Holmes & Watson – Our Foster Dogs

Holmes and Watson love going with their humans everywhere!

Holmes and Watson love going with their humans everywhere!

Holmes & Watson are on the case – the case to find their forever family! These charming detective dogs should have no trouble using their sniffers to sleuth out the perfect home for them. The clues they’ll be searching for are: humans who love to cuddle, the kind of home where they can get plenty of exercise and also plenty of couch time, a place where they can stick together, and the most important clue of all – a family that will never give up on them. Can you help them solve the case?

More on the detective dogs: house-trained, walk well on leash with a harness (until they see a squirrel), enjoy meeting other dogs after proper intros, love to play fetch, well-behaved and calm in the house, need a generous amount of exercise in the morning and evening (running, long hike, plenty of play time), very strong prey drive towards squirrels and birds, know basic commands (sit, stay, come), LOVE food.

Status: Available Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Adoption $ for each: 310.00 with a $50.00 refund upon completion of a positive-reinforcement training class from a trainer on our training list, or approved by us in advance.
Weight: Holmes: 50 pounds; Watson: 46 lbs Age: Holmes: 2 years; Watson: 5 years Kids: 6 and up
Other dogs: Good with other dogs Cats: Unknown, most likely no Hunting: Unknown


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