Meet Sophie! This beautiful senior girl is settling into her foster home where we’re getting to know more about her each and every day. We will post an update once she’s had some medical issues addressed. Right now, she’s just soaking up some TLC at her foster home!

About Me
Gender Female
Estimated Age 12
Current Weight 65 lbs
Good with other dogs? Unknown
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Adoption Pending
Other Notes

Adoption Pending!

Adoption Information

Seniors: $155 (If you are a prior adopter, you can add a Great Senior Pooch to your family for free)

Sophie's Medical Needs

Sophie has a variety of medical needs we are addressing. This includes first investigating some abnormal blood values, and then potentially doing some dental work. Sophie also has some hind leg issues and possible allergies. Sweet girl is in need of a full medical tune-up! Will you help Sophie get the medical care she deserves?

Thank you to Sophie’s sponsors!

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