Tyler, an adorable GSP mix, was in foster care only a few weeks, because his foster family fell right in love with the goofy boy and made him a permanent part of their family. Thank you Lola for pulling, fostering, and transporting Tyler. Adopted November 2016  

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herschel happy

When five-year old Herschel came into foster care, it was obvious that he was well-trained, very clever, and super cuddly with humans. As much as he loved to be with people, he was anxious around other dogs. With lots of patient training (special thanks to foster mom Jordyan), as well as help from a few canine mentors, Herschel finally learned that other dogs can be pals and playmates. He was adopted by a young couple who will continue his training and provide him with lots of romping and love. Thanks to everyone on team Herschel: Erica, Josh, Mary, Jordyan, Chuck, […]

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Fletcher is not your average GSP, with the energy of a nuclear reactor. Somewhere around 8 years old, he is a sweet and mellow guy. He loves people as much as he loves to nap and eat. Lucky for him, he was adopted by a family that includes an 11-year old boy and a 14-year old girl, and he’s already known as their younger brother. He is the family’s first dog, and all are ready to dote on him. Thanks to Priscilla and Phil, Anne, and Cheryl for fostering Fletcher.

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oskar success story

Janelle and Doug were looking for a companion for their foster alum, Gerde, so they jumped at the chance to foster Oskar. Oskar turned out to be a very sweet boy who gets along great with humans and dogs. But he had a stubborn cough that resisted treatment. Sadly, vet specialists finally diagnosed him with an aggressive form of cancer. By then, his foster family had fallen in love with him. They decided to adopt him and take responsibility for his medical care. Thank you to Janelle and Doug for fostering and adopting Oskar, and for committing to care for […]

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Scotty adopted

Scotty is a gentle young guy who is friendly with dogs, but really loves people. He likes to be around them all the time. Boy, did he win the lottery! He snagged a forever family that lives in a lovely gated community, with lots of pets and squirrels—and with three generations of people living at home. Scotty, now named Remy, will get spoiled with all the loving attention he wants and deserves for the rest of his days. Thanks to Dalia for fostering Scotty until he found his perfect home.

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Sweet Nellie, just 5-6 years old, showed up as a stray. Her first foster home loved her dearly, but Nellie couldn’t get the hang of living in harmony with the family cat, so she went to a new, cat free foster home. Without the cat to focus on, Nellie turned her talents to bolting out open doors. The challenge was to find a forever home with secure fencing, so she would be safe on the property. Nellie found a perfect forever home that can give her all the love, snuggles, training—and fencing—that she needs.

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When America was surrendered by a hunting facility, she had a growth on her jaw the size of a tennis ball that needed to be addressed. She wasn’t so sure about men. She had no idea what a dog bed was meant for. Her cyst was drained and did not return, and then life really started to turn around for her in her foster home. She was housebroken within 24 hours, and she soon figured out what a dog bed was meant for. She loved her new foster home so much, she decided she was never, ever leaving. They agreed! […]

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Mello came to her foster home with a reputation for chewing her way out of crates. Her foster mom decided not to crate her– problem solved! Mello knew basic commands, and was eager to learn more. She behaved so well that after her third day she was set free to roam the ranch off-tether, exploring the horse barn and gardens with her canine sibling. Mello is no dummy—she could see that her new people were sensitive and loving, and this home hard to beat. Is it any wonder she made up her mind very quickly that this would be her […]

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Charley looks like a chocolate ball—he’s all liver colored, no white at all. He was found wandering the roads of northern California, and was soon moved into a foster home with four other GSPs. Charley got on great with all of them. He was also a people lover– climbing onto laps for occasional hug sessions—a master fetcher, and he ignores cats! This handsome goofball was in foster care just a few months (thanks Kiara and Floyd!) before being adopted by a family with one other GSP who loves to play fetch and have a backyard pool, too.

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Alum Leroy (adopted 2015) was pretty clear that he wanted a canine companion, so when sweet Flo showed up as a stray, Leroy’s family said yes to fostering her. From the moment she arrived, Flo was on her best behavior. She never barked, wagged her tail constantly, was great with the kids, went gleefully on family hikes, and became a fabulous friend to Leroy. Done deal. Way to go, Flo! Thanks Liz and family for fostering, and for providing Flo with a loving forever home. And thank you to Lola for springing her from the shelter and short-term fostering her […]

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Petite Sasha, only about two years old, showed up as a stray in Fresno. After rescue, she went along to a foster home that fell in love with her immediately, calling her a total Sweetie Pie that someone was crazy to let go. Sasha now has a loving forever home, complete with and a Doberman sister and doting parents.

