Jake is a beautiful, black & white, 50-pound, 1-year-old, neutered male who can happily spend hours checking out the backyard, retrieving a ball, or curling up on a human lap. He truly has a great disposition and good manners!

On the plus side, Jake is good with children, adults, dogs, and cats – if they don’t run away. He is crate trained, housetrained, can swim but prefers not to, doesn’t jump fences, knows several cues, including sit, stay, and drop, and is food motivated, making him eager to learn. Jake communicates with sound but only barks when prompted. Even though he loves to run, play, catch, and smell all day long, he wants to chill – preferably on your lap or beside you on the sofa after dusk.

On the challenging side, Jake has been known to eat non-food items that put him at risk. Breaking him of this dangerous habit will take a long period of caution and attention combined with a lifestyle of exercise and usefulness. While in foster care, Jake wears a muzzle over his mouth when playing outside and a muzzle when playing inside or crated, but he does not need the muzzle when he is watched carefully.  Jake can chew and swallow almost anything, so, unfortunately, toys are out of the question.

Jake’s ideal forever home will have enough space in the backyard to get up speed and send a tennis ball flying, time and interest to keep his mind engaged, and some canine companionship to keep him occupied when the humans are gone.  He would also do best with someone around most of the day with him. If you can provide Jake with the home he needs and deserves, please apply today!

About Me
Gender Male
Estimated Age 1
Current Weight 50 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Available to adopt
Other Notes

Adoption Information

Dogs one to five years old: $425. Training is required for dogs ages one to three years old - from a positive-reinforcement trainer on our training list or approved by us in advance.

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