Our Foster Dogs

The dogs listed below are in our foster program. The foster home provides a transition period between life in the animal shelter and the new, permanent home. The dogs are given the opportunity to learn any needed social skills and to receive the much needed love, shelter, and medical care they deserve.
If you would like more information on any of the dogs in our foster program, begin by completing our adoption questionnaire and reading about our Adoption Process. The adoption questionnaire is the first step in our adoption process, whether you are interested in a particular foster dog or are just beginning to explore the option of adopting a rescued GSP. Please note: The information we give on each dog is based on observations while the dog is in our program. The dog may display different behaviors in your home after adoption due to a number of factors, including different environmental stimuli, disruption of routine, and so on.

Not sure if you are ready to adopt? Perhaps you are interested in fostering? We need foster homes! We can't save the urgent shelter dogs unless we have a foster home in place. Learn more about becoming a foster home. Foster homes receive priority in adopting their foster dog.
Not able to foster but want to help one of our wonderful foster dogs? Check out how you can become a Guardian Angel! See all the options for helping (some free!) under our Donate tab.

Chance – Our Foster Dog

Hello from happy Chance! This 2 year-old GSP is smiling through everything, even his recent positive test for heartworm disease. He’ll be undergoing treatment for the next few months until he has a clean bill of health, and then can’t wait to smile his way right into his forever home!

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Flaco – Our Foster Dog

Meet Flaco! This handsome 8 year-old fella is the perfect age for a GSP – still plenty of energy, but past the crazy stage. He’s described by his foster home as sweet, calm and easygoing. His ideal home will still get him plenty of exercise and also plenty of cuddle time! Due to resource guarding with other dogs, Flaco needs to be the only dog in his home. He can also resort to trying to escape if not properly exercised and left alone. A home that can be home with him a lot is preferred.  A training session with a […]

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Sauer – Our Foster Dog

Welcome Sauer! This sweet senior shorthair is the perfect mix. He’s 8 years old, so all that crazy GSP energy has subsided (well, some of it!), but he’s still a loving, happy boy who would love to spend his days hanging out with a family of his very own. His foster home has described him as a “he’s a sweet, high energy guy who needs a lot of love.” If you have love to give, Sauer is ready to be the recipient! 

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Roy – Our Foster Dog

Meet Roy!  This poor guy has had a string of bad luck.  Roy was hit by a car at the end of December, then ended up at the shelter where it was determined that he has a broken hip.  After being rescued 3 weeks later, he was taken to the vet and tested positive for Ehrlichia, in addition to having kennel cough, so he will be on antibiotics for at least a month.  Once he’s cleared for surgery, he will have the necessary surgery to repair his hip.  Despite all he’s been through Roy is all smiles and his foster […]

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