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Cutie Camo!

This lovable 6 year old was just too energetic for an owner unable to spend much time with him. So Camo honed his escape artist skills, and became a frequent flyer in the Auburn hills, which is how he ended up with us. With excellent fostering from Carol and Mike, this high energy hunting dog learned to embrace his mellow side and mastered the art of snuggling. He quickly learned the do’s and don’ts of indoor living, as well as some basic commands and Leash Walking 101. He loves to meet new people and dogs, so he is in luck—he […]

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Handsome Huxley was picked up as a stray near Merced. He’s a young guy, with the energy to prove it. His foster home found him to be clever and eager to please, and therefore easy to train. He also turned out to be a real love bug, getting along well with everyone–adults, kids, and other dogs. No wonder he caught the eye of a young, athletic family who offered him a forever home near Lake Tahoe, lucky guy. Thank you Sally for fostering Huxley! Adopted September 2016  

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Giles’ foster family found him to be a big (75+ lbs) sweetie, always ready for a cuddle or a belly rub. He got along easily with everyone (even cats!). But when no one came along to adopt him, he decided to change his image. He took up running, shed a few pounds, and even won a canine race—but still no adoption. Giles decided to reinvent himself yet again. No more Snuggle Pie, no more Olympic Sportster. He became calm and debonair, projecting an aura of sophistication and gentility. Third time’s the charm: Giles found a great new forever home worthy […]

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Young Willa needed a canine sibling who could show her the ropes, and a family that would be patient while she learned. Thanks to Hillary and Chris for providing all that. Willa’s confidence increased rapidly, and soon she was running, wrestling, and romping with her canine sister, Lassen. Once Lassen allowed the newbie to share her bed, it was clear that the whole family had fallen in love with sweet Willa, so she was welcomed into their home forever. Adopted September 2016  

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Murtle 2

Six year old Pearl came into rescue heartworm positive, and positive she could worm her way into someone’s heart! She endured four months of intense treatment and restricted activity. Once she was healthy again, she was spayed and had some needed dental work done. After going through all that, her foster family realized they loved Pearl and could not let her go. Now she has a loving forever family, and she gets to go to work with her new dad most days.   Adopted August 2016  

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Mickey Mouse

Sweet Mickey!

Catherine and Mac are failed fosters- 2 years running now- last year they adopted their foster boy Colby. I’m guessing that Colby told Mickey that if he plays his cards right- he might get to stay as well. He gets to help with chores on the farm, then take a snooze in the hammock and on the weekends he sometimes gets to go camping and even kayaking!  Thanks to Catherine and Mac for fostering until they decided to adopt! Adopted July 2016  

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Courtney on the prowl

Sweet Courtney came into rescue with a big cancerous mass on her leg. Treatment required amputating her leg, but that did not alter Courtney’s enthusiasm and zest for life–or her passion for chasing squirrels.  She romped with Lucas, her foster sibling, until he was adopted. But guess what? Courtney has now gone to the same forever home. She and Lucas have been reunited to rumble and play Pointer games until mom comes home. Thanks Marlene for fostering! Adopted July 2016  

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Tucker is a little squirt, less than one year old, with a propensity to wear one ear flipped back at all times. He was living the life—he had a backyard, his very own boy, and a family who loved him. However, they turned out to be severely allergic to him! They asked us to find Tucker a good home, and we did. Tucker has moved to Marin, where he will share lots of walks and attention with his new brother and fellow foster alum, Sprite. Adopted May 2016  

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Lucas 1

Handsome Lucas came to us with so many plusses. We learned right away that he was both house trained and crate trained. He loved chasing squirrels and playing with his foster sisters. The sweet and mellow boy has now found a forever home with a GSP-loving mom who has adopted from us before. We love repeat adopters, and Lucas does, too! Adopted May 2016  

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Callie's big smile!

