Gauge – Adoption Pending

Handsome Gauge!

Handsome Gauge!

Welcome Gauge! Our first new foster dog of 2017 is not just good looks – he’s also a champion snuggler who adores his people. Gauge is great with other dogs, is an eager learning and has a awesome silly side to him. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his ball! He is comfortable being left uncrated while you are not at home, is quickly embracing leash manners and is beginning to learn that car rides are nothing to fret!
In addition to the long list of positives, Gauge came to us in need of a little extra TLC. Last December and February, he had 4 mast cell tumors removed and both times recovered like a champ. Best news of all is that he also had complete chest x-rays and a thorough abdominal ultrasound, with a biopsy of his spleen, which concluded that he has no mast cell tumors internally as of now! He will need to be closely monitored for any future tumors that do appear and may need removal and biopsy, but the laughs and joy that this 6 year-old awesome boy brings make up for any future health concerns.

Thanks to a Petfinder Foundation grant, Gauge will come with a $100 Petco gift card when adopted so you can shop for everything he needs to get settled in at your home!

Status: Available Location: Sacramento area, CA Adoption $: 230
Weight: 65 pounds Age: 6 years Kids: 6 and up
Other dogs: Good with other dogs Cats: No Hunting: Unknown


Thank you to Gauge’s sponsors!

Vicki & Bruce Rosenthal