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By adopting you save one dog, by fostering you can save many dogs.     

Catherine and Mac with their foster "fail" Coconut

Catherine and Mac with their foster “fail” Coconut

Catherine and Mac have been fostering since 2011 and have helped NorCal GSP Rescue save so many dogs, a few of which have never ended up leaving their house. They just loved it too much and we can’t blame them!

Why did you start fostering?
After adopting Finn and Scout, I figured that, since they settled in so well, why not foster? Why not give a shelter dog a soft spot to land until they find a forever home?

What do you like most about fostering?
Giving them a safe place and lots of love until they find their forever home.  It’s especially rewarding when you have success stories like Bobby’s!

What’s the hardest part, and how do you manage it?
We’d be lying if we didn’t say that it is hard to say goodbye. We find consolation knowing that while we can’t keep them all, we can give a dog a safe place to transition to their new home and save them from the shelter.  This also buys other shelter dogs more time to find their forever home.

What would you say to someone who is considering fostering?
Go for it!!! If you have one dog… a second will be fun… and if you have two, you don’t notice any additional ones! Fostering is rewarding.  You’re saving a life and playing matchmaker at the same time. As an added bonus, you’ll get to meet and work with all of the outstanding volunteers who work with Nor Cal GSP Rescue… and then there’s the joy of seeing your former fosters on the holiday card and at the reunion!

Other thoughts?
Fostering is fun! If you’re thinking about it, just do it! NorCal GSP Rescue provides great support to its foster homes.  Don’t be afraid to “fail” or adopt your foster dog… because you can always make room for more!