The Good:

Kamo is the whole package – looks, brains, brawn, and an affectionate personality. He is so stunningly handsome you can’t help but stare. He is so smart, he knows the difference between people-things and dog treasures. He’ll leave your shoes and socks alone but dog toys, and balls, balls, balls are fair game. He can shred an “indestructible” toy in minutes. Kamo is responsive to his human’s cues to “stay” and “leave it.” He’ll be about 75 pounds when he fills out. He is so athletic and was bred from hunting stock, so we think he would enjoy agility training or dock diving in the future. Kamo loves people – strangers, friends, dog walkers – he hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like. He’s an exceptional companion and loves to accompany you on outings and errands.

The Bad:

Let’s be frank. Kamo has separation issues. He does best in a home with a solid social playful dog companion that will back down if challenged, and people who are around frequently. We expect he will continue to make progress with structure, training, and a confidence-building environment. When he’s with people, he’s fine, and fortunately, any person will do. He pulls a lot on leash and will need more work on that. We also think you should know that Kamo got in a fight over a bone with another dog during his first few days in foster care and the foster dad was bitten while separating the dogs – we don’t know which dog did the biting.

The Bottom Line:

Kamo may regress at first, with an increase in stress and anxiety related to his separation issues, and there can be whining and barking. You’ll need to be ready to put time into training because he has a working focus, and be patient while he adjusts to the new environment. Slow and controlled introductions to your dog are crucial.

If you are home most of the time and have the patience (and stamina!) to bring out Kamo’s full potential, you’ll be amply rewarded. We’d love to talk with you further – please fill out the adoption questionnaire to get started. To find the best home for Kamo, we’ll consider potential adopters in the western United States and western Canada (please note that an in-person meeting in the Silicon Valley area with your entire household plus your dog is required).

About Me
Gender Male
Estimated Age 2
Current Weight 65 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with kids? Yes
Status Available
Other Notes Additional requirements: Needs a solid social dog companion that will back down in a stand-off and may do best with a female; respectful kids 10 and older only; GSP experience preferred; dog training experience preferred. Training will be a condition of adoption and is required; training assistance is available.

Adoption Information

Dogs one to five years old: $360.00. Training is required for dogs ages one to three years old - from a positive-reinforcement trainer on our training list or approved by us in advance.


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