Widgett is a liver and white GSP estimated to be about 1 year old, although he may be a bit younger. He is quite the little character, still growing into his body! Such a sweet and funny boy, he loves the sound of his voice in the morning or early afternoon when he sees the cows.

Widgett comes when called and has been learning his name. He’s responsive when you talk to him or call him – he likes to run and play, but when you call him, he stops what he is doing and comes to you for a pet. He plays wonderfully with a female GSP in his foster home. He’s leash trained and does not pull at all.  He is also housetrained, likes his crate, and is super lovable!

Widgett needs to gain some weight and is otherwise healthy. He’s a slow eater that takes his time and will take treats very gently. He is not afraid of the water hose. He does not jump on you unless you invite him to. He also is good with kids.

Widgett is a cutie pie that won’t need much work to mold into the perfect young pup!

About Me
Gender Male
Estimated Age 1
Current Weight 60 lbs
Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with kids? Yes (6 and up)
Status Adoption Pending
Other Notes

Adoption Pending!

Adoption Information

Dogs one to five years old: $425. Training is required for dogs ages one to three years old - from a positive-reinforcement trainer on our training list or approved by us in advance.

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