Guardian Angel Donors – We need YOU!!!

donate27042015-09-600pxYou helped us help those GSPs at death’s door in shelters. The older dogs that no one else wanted. The GSPs needing surgery and rehabilitation that others had given up on. Now you can do even more. Become a Guardian Angel! With your recurring monthly donation, you will ensure that funds are available year-round to take care of our foster GSPs. Just $10 per month provides flea & tick preventative for two dogs. $25 a month provides heartworm preventative for ten dogs. $100 a month means we can provide life-saving surgeries.

Give the gift of a second chance to a deserving GSP! Go to our Guardian Angel page and choose your amount, or read about more payment options.


Donate right now!


Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated and will go toward costs involved in caring for rescued GSPs. No amount is too large or too small. Donate today and feel the joy!



You can also donate easily from your Phone using the PayPal app! Just use the send screen to send to

Send money via Text Message or SMS!
Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL) – specify the amount and our email address
Here’s an example: send 50 to

If you prefer, you can Print and Mail Your Donation: Donation form

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; all donations are fully tax-deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID number is 26-0129307. Please let us know if you wish your donation to be anonymous. Need help or have questions? Email us. As always, thank you for your continued support!

How does your donation help?

Here are some of the ways your donations benefit GSPs in our care:

$5 = Five days of pain medication
$10 = Flea treatment for 2 dogs
$25 = Seizure medication for 4 months
$50 = Vet visit or heartworm test
$100 = Vaccinations for 4 dogs
$150 = Dog food for 3 months
$250 = Spay & pain meds
$500 = Dental cleaning
$1000 = Emergency vet visit
$5000 = Orthopedic surgery (knees, hips, spine, shoulders)
$50000 = Funds vet costs for a year

Vet care costs continue to rise. We don’t turn a dog away simply because s/he is older or requires extensive medical care. Your donation does make a difference.

Company Matching and Volunteer Grants – Making Your Gift Do More

Double doggie dollars color iconBe sure to check what your employer offers. With just a few minutes of your time, you can make sure your gift goes even farther! A company match is when companies provide funds to match an employee’s donation. Ratios are most often 1:1 but can be higher. Some companies have minimum and maximum matches per calendar year. Retirees and spouses may be eligible as well. Couples with different employers may be eligible for a match from each employer. A volunteer grant is when companies provide either a set monetary donation for every hour an employee volunteers, or provide a grant once the employee reaches a certain threshold. Make your volunteer hours count even more!

Some employers will contribute to a non-profit organization on your behalf once you designate the cause, or make a charity donation in honor of your service or leadership.

In some instances, we are asked to verify your donation or hours via an online portal. Occasionally, the employer will send a form to us. This form/request can be sent to:

NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Inc
PO Box 933
Menlo Park, CA 94026

Our Tax ID is 26-0129307

If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

We have received matching contributions or employee payroll deductions from the following companies:

Adobe, Altria/PhilipMorrisUSA, Ameriprise Financial, Big Heart Pet Brands, Blue Shield Cares, Bechtel, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dealey Renton & Associates, Esurance, Gap, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GE, Genentech, Global Impact, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Safeco, SanDisk, SMART, SVB, TRUIST, UBS, UPS, UWBA, and Verizon Foundation. Oh, and a couple of technology giants we are not allowed to mention by name!

Employee Giving

Many employers offer convenient payroll deduction to make your giving easy. Check with your HR department to sign up.

United Way – Did you know? United Way allows you to designate any non-profit (that’s us!) to receive your United Way contribution, via payroll deduction or a single amount. Check with your local United Way!

our-promise_logo-rgbCalifornia State Employees – you are eligible to donate via payroll deduction as part of the Our Promise: California State Giving at Work Initiative, our code is 25893.

(formerly known as CSECC)


CFC_2ApprovedCharity_2CFederal Employees – We have been approved for the Combined Federal Campaign! Look for information from your human resources department each fall. Options include payroll deductions or one-time gifts.

Our code is 32656.

We are listed by our full name:

NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue

Tribute Giving

Tribute Giving provides a special way to reach out to family and friends in a meaningful way while providing support for NorCal GSP Rescue’s dogs. When your Tribute Gift is received, we will send a card to the person you designate, in your name. The amount of the gift is not mentioned.

Memorial gifts allow you to celebrate the memory of those special individuals in your life. It’s a way to honor those who cared so deeply about animals during their lives. You can also commemorate the life of a beloved companion animal.

Honor gifts are special gifts to make in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. They celebrate the special people and animals in our lives.

Be sure to visit our Tribute Giving page for more information and to view Tributes. We can also work with you to set up a special tribute fund for a memorial, wedding, or other occasion – simply contact us.

Sponsor a GSP

Maybe you aren’t in a position to adopt right now. Do the next best thing and sponsor a foster or Forever Foster GSP! You’ll be acknowledged as that dog’s sponsor, and you’ll be making sure that GSP is well cared for. You can sponsor more than one GSP, and each GSP can have more than one sponsor. Available for both one-time and Guardian Angel recurring sponsorships.

Read more about our Sponsorship Program and consider making a sponsorship donation now.

