Before he came to us, Copper lived his life outside and was extremely underweight. On top of that, he had an old leg injury as a result of being hit by a car. The injury wasn’t treated, and once in his foster home, it was clear just how much pain his leg was causing him. He rarely used it, holding it up most of the time. He was quickly seen by a vet and x-rays showed the severity of the injury. His hock joint had disintegrated and there were also signs of arthritis in his leg and spine as a result of compensating for the injured leg. It became clear Copper needed surgery to bring back his quality of life.

A few months after arriving in foster care, Copper at last had surgery on his leg. The arthrodesis procedure fused the joint to repair his leg, his best chance at relief from the pain. And then the long road to recovery began. He spent eight weeks on very restrictive movement to ensure the fusion wouldn’t be disrupted. Anyone who has met a GSP knows how hard eight weeks of exercise restriction is, but Copper and his foster home both made it through.

Copper is now hopefully in the final stages of his recovery. He’s still being treated for a bone infection due to the metal plate in his leg but has been given the go-ahead for short walks, and hopefully will receive a clean bill of health in June. It’s been a long road, but Copper’s loving foster home has been dedicated to his care every step of the way. Once he’s fully recovered, he’ll become an official member of their family, spending his days inside lounging on the couch or sprawled on his foster mom’s lap. And one day soon, he’ll be able to play fetch and run with his foster dog brother again pain-free.


About Me
Gender Male
Estimated Age 5
Current Weight 65 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Adoption Pending
Other Notes

Adoption Pending!

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