General Volunteer

We always need volunteers! Volunteering does not have to mean a large time commitment. In fact, many of our volunteers donate an hour or two a month, when it fits into their schedule. A range of opportunities are available – take a look at some of the ideas listed below. If you only have a couple of hours to give each month or two, you might like to help with transport or a garage sale. Invite your family to volunteer with you! If you have more time to give, perhaps you’d like to become more involved in our ongoing functions.

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Check out our volunteers in action in our volunteer photo gallery!

Help with the dogs

  • visiting shelters to identify GSPs
  • transporting dogs
  • supervising dogs at public events
  • photographing foster dogs

Other activities to help the dogs

  • helping with a special fundraising activity
  • posting flyers
  • staffing outreach events
  • assisting with marketing and social networking
  • fundraising/grant writing
  • data entry

Did you know? Many larger employers offer volunteer grants! Does yours? Check with your human resources department to find out. A volunteer grant is when companies provide either a set monetary donation for every hour an employee volunteers, or provide a grant once the employee reaches a certain threshold. Make your volunteer hours count even more!

Info you will need: 

Full legal name: NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Inc
Mailing address: PO Box 933, Menlo Park, CA 94026
Contact: Barbara Gale, Treasurer
Tax ID: 26-0129307
Questions?  Contact us!


Please note: all activities involving dog management or handling are open to volunteers 18 and older only.

To become a volunteer, complete this application. Have questions or an idea for how you can help? Email us.

Want to do more? Consider becoming a foster home.

Not ready to sign up or only have a few minutes? You can still help by downloading and printing this NorCal GSP Rescue flyer and posting it on public announcement bulletin boards (eg: local dog parks, vet offices, coffee shops, libraries, smoothie shops & more).

No time at all? Consider making a donation to help the dogs.