Henri – Our Foster Dog

Looks pretty comfy!

Hello Henri! This charming and cute 1 year-old boy just landed in rescue. We’re working to get him well (see more info below on his medical issues) and he’ll be available for adoption soon.

Status: Medical Hold Location: Mendocino County, CA Adoption $ $310 with $50 rebate after completing positive reinforcement training
Weight: 45 pounds Age: 1 year Kids: 6 and up
Other dogs: Multiple OK Cats: Unknown, but not likely Hunting: Unknown

 Handsome Henri is in need of your help! He contracted aspiration pneumonia and underwent treatment for the better part of December and January. His next obstacle? Addressing a chronic dislocation of his elbow. Poor Henri is enduring this all with a smile on his face, but he can’t wait until he feels fully well and can run and play.

Henri is being assessed by specialists to determine the best plan for his elbow, tricky because the injury is so old. Reconstruction is an option but is often unsuccessful or leads to complications over time; amputation is also an option (don’t gasp – sometimes this is the best option for a young GSP as he will be able to run and play without constant pain). His next appointment is early February, at which point we’ll be getting a true estimate for his treatment and surgery. Right now we are guesstimating it will be in the $2,000 to $4,000 range, depending on which option the orthopedists believe will give Henri the best and most normal outcome. But it could also be much more. We’ll post an update once we know. Please consider donating to Henri’s medical fund to help him get the care he needs!

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