement on a daily basis. Everyone can just eat their dust! Thank you to Mark and family for fostering Chloe and Erica for case managing her while in foster care!

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15yo modesto girl

Ebony knew what a good thing she had going as soon as she arrived at her foster home. Luckily, the feeling was mutual. Ebony never even made it onto our website before her foster family decided to make things permanent. Fantastic decisions all the way around. Have a great time with your new family, Ebony! Smart girl!! Thank you to Olga for fostering and adopting Ebony!

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Schneiders with Lady

Lady fully believes that age is just a number! This go-getter has the energy of a much younger pup and was ready to find a new family for great adventures. And she did! Lady is now giving her GSP brother a run for his money and is ready for whatever her new family can dream up! Thank you to Patti for fostering our lovely Lady and to Nick for being her fairy dogfather!

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zoey ss 2

Zoey is an adorable GSP and just about as perfect as they come. Her reward for being such a sweet pup is her very own forever family including her very own boy! Oh the places they’ll go! Thank you to Lola for fostering Zoey, Vicki for working with the adopters and Janie for foster case managing!

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Nigel came into rescue after arriving at the shelter as a stray. This middle-aged boy got along with all the dogs in his foster home and even the cat! He scored himself a wonderful family with two little girls and another dog and we can’t wait to hear about all the adventures they have together. Enjoy your new life, Nigel! Thank you to Catherine and Mac for fostering Nigel!

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Ace says, “Take that, young whippersnappers!” After spending less than a month in foster care, fourteen-year-old Ace found a fantastic forever home. He has a doggie sister to play with and will be spending some time in Palm Springs with his new family. Sounds like all a good ol’ boy could ask for! Thanks to Marlene for fostering and helping transport Ace and thanks to Vicki and Sharron for working with the adopters!

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After what has appeared to be a rough life, Lorelei is finishing strong!! She spent her time in rescue with two wonderful foster families who helped her recover from two surgeries and a host of other health issues. Now Lorelei has made one of her foster homes her forever home and everyone is just thrilled—hopefully Lorelei most of all. Thank you to Barbara and Keith and Marlene for nursing Lorelei back to health!

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jade ss

Miss Jade landed in a fantastic foster home and never looked back! She found herself an active couple in the wine country to spoil her rotten and take her on lots of outdoor adventures.  Good work Jade! Thank you to Carol and Mike for fostering Jade until she found her forever home.

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old guy 1

Good old Britches ended up in the shelter when his family surrendered him. We rescued him and gave him a bit of a tune up in foster care. Fortunately for Britches, a member of his former family who didn’t know he’d been taken to the shelter came forward and wanted to take care of Britches for the rest of his life.  Enjoy the rest of your time Britches, someone you know loves you very much. Thank you to Ron and Dr. Jyl for fostering Britches and helping him get healthy!

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juliette ss

Juliette became a quick rescue favorite with her adorable GSP smile and her friendliness to all critters big and small.  Juliette’s new family has had several GSPs through the years and we think Miss Juliette’s going to get some much deserved spoiling! Thank you to Catherine and Mac for fostering Juliette and to Vicki for working with the adopters!

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Ladybug hit the jackpot twice after what had to be a rough start in life. Ladybug came to us afraid of the world, but fortunately landed in a wonderful foster home who worked with her for months to help her be more comfortable around people. Then along came an adopter who has been a longtime supporter and friend to GSPs. The match was made and the rest of Ladybug’s life will be fantastic, no doubt. A huge thank you to Ladybug’s fosters Joy and Karl!  They worked foster magic with this girl. Thank you also to Claire and Sharron for […]

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dudley ss 2

Dudley hit his foster home and he was HOME!  His humans were missing having a GSP and decided to foster for us. Dudley had other plans! He has two little doggie buddies and it looks like he’s soaking up all the love! Thanks to Eddy for transporting Dudley to his foster-turned-forever home.

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george ss

George is indeed one lucky dude! He’s found himself a GSP-experienced family with a fun GSP sister who wasted no time showing him that you point at the tree because there might be a bird in there! George will also have two human siblings to play with. We’re sure George is in for a lifetime of adventures! So many people to thank—Lola got George from the shelter, fostered and transported him. Dalia also helped him get where he needed to go. Other fosters were Phil, and Susan and Scott, and Sharron worked with the adopters. It takes a village!

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Sprig with his new family

Sprig is home! He took no time at all getting totally comfy with his new dog parents. Something tells us this velcro dog is going to have a very happy life! A huge thank you to Mara and Deborah for fostering him until he was adopted, and for Dalia for fostering him on very last minute notice so he could be rescued. Such a great team effort to get this lovable boy adopted!

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baron ss

Baron is home! This young cutie pie landed himself a pretty amazing forever family that fell in love with his handsome looks and sweet personality. He will also have an extended family to help with his care, including an Irish Terrier friend. We’re sure Baron has a wonderful life in his future! Thank you so much to Mark and family for giving Baron a wonderful foster home, and to Jacquie for springing him from the shelter!

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Miss Ella has been adopted! After recently losing their sweet older GSP, Ella’s new family really wanted to be diligent in their search for their next companion to make sure they found the right fit. When they met Ella, they knew right away she was perfect for them. Ella seems to think they’re pretty great, too. She curled up and went right to sleep on the car ride home, content as can be! We wish the whole family a very happy life together! A very big thank you to Albert and Julie for fostering sweet Ella! Adopted January 2015

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