Referral & Courtesy Dogs

The dogs listed below are currently with other rescue organizations or are with families that need to find them new homes. Please note that we have not evaluated these dogs nor do we make any representation as to their health or temperament, nor have we validated any of the information provided by the parties. Please contact the individuals listed in each dog's description for more information.

Sequoia – Referral Posting – Truckee, CA

Sequoia is a very sweet, well-trained GSP. She is extremely social with people and other dogs. She will be 8 years old in Oct and is 40lbs.   Her ideal day would be spent waking up and going on a walk/run and it would end with a cuddle session on the couch. She loves anyone that will give her attention. She has been around kids all ages her entire life and is very gentle. On walks/runs she never strays too far, however enjoys running circles around you. She is an intuitive hunter and pointer, but has never been formally trained.  […]

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Lucie – Referral Posting – Windsor, CA

Lucie is 4 years old she’s believed a mix of lab and pointer but she definitely has more traits of a pointer and all the coloring!  Unfortunately she needs a new home by 9/1 – through no fault of her own, life changes for her owner. She is a very sweet girl but is a bit rambunctious. As such, she is crated most of the day and sleeps in her crate at night as well. She absolutely loves her brother Blue who is a 90 lbs. pit bull and other dogs as well but she has never been exposed to […]

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Ani – Referral Posting – Visalia, CA

Ani (ah-née) means “beautiful” in the Hawaiin language, and she is a BEAUTIFUL girl!  Ani is estimated to be 5 years old, she was found by her owners around 1 year old and they tried to find her people but alas no luck! She happily became a member of their family, fitting in perfectly.    Ani is a fun loving, gentle around babies/kids, super sweet, and very smart!  She is eager please, which makes her very trainable.  She loves going for walks, playing soccer in the yard, and taking trips to the lake.  Ani is a goofball at heart, making […]

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Lulu – Referral Posting – Montery CA

Lulu is a petite 4 year old GSP mix, weighing just 45lbs! She is incredibly smart and is at her happiest when she is constantly being taught new tricks, and when she has plenty of opportunity to exercise. She enjoys running, hikes, walks and a good game of ball! Afterwards she’s happy lounging about in the sun and hanging out in the yard. She is such a loyal girl and wants to be wherever her people are for most of the day. She has great boundaries; she won’t take any “people things” (other than food, if you leave it out), […]

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Lisette – Courtesy Posting – Lucerne Valley, CA

This is a courtesy posting for Top Dogs Rescue and Adoptions Lisette came to us after the family that bought her took her to the vet after episodes of vomiting and she was diagnosed with megaesophogus, which basically is an abnormally large esophagus. They were unprepared to deal with this for her lifetime and surrendered her to rescue. Lisette’s condition means that she needs to be fed sitting up for the rest of her life, but otherwise is a perfect little puppy. If she is not fed properly or gets into food she is at risk for aspirating which can […]

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