Jeanne – Our Foster Dog

Jeanne is a very sweet 6-8 year old GSP girl. She’s affectionate and seems truly grateful to be in a home where she gets some love and attention. Jeanne is house and crate trained and asks to go outside when she needs to. She loves going on walks and riding in the car with the windows down and playing with her ball. When she sees other dogs (at least 6 feet away) her tail wags and she acts like she’d love to play with every dog she sees. Jeanne would also like to greet every human she sees, hopefully one day soon she’ll be able to! Sweet Jeanne has shown some weakness in her hindquarters, but she hasn’t let it stop her from thoroughly enjoying 4 to 5 mile daily walks. Jeanne aims to please and is very easy to love.

Status: Available Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Adoption $: 255
Weight: 65 pounds Age: 6-8 years Kids: 6 and up
Other dogs: Appears to be good with other dogs Cats: Unknown Hunting: Unknown

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At 8 years old, Jeanne was in need of some major TLC when she arrived in rescue. After giving her some time to settle in, she went in for a full work-up at the vet. This included x-rays to assess her hind-end weakness, pain meds to make her more comfortable, a dental cleaning and extraction of an infected tooth, and the removal of an eyelid mass. Hopefully Jeanne is feeling much better after getting all her needs taken care of! The cost of her medical care to date is $2,360.
Please consider donating to her medical fund!

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Deno GSP
Karen & Mike K.
Marie G.
Heather & Matt H.
Dalia W. & Darren R.
Julie & Lee S.
Dana W. with love from Sofia
Lara S.
Marlyn & David H.

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