Before she came to us, Callie was an outside dog, spending much of her time lying on concrete. As a result, she had calloused hips, butt, and elbows, as well as severe hair loss and teeth badly damaged from biting wire. With some foster TLC, Callie got her hair back and her bad teeth pulled. Her callouses healed. She became as beautiful on the outside as she is inside. And, she discovered a new love for lying on sofas. Fortunately, Callie found a forever family who loved her instantly and went out immediately to buy a new sofa cover to accommodate […]

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Meet Buckley

Buckley is a 9-year old cutie, a small guy at 43 pounds. He spent most of his life outdoors, but as a result of some great fostering (thanks Catherine and Mac), he learned how to live with people and other pets indoors, including sleeping comfortably in his very own crate. Buckley has been adopted by a Bay Area family who plans to shower him with the love and attention he deserves, starting with a big basket of dog toys to welcome him home. Adopted May 2016  

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Mollie is a gorgeous 6-year old gal with big brown cow patches. She showed up as a stray needing our care in April, 2016. We got her spayed and checked out, then sent her to a lovely foster home: a goat farm in northern California. She loved exploring everything, from chicken coops to the veggie gardens to wildcat dens. In no time, she endeared herself to her foster family, getting along great with critters of all sizes, from cats to horses, and even becoming best pals with the Alpha goat! Her foster home has become her permanent home—way to go, Mollie! […]

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jasmine2 chair

Jasmine turned up in a shelter, along with the three Chihuahuas she had been living with when her owner died. We found her a great new home on the coast. At first she would get stiff from short walks, but now she is running full speed for twenty minutes at a time, keeping up with her active parents. She’s also learning how to share toys and human attention with a canine sister who wants to be queen of the house as much as Jasmine does. Good luck, Jasmine. May you continue to blossom and learn that there are enough toys […]

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Sweet Gertrude

Gertrude showed up as a stray at a shelter, with a wobbly front leg, possibly due to an old, untreated injury–no fun for a 3 year old GSP who just wants to romp! An MRI showed that she had a tendon that needed to be “released,” at a cost of $4,000. Thanks to our donors, the surgery was completed successfully. Gertie’s biggest problem then was that the halo prevented her from carrying rolls of toilet paper around, her favorite indoor sport. Her foster family, a couple with extensive GSP experience, fell in love with her and adopted her. Now she […]

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Frannie didn’t get to pick her first family. She was left alone a lot, without even canine companionship. She expressed her dissatisfaction by barking and destructive behavior. She just wasn’t understood, so when her family gave her up to rescue, she decided that she was going to get everything right the second time around. First, she landed a wonderful foster home with Catherine, Mac, and their GSP rescue alum, Colby. Frannie got along with everyone– humans, canines, and all other sorts of animals. But she got especially excited whenever she saw children. They were on her level; they liked to […]

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abner new 7

Abner had the most amazing rescue journey ever. When we learned that he’d shown up as a stray at a full shelter in Bakersfield, we devised an elaborate plan to bring him to safety in northern California. Four of our volunteers coordinated to spring him from the shelter, drive him to Fresno, then to Chowchilla, then to Manteca, then to his temporary foster home in Fiddletown. After a much-needed bath and some basic vet attention, Abner emerged as a lover boy and a character. He loved to kiss and snuggle; he snored blissfully; he chased cats, and tried to engage […]

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Marmaduke is killer handsome and a love bug, but he didn’t seem to know how to get along with other dogs very well. His foster mom took him to a trainer and introduced him to neighbors and co-workers to help improve his social skills. While she was helping Marmaduke, he was busy stealing her heart. Now he is in a loving forever home where he will get all the attention and ear scratching he deserves. He also has a new name: Kaimana, the name of a beach on Oahu that translates as “ocean power spirit.” May there be lots of […]

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sprite sitting

Sprightly Sprite came bouncing into foster care, a little cowboy from the Wild West. He seemed clueless as to proper doggy behavior in a house. Nothing like experienced foster parents to turn this little dude into a civilized canine. Within a few weeks, an active couple with GSP experience came to meet Sprite and he turned on the charm. They couldn’t resist the little guy. Sprite will be leading the good life with his new family, daily hikes in the Marin Open Space and best yet- his new dad works from home. Huge thanks to Claire, Mara, and Tom for […]

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tessie new 1

When Tessie, now Tallie, arrived at her first foster home it quickly became clear that sharing her house with a cat and chickens were not her cup of tea. Luckily Tallie found her calling in her new foster home. Along with her GSP brother she helps her people manage a doggie day care!  Now Tallie’s a permanent “employee.” If you need doggie daycare in the Sonoma area, don’t hesitate to give Tallie a call.  Big thanks to first foster mom Jan, as well as temporary fosters- Robin, Michelle, and Claire.  Adopted January 2016  

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