Jeanne is a lovely 6-8-year-old GSP who is house- and crate-trained. She’s affectionate, eager to please, and friendly with humans and dogs alike. Jeanne loves going for walks and riding in the car with the windows down. She also enjoys backyard games of fetch and playing with other dogs in the dog park. She is quite energetic for her age. Jeanne showed some initial weakness, but that didn’t stop her from thoroughly enjoying 4- to 5-mile daily walks. She responded really well to her pain medications, so she should continue to take those, and may need them for many years to come. She would thrive in a home where someone will throw the ball for her, take her for some good walks, and have plenty of time to hang out and snuggle. If that sounds like your home, please apply. Jeanne will be delighted to meet you.

About Me
Gender Female
Estimated Age 6 - 8
Current Weight 65 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Available
Other Notes

Adoption Information

While dogs over 5 years old are normally $255, Jeanne’s adoption donation is $155 as she has special Fairy Dogmothers who have contributed towards her adoption donation. Thank you Marlyn and David!

Jeanne's Medical Needs

Jeanne was in need of some major TLC when she arrived in rescue. After giving her time to settle in, she went to the vet for a full work-up. This included x-rays to assess her hind-end weakness, pain meds to make her more comfortable, a dental cleaning and extraction of an infected tooth, the removal of an eyelid mass, and an orthopedic consultation. Jeanne is feeling great now and has resumed her long daily walks! The cost of her medical care to date is $2,560. Please consider donating to her medical fund!

Thank you for helping Jeanne!

Deno GSP
Karen & Mike K.
Marie G.
Heather & Matt H.
Dalia W. & Darren R.
Julie & Lee S.
Dana W. with love from Sofia
Lara S.
Marlyn & David H. – in memory of Annie

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