Layla goes hiking

Layla - 032816 10-R

Layla’s recovering from her surgery and got a chance to get out in the world and do some hiking. She’s doing well on her new harness and loves to check out little birdies and critters, in pure GSP form.

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minnie mouse 106

Minnie Mouse has made it her mission to become bffs with her foster sibling and she’s learning all the ropes of living in a warm and loving home! She’s discovering how to live with chickens and all the necessary house manners.

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Vixen makes top honors

Vixen graduated!

We can’t tell you how excited we are to announce Vixen’s accomplishment! She has just finished her first training class with her foster mom and did so well. Meeting new dogs and their humans, and enjoying the car ride and outing each week. Congrats Vixen!

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Momma Abigail


This sweet momma has just finished weaning her litter of cuties. They are all set up to go to their forever families and  now we are helping Abbie heal up and get ready to be spayed. This loving momma will be ready for adoption in early September. She’s doing just great!

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Zoey goes on an adventure


  Zoey went on a two day adventure last week but she’s safe and sound now in her foster home.  She was aided in her return by a loving family who found her in the middle of the night. We are so happy she is safe!            

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Vixen the explorer


Miss Vixen is coming out of her shell more and more and she’s as playful as ever. She walks the college track with her foster mom and explores the neighbor’s yard looking for castles and flowers. She’s learning all her manners following her wonderful foster sister and foster mom.

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Patient Sprig


“Everything I do is fast..but for some reason you are little slow on the dinner prep. I’ll just wait patiently right here, just in case you forget.” Sprig has shown himself to be highly sociable and sure to be your “wingman” if you are looking to expand your friend network.        

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Gorgeous George


George is GSP through and through. He’s young, fast, smart and cuddly. He’s looking for an athlete or active family who can help channel his energy with running or hiking on a daily basis. He’s a looker, so watch out he will steal our heart.          

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Archie already knows the ropes!


Archie just arrived with us and he’s quickly settling into his permanent foster home after a team of volunteers helped to transport him. He’s a pocket pointer at just 42 pounds but he’s showing off to his new friends, he is crate trained, sits, walks nicely on leash is ready to find his forever family. He’s also young and energetic and would love a sibling to play with!

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Playful Kiki


    Kiki is settling into her new foster home. She’s getting along with the other dogs, going on road trips and doing her best at cleaning up her toys in the yard. She even has shown she can be around the family bird and show very little interest! Good Girl Kiki!  

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