Wish List

If you have the following to give, we’d love to have them:

  • Treats for training
  • Quick release collars (1” wide) in sizes 12 – 22″
  • Easy Walk harnesses in sizes M/L and L
  • Dog toys
  • Tennis balls (used are fine!)
  • Stamps of any denomination (to mail medications to our foster homes)
  • Bubble mailers (any size, and used ones are just fine)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Flea and Tick preventatives such as Frontline Plus, 89-132 lb size preferred, can also use 45-88 lb size
  • Bags of good-quality dry dog food
  • Cans of good-quality dog food
  • Coupons for quality dog food
  • Usable items for garage sales /online sales / prizes
  • New items of any kind for our fundraising efforts
  • Gift cards of any kind

If you have any of these items to donate, please contact us to arrange drop-off to (or pick up by) a volunteer near you.

Thank you!

PS – also check out our Amazon Wish List!