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With your monthly Guardian Angel donation, you'll feel good every day knowing you are making a difference. It's easier on your budget and you'll get two special newsletters a year giving you the inside track. It also helps us plan better since foster dogs have needs all year long. 

Your recurring gift of:

$25/month – just $6 per week – provides the vaccinations a rescued GSP needs
$50/month provides a vet visit for a lucky dog
$100/month provides pain meds & joint supplements for a senior GSP
Your amount select a figure that's meaningful to you 

Please give a helping hand to dogs in need. They are counting on you!

More ways to become a Guardian Angel:

  • Use your bank's online banking or bill pay system - send to NorCal GSP Rescue, PO Box 933, Menlo Park, CA 94026, and note Guardian Angel in the memo/account field. Or sign up through your employer's workplace giving program.
  • Use Facebook's recurring donation option (no fees for you or us).
  • Use our dedicated page on Network for Good.
  • Low tech? Mark your calendar and mail us a check each month yourself!

Give the gift of a second chance to a deserving GSP! 

Our Guardian Angels

Become a part of this very special club and provide life-saving care to GSPs in need!

Huge thanks to:

Guardian Angels

Anonymous (multiple)
Catherine Acly & Mac MacNaughton
Daniel Aleman
Greer Alley
Steve Ameral
Sandy & Roy Amundson
Marilyn Anderson & Sam Grader
Susan Andre & Mark Sawyer
Angie & Bob Anthony
Barbara Bauer
Brad Beals
Jessie Bremer
Anna Burkholder
Carolita Carr - in memory of my late husband, Jim Carr
Jane Cavanaugh - in loving memory of sweet Savannah, my best GSP friend for 18 years
Julie Childs
Heather Choi
Stephanie Cooper
Diane & Jim Coward - with Bandit and Zinga
Anna Dager
Chesere Daniels
Erica Day
Claire & Art DeCamp
Nyki DiVecchio
Wesley Dong
Jessica Dunton
Jessie Eldridge
Claire Erskine
Mara Feeney
Jonathan Fong
Heather Forshey
Eddy & Lisa Francisco in memory of Luke
Albert Fu & Julie Tokunaga
Barbara Gale
Kim Gillilan - In memory of Fred and our two GSPs Buddy & Spot
Marie Glynn
Joann & Mike Gravely
Joy Guidera
Natalie Gutierrez & Jim James
Kimberly Haas
Aaron Hagadorn
Suzanne & George Haley
Suzanne Hansen
David & Marlyn Hardesty
Eric & Alexia Heckers
Andrew Hill
Susan & Donald Hill
John Holmes
Lola Hupp-Wilkins
Wendy Jacobson
Sheri Jacobszoon - in memory of Louis (aka Elmer)
Chris Kafitz
Scott & Patti Jo Keniston
Gina Klomp
Bart Koop - in loving memory of my girls Freyja and Gretel
Patricia & Tom Kuehl
Cheng Lam
Lesley & Brian Lamb
Kelly Lawrence & Christi Woodwards
Patti Lehman
Kai & Jeff Lindland
Andrea & Jim Lipowski
Jeannie Lyle

Lisa Manning
Tracie Martin
Laura & Brett Mayhew
Paula & Ray Mays
Jean McCue
Nick Melo
Nicole Mezo in memory of Duke
Andrew Miller
Heidi Munzinger
Steve Muto
Eric Nagel
Lory Nagel
Janet Nori
Erin & Tim Olsen
Cathy Olson
Eileen Parkinson
Kimberlee Pericoli
Kathryn Peterson in memory of Gabby
Paula Plackemeier
Sarah Poe
Michele Pogue
Ken Murray & Rebecca Radtke in memory of our beloved Blue, who left us far too soon. Blue Dog is forever in our hearts.
Ron Kirgan & Dee Ramirez
Chrissy & Paul Rojas
Vicki & Bruce Rosenthal
Lisa Rowe
Denise & Mike Sanders
Janelle & Doug Schneider in loving memory of GSPs Otto, Ilse, & alum Liesel, and in honor of alums Gerde & Oskar
Jules Schoolmeester
John & Rhonda Schulke in loving memory of Franz
David Carnell & Carissa Schumacher
Colleen Seal
Cathy Sebala
Mark & Jenn Sheffield
TJ Shively
John Shott in honor of Zoe & Heidi Munzinger
Jacquie Siemens
Sue Simon & James Cribb - Sonoma Dog Camp
Regina Sommers in memory of Parker
Lynn Sosa
Eric Melerski & June Soto
Melisa Stefas
Dajanae Stitts
Nancy Strickland
Trisha Struck
The Tan Family, in gratitude for Benson and in loving memory of alums Cyrus, Leroy, and Flo.
Jeralyn Terry
Bryn & Scott Thenell
Scott Tuma
Catherine Tumility
Gabrielle Vitale
Lindsay Volle
Dana Walker
Michelle Walker
Mark & Cari Walling
Cheryl Warner
Jeff Warner
Audrey Watson
Chuck & Josh Weber
Andrea Wheeler
Nannette Wilkinson
Anna & Kenneth Zankel
Tracy Zhou

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