PUPPIES – Referral Posting – Angels Camp, CA

GSP/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix puppies

The background:
This summer a nice family adopted a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Sage from some young men who could not keep her. A few weeks later they noticed she was getting fat and asked the vet to investigate. It turned out she was pregnant and rather far along. The young men fessed up – their male GSP and Sage had gotten friendly one night. The family loves Sage dearly and decided to see her through the pregnancy and ensure her pups get placed in loving homes. They’ve spent the last few months helping her raise these adorable pups and reached out to us to help them place these Chessie/GSP mixes!

The details:
All pups will be spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date on puppy vaccinations. Rehoming fee is $400 with $100 donated to NorCal GSP Rescue. Only one puppy per adopting home in order to avoid littermate syndrome and spread the puppy love!

There are 4 male and 5 female pups available. They are 12 weeks old as of October 4, and appear to all have chocolate coats – some with chest patches, others solid – physique varies by the pup as well as smooth vs rough coat. History of hunting lineage for the dogs is not known, however they all love the small kid pool and are very interested in birds. A short bio has been provided for each pup – if you are interested in a specific pup please note that in your application.

The process:
Interested families are invited to complete our adoption application. Qualified applicants will be forwarded to the family. Applications will continue to be reviewed until all the puppies are matched with adoptive families. Due to the high level of interest, please do not call or email us regarding the puppies. Only online applications will be considered.  If you wish to be considered for any of our current or future foster dogs in addition to the puppies, please make note of this when applying. This way, if you don’t move on in the adoption process for the puppies, you will still be contacted by the adoption team.

Meet the pups:

Pup #1 – Male, rougher coat
Wow, we are figuring he will be one big dog.  He has spent the most one on one time with us, given he had an abscess on his foot believed to be from a wasp bite.  He was taken to the vet, treated and is fine.  Pup #1 has boundless energy until it is nap time, then he is the best cuddler… His family should be prepared for a very large couch cuddler.  He loves water and will lounge in a kid pool, large water bowl or use his paws to get himself wet.  He is also a climber…(i.e. Couch, to table behind couch, to filing cabinet) Very smart but also trouble!



Pup #2 – Female, smooth coat
I think my daughter described this pup the best when she said Pup #2 is like apple pie.  She is spunky and gives you a warm feeling.  She will get up and play, but just really wants to be a buddy.




Pup # 3 – Female, coat
Pup #3 is also just a sweetheart. She is happy to hang with the chew toys as well as just hang out and watch TV.  She occasionally needs some reassurance that the big world outside the kennel and run are safe, but then she is off.




Pup #4 – Female, coat
She has a great personality.  She is compact and pictures don’t do her justice.  Pup #4 holds her own, she is the one with the “attitude” nothing holds her back.  YOU will need a kennel and a run worthy of a goat.  She is the first one to discover any holes (we made a temporary run) and now I think she has just made a game out of escape.  She does give herself away quickly however.  Most of the birds that have been long time residence around our home have been evicted by Sage (mom) and the few that wander into territory Pup #4 makes sure to find.  She is mellow in the house and she will come to happily come to you.  Pup #4 could make a great working or agility dog!


Pup #5 – Male, smooth coat
He is just a meltable love.  He has plenty of get up and go and will play fetch.  He is also a water baby.  He is the smallest of the males.




Pup #6 – Female, coat
If we have an apple pie…then Pup #6 is Cherry.  She is super sweet and mellow.  However, she also wants to have a party with all her best friends whenever possible! Sometimes tries to be an escape artist and will need friends and stimulation to keep her satisfied!




Pup #8 – Female, coat
Pup #8 is just a love joy.  She loves to sit in your lap and watch TV with you and if you have a carrot that is even better.  She is also a water lover…she likes the splash.




Pup #9 – Male, rough coat
We call #9 beefsteak…he is big and lumbersome and you are his favorite toy.  He is the brother that doesn’t understand when everyone has had enough, therefore his siblings have to put him in order alot.  He is also a persistant bugger when it comes to playing – ball or tug of war! He’ll keep going! He loves to play and give big kisses.




Pup #10 – Male, smooth coat
I have arrived the party can begin.  Pup #10 is built like an English Pointer, compact.  When he gets out to run around with us he is brave and adventurous.  In the house he wants to play and be loved on equally.



Rehoming fee of $400

Location:  Angels Camp, CA

This listing is a referral or courtesy for other rescue organizations or families needing to find their dog a new home.