Rolf – Our Foster Dog

Looking good posing with those pumpkins!

Rolf is such a handsome dog! While he can be a little uncertain at first, a few days and lots of belly rubs and he’ll be in love! He needs a time, patience, and a lot of love to help him gain his confidence. After living his first few years outside in a kennel, we can already tell he’s going to get used to the finer things in life! Rolf is learning how to play and he loves it! He is also a dream on leash, is house trained and loves to cuddle with his humans.

Rolf is currently being evaluated by a veterinary behaviorist for anxiety and related behaviors. Rolf also currently needs a single dog home. Although he doesn’t love sharing his home with other canines, he is generally ok to interact with other dogs while out and about.

Status: Available, but undergoing evaluation and training for anxiety and related behaviors Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Adoption $: $310.00 with a $50.00 refund upon completion of a positive-reinforcement training class from a trainer on our training list, or approved by us in advance. Training required as a condition of adoption
Weight: 55 pounds Age: 3.5 years Kids: 8 and up
Other dogs: no other dogs in the home at this time Cats: No, will chase Hunting: Unknown


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