Little Lucy – Our Foster Dog

Hello Little Lucy!

Hello Little Lucy!

Little Lucy may be our tiniest GSP we’ve had, but she has so much love to give!  She is great with other dogs, is house trained, crate trained, and is learning new commands quickly! She does need someone who can continue to work with her on her training and give her clear boundaries. She also would benefit from having a canine companion at home with her to help with her socialization and keep her company. As with any other young GSP, she needs a good amount of exercise so an active home would be ideal for Little Lucy, but also one that can create a calming environment when she’s not out exercising. Please read more about the placement criteria for Little Lucy before applying:

1) Rural or quiet suburban setting – no cities.

2) Calm environment – not a hustling bustling household with people coming and going all the time or tons of guests.

3) The right family or person – one that can provide a consistent relationship with LL, along with a routine, schedule, exercise, and daily work on the training activities (which can be incorporated into the daily routine throughout the day, does not have to mean a separate hour of training)

4) Kids – preferably none. Could consider older teens, depending on the personality of the kids – calm, respectful. Visiting kids: calm respectful kids under supervision and with Little Lucy having her own safe space that she can retreat to at any time where she will not be bothered or cornered.

Status: Available (please see placement criteria above) Location: Sacramento Area, CA Adoption $: $310.00 with a $50.00 refund upon completion of a positive-reinforcement agility or obedience training class from a trainer on our training list, or approved by us in advance.
Weight: 40 pounds Age: 1 year Kids: Adults only
Other dogs: Good with other dogs Cats: Unknown Hunting: Unknown


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