Deno – Our Foster Dog

Here’s Deno!  This handsome 7 year old GSP is a sweet, well-behaved guy that loves people, gets along with other dogs, and loves to hunt lizards and other critters in the yard. His foster family says “Deno is a great dog and is so mellow for such a large dog. He settled in like he had always lived here.” Deno is a gentle giant at 70 lbs. He is independent, but also very settled emotionally – nothing seems to bother him.  He likes to be loved on and he’s a cuddler.  He has moderate to high energy and has a lot stamina.  He would prefer to be the only dog, but does get along fine with other dogs, large or small.


Deno is easily trainable and is quick to learn new things.  He will go into a crate, but prefers to be out.  Deno is alone a few hours, a couple of days a week.  He is left in the house, but has a doggie door so that he can go outside.  He is respectful of the home and does not need to be crated.  He does need some leash work.  He starts out pulling but after a time he seems to get it and walks at a heel.  He has pretty good recall and will shake your hand.


Deno is looking for an active family that will exercise him on a daily basis. Deno has so much love to give to his forever family and wants so much to be a part of a family.

Status: Available Location: Napa, CA Adoption $: 230
Weight: 70 pounds Age: 7 years Kids: 6 and up
Other dogs: Good with both large and small, female and male Cats: Unknown Hunting: Unknown but appears to be gun shy

Right after we rescued Deno, he came down with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for over two weeks. The cost for this hospitalization and the associated medications and tests was over $1,000. In addition, Deno had a large eyelid mass that had to be removed. In total, Deno’s medical bills total over $2,000. Please consider donating to Deno’s medical fund!


Thank you to Deno’s sponsors!

Sponsored by Mike Kanalakis.