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Welcome! You are here because you've volunteered to conduct a home visit for a prospective adopter or foster home, or you ARE a prospective adopter or foster home and have been asked to do a virtual home visit for your own home. Now what?

  1. Watch the video - it's less than 9 minutes long.
  2. Review the Home Visit Guidelines - they match the key points in the form below.
  3. Complete the online NorCal GSP Rescue Home Visit Form below - you can do it during the visit on your mobile device, or return here later to complete it.

NorCal GSP Rescue Home Visit Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Neighborhood

  • Get an overview of the neighborhood. Note any red flags: Is the residence on a busy street? Near a major highway? Are there dogs running loose?
  • Household

  • Talk with the household about whether they are prepared for life with a GSP.
  • Now or in the future.
  • Is everyone in the home on board? Is there any tension between household members?
  • Resident Pets

  • Note grooming, weight, if nails are trimmed, are they wearing ID tags, are they well-trained, etc.
  • Are they well-socialized?
  • If there are other pets in the home (cats, birds, hamsters, reptiles, etc) does the household have a plan to keep them safe from a GSP who might view them as prey?
  • Interior of Home

  • Check the inside of the home. Watch for and point out: Items that a GSP could easily destroy or break; Objects, plants, or chemicals including outdoor chemicals and fertilizers that could cause harm; Accessible open wastebaskets
  • Is that area safe and comfortable? If outside, is it protected from the elements with plenty of shade? Is there fresh water accessible?
  • Is the area free of drafts? Does the bedding appear clean and warm?
  • Examples: basement, garage, storage area(s).
  • Yard and Fence

  • Walk the perimeter and push on the fencing and gates to test. Point out any issues - loose boards, gaps, holes, places a dog could dig out or climb over. We can't stress enough how important this is. GSPs are fast and clever!
  • For example, wood, cinder block, chain link, etc.
    Select all that apply, take photos, and upload them below. These materials are NOT appropriate for our dogs.
  • Describe: Can any gates be locked (against children and thieves)? If the dog jumps against the gate, would it be possible for the dog to hit the latch and cause the gate to open? Note any special circumstances such as electric gates.
  • Describe the household's plan for containing the dog during these times.
  • Is it reasonably clean and well-kept? Is there adequate shade, shelter, and water?
  • Conclusions

  • Please list any recommendations you made to the household such as fence repairs, items that need to be moved, etc, so that we can follow up. You can also list any concerns you may have, no matter how minor.
  • Photos

  • Drop files here or
    VIRTUAL home visits - please upload a good representative sampling of photos of your home and yard. Include any areas of concern. IN-PERSON home visits - if you have identified areas of concern you may upload photos here. Examples might include fencing, gate, and yard concerns; interior hazards; or anything else you think we should see.
  • For Potential ADOPTERS

    These 2 questions are related to adoption applicants only.
  • Enter N/A if you are uncertain as to which dog the household is interested in adopting.
  • PUPPY Home Visit Info - for puppies under 6 months

    Please also complete this section ONLY if the home visit is for a foster or adoption applicant for a dog under 6 months old. Keep in mind the dog may be as small as 10 pounds. The main focus is on helping the household puppy proof during the home visit.
    A puppy can fit through a 4-inch opening, so this type of fencing is a huge no-no for puppies.
  • If the fencing is wrought iron or slat fencing that can not be puppy proofed, please indicate that here.
    Get down at puppy level and consider: books, magazines, newspapers, any wooden or leather objects, shoes, children's toys of all kinds, tissues, tv remotes, throw pillows. and so on
  • Drop files here or
    Please upload photos of anything concerning so we can follow up.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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