Flapjack’s Bucket List – #7 Go for a Car Ride


Flapjack’s Bucket List #7: Go for a Car Ride

Flapjack loves riding in the car, especially long trips to fun places! He is living life to the fullest despite his limited time here with us.

Flapjack would really appreciate your support so he can continue to check items off his bucket list. Please consider making a donation to help cover his care, which includes almost daily bandage changes and medications to keep him comfy.


“What’s that over there?”

August 4 update:

We are sad to let you know that Flapjack passed away this afternoon with his foster mom by his side. He spent over a month in rescue following his cancer diagnosis, soaking up all the love his foster homes could give. He had a wonderful life at the end, the life he deserved.

Join us in saying goodbye to Flapjack and thanking his foster families for their compassionate and loving care.