Credit Card Rewards Points

Many credit cards companies offer the option of donating your reward points to charities like us! Check your provider’s web site for details. For example, Capital One offers the No Hassles Reward site, where you log into your account and redeem your reward points on behalf of NorCal GSP Rescue. Thank you!

Donor Advised Funds – learn more

Transport Fund

Dogs often face tight deadlines for getting out of the shelter and into our foster care program. Your donation to our Transport Fund helps make sure money for gas is available for those who have the time to drive but can’t afford it.

Fido Feeders Fund

Contributions to our Fido Feeders Fund are gratefully accepted. This Fund is used exclusively to assist those foster homes undergoing financial hardship due to job loss or otherwise limited income, and provides monthly dog food assistance for their foster dog(s). Our foster families normally donate the cost of feeding their foster dog(s). But in these trying economic times, we have foster families who are out of work or are having trouble making ends meet. They are happy to continue to provide a loving foster home for one or more foster dogs but are struggling with the cost of dog food. Cash contributions, pet store gift cards, or Costco gift certificates are welcomed – please specify Fido Feeders Fund. Donate by PayPal or check.

Planned Giving

Create your legacy of generosity today. Read more about Planned Giving, and how to make a gift to NorCal GSP Rescue through your will, trust, or another legacy plan.

Great Senior Pooch Fund

Help our Grammie and Grampie GSPs!  We need people like you who have a soft spot for the oldies, who want to help older GSPs live out their days in comfort and see to it they get the medical care they deserve. Their lives may not have been that great, but gosh darn, the rest of their lives will be! Too often, older dogs are dumped at the shelter for reasons like “can’t hunt” or “too old” or “sick.” These dogs may remain in foster care much longer than younger dogs, and have more (expensive) needs – such as medical care, medications, surgeries. Sometimes they remain in our foster program the rest of their lives. We want to provide them with the best of care. To do that, we need money. Yes, your money. Won’t you feel good knowing you made a difference? While others were helping cute little puppies, you reached out to make a senior dog’s life worth living? That your donation provided much needed medication or labwork or surgery? Contribute today to our Great Senior Pooch fund! Donate by PayPal or check.

My Mutt Program

All over northern California, we are lucky to have over 40 Pet Food Express stores – locally owned and operated.

PFE has created the My Mutt program to celebrate rescue and adoption. The My Mutt program supports rescue groups by creating professionally photographed posters of your beloved GSP. These amazing posters can be seen hanging in all of the stores, celebrating the dog and the rescue group which received a financial donation of $250 or more.

Anyone who donates $250 or more to NorCal GSP Rescue in the calendar year is eligible to participate (amount excludes adoption donations), and their poster will be displayed for 6 months. Let’s have our GSPs displayed proudly! For donations of $500 or more, your GSP’s image will be up for 12 months!

To get your GSP photographed and displayed at a PFE location, submit your dog online today!

All funds raised will be used to benefit our programs and animals; if a particular need has been met, any funds above and beyond will be used to help other dogs in need.
We use PayPal for online donation transactions because it is the most cost-effective system for an organization of our size.

Give us Goodies! 

Not everyone is comfortable with or able to make cash donations.  Here are some non-cash ideas.

Give a gift certificate to help us pay for our dogs’ medications! Send certificates to PO Box 933, Menlo Park, CA 94026.

Kuranda Beds

Enjoy giving a foster dog the gift of a comfortable bed!  These beds are durable, chew proof and easy to clean.

Donate a Thundershirt!Send us a Thundershirt!  

We are in need of three Thundershirts for foster dogs who need the calming, constant pressure that the Thundershirt gives.  We need two in size L and one in size XL, and prefer the heather gray color.

Pre-Paid Gas Cards

Donate prepaid gas cards from Chevron, Arco, Shell, Mobil, Exxon, etc! Help us fund those last minute transports where gas can make all the difference!

Send cards to PO Box 933, Menlo Park, CA 94026.

Pet store gift cards!

We are in need of pet store gift cards to help us purchase the supplies we need for our foster dogs, and as part of our Fido Feeders Fund (providing dog food to foster homes who have lost their jobs or are on limited incomes). Gift cards be purchased from many places like Petco, PetsMart, PetFoodExpress.

Send certificates to PO Box 933, Menlo Park, CA 94026.

Don’t have much money but want to help?

We need:

  • Stamps (any and all) to mail dog supplies and medications to our foster homes
  • Dog toys
  • Chew toys
  • Kongs
  • Treats for training
  • Collars (1″ size medium preferred, quick-release snap buckle)
  • Leashes
  • Crates (XL, large)
  • Flea/tick treatments such as Frontline Plus

Have usable stuff you don’t need anymore?

We’ve got two options to put your stuff to work!

  • Host a fundraising garage sale and donate the proceeds!  Contact our Fundraising Coordinator for tips to make it easy-peasy, fun, and successful!
  • Got stuff that’s a bit too nice for a garage sale?  Donate it for our eBay sales!  We can either list it for you and manage the sale (you would ship it to the buyer), or get it from you and take care of the whole deal.  Contact our eBay Sales Manager to make arrangements.

Check out our Shop to Help Us page for other ways you can help. And don’t forget our Free Ways to Help!