Flaco – Our Foster Dog

Everybody asks about my name so I’ll save you the trouble.  It’s Spanish for “Skinny”. Being so skinny is why I’m able to squeeze out of my tight places, like loosely fenced yards. My foster mom is putting a few pounds on me and trying to keep me contained.  Just sayin’, you’ll need a good fence and good treats (but not too many good treats or you’ll have to call me “Gordo”). 
I do like to venture out on my own when I find the opportunity, only because I love to stalk squirrels, or lizards…. or that cute kitty across the street(!) I’d rather spend my days sniffing in the grass over going to a boring dog park, that kind of place is not right for me.
Me and my person, in a quiet home where I can relax away from the social pressures of the city… that’s the good life. I’d prefer a rural spot where I’m not asked to meet new people outside my family. In return, I’ll show what a well-mannered, affectionate pooch I am. I’m polite, don’t jump up on people, don’t bark at the mailman and don’t countersurf. I do patrol our property and bark at anything that shouldn’t be there. I’ve had some good training, and it gives me the kind of structure and consistency I crave. I’ll need continued training and structure in my forever home.
Take my quiz if you think you might be a match for me:
  • I live in a rural or quiet setting
  • I’m a bit of loner, not a lot of people coming over
  • My kids, if any, are at least 12 and are mature considerate people
  • I’m an experienced dog owner – I’ve had dogs since I became an adult
  • I’ve trained a dog before
  • I don’t have other dogs or cats

If that sounds like you, please fill out my adoption application. Woof!

Status: On hold for behavior assessment Location: Sacramento area, CA Adoption $: 255
Weight: 57 pounds Age: 8 years Kids: 12 and up
Other dogs: No Cats: No Hunting: Unknown


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