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GSPs in need.
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How does your donation help?

Here are some of the ways your donations benefit rescued GSPs:

$5 = Five days of pain medication
$10 = Flea treatment for 2 dogs
$25 = Seizure medication for 4 months
$50 = Vet visit or heartworm test
$100 = Vaccinations for 4 dogs
$150 = Dog food for 3 months
$250 = Spay & pain meds
$500 = Dental cleaning
$1000 = Emergency vet visit
$5000 = Orthopedic surgery
$50000 = Funds vet costs for a year

Because of you, we can continue to take in dogs in need.
Your gift especially helps those dogs that are older
or require more extensive medical care.

Your Gift Matters!