Rally’s Road Trip

Rally is embarking on a trip down the California Coast, and he hopes everyone will follow along on his adventure! Did we mention how much Rally LOVES car rides?

More info on Rally: http://norcalgsprescue.org/rally-our-foster-dog/

Day 1

Rally traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area down the coast to Santa Barbara. What a great time he had! Along with getting to add quite a few locations to his GSP-GPS navigation system, he also had a lovely outdoor lunch and got to meet several members of his fan club who thought he was a very handsome boy, and then had a close call with a rattlesnake (sign). After such a busy day, he was happy to check into his hotel room and settle down for the night. After all, he needs lots of rest of day 2!

Day 2

Well hellooooo Santa Barbara! Rally began his day on the coast like he usually does – with a one-hour “pawer” walk. He did some critter-hunting on his walk and then it was time to get back in the car – pretty much Rally’s favorite place in the world. After a few stops along the way, Rally finally reached his destination! He received a very warm welcome at the hotel in Coronado, complete with doggy treats! Another exciting day for Mr. Rally!

Day 3

Rally has a jam-packed day of fun in Coronado. He struts his stuff and strikes a pose outside the historic Hotel Del Coronado which has hosted numerous presidents, movie stars, and sports celebrities over the past 100 years & was where the movie “Some Like It Hot” (with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon) was filmed. Rally says, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!” He then encounters yet another fan, this time a Naval Aviator! He’s still keeping a lookout for some seals – Navy SEALS! Before he turns in for the night, he enjoys a beautiful sunset over Imperial Beach. Not a bad day for a traveling pooch!

Day 4

Could it be possible that day 4 of Rally’s Road Trip has been the best yet? The sun is shining on San Diego – all the better to do some pigeon-stalking! Rally proved today that he’s not only a great cafe dog, he’s also a cantina dog. He’d like his virgin margarita on the rocks, please!

Day 5

Rally had a grand ol’ time on his fifth day on the San Diego coast! But it’s not all play and no work – Rally has been working on his training while he’s been on vacation, too. He’s learning to wait at the curb before crossing the street, and continuing his loose-leash training. Not only is he handsome, he’s well-behaved!

Day 6

It’s the final day of Rally’s Road Trip! Rally says goodbye to his favorite breakfast spot and the beach and then climbs back into the car for a long ride home.