Tribute Giving

Giving a Tribute

Tribute Giving provides a meaningful way to reach out to family and friends while providing support for NorCal GSP Rescue’s dogs. When your Tribute Gift is received, we will send a card or email to the person you designate, in your name. The amount of the gift is not mentioned. Memorial gifts allow you to celebrate the memory of those special individuals in your life. It’s a way to honor those who cared so deeply about animals during their lives. You can also commemorate the life of a beloved companion animal. Honor gifts are available to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, adoption days, or any special occasions. They celebrate the important people and animals in our lives.

How to make a Tribute donation

Use the comment field inside PayPal to send us relevant information about your tribute gift, or contact us.

You can also Print and Mail Your Donation

If you would like to set up a special tribute fund for a memorial or wedding or other occasion, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Tribute In memory of Thomas Justin Hardesty, donated by David Gregson
Tribute In memory of Thomas Justin Hardesty, donated by Barry Santero
Tribute In memory of our good friend and neighbor, Jerry Adams. Jerry would have been 86 today. Jerry was always willing to help us GSPs and we are grateful for all he did to help us. Love Deno.
Tribute In memory of Sadie & Cody – fur babies of Dean Powers. Donated by Marjory Engen
Tribute In fond memory of Laura Hansen, donated by Susan Smith
Tribute EddieIn memory of Eddie, my WWW. Love MMM
Tribute In memory of Kaia, a good friend’s GSP, donated by Marie Glynn
Tribute In memory of Layla, the happiest little girl. Love, M
Tribute In loving memory of David Igou. Donated by Patrice Prentice, Angela Webb.
Tribute In memory of Suzie. I miss my little girl. MMM
Tribute EddieIn loving memory of Eddie on his birthday, donated by MMM.
Tribute In memory of Koda, Ellie and Sawyer, best dogs ever. And for tomorrow big day of giving. Donated by Paula Mays
Tribute In memory of Savanna, donated by MMM.
Tribute In remembrance of Leah, donated by Mike McCoy.
gift_icon Donated by Laurence R with thanks for all that Sally W does.
Tribute From Louise, in memory of her loving sister Thelma.
Tribute EddieIn loving memory of Eddie, my WWW. Love MMM.
Tribute In memory of “Remarkable Remy,” from his secret admirer.
Tribute In memory of sweet boy Ace. MMM
gift_icon In honor of Barbara Gale, whose commitment to the animals is truly inspiring. Donated by Megan Conn.
Tribute In memory of Tui, donated by Maggie and Laurie S.
gift_icon Congratulations Randy and Sarah!!! You guys are the best, and I’m glad you found each other. Love, Grace
gift_icon Congratulations Sarah & Randy!! So happy we could be with you on this special, memorable day!! Lots of love!! ❤ – Hannah Pillow
gift_icon For Sarah and Randy :) You two are the perfect match!! Happy wedding sweet friends!! XOXO – Tim, Stacey, Will and Max
Tribute In memory of Buckley and Midge, donated by Pets Eternal Rest.
Tribute In memory of my friends Eddie, Sadie, Case, Annie (aka Vera), Rock (aka Jed), Dottie, Cyrus, Max, Rosie, Lassen, Addie, Lorelei, Courtney, Rogue, & James Von Miller. Love Suzie.
Tribute In memory of Katy & Rob’s dog Kit, donated by the Offices of Ned Fussell & Dennis Hunter.
Tribute Donated by Patty Linder in memory of Miles (formerly Andretti).
Tribute EddieIn loving memory of Eddie on his birthday, donated by MMM.
gift_icon In honor of Sara Alexander’s birthday! Donated by Tracy Landauer.
Tribute In Memory of my lovely BayLee. Donated by Sherry Miller.
Tribute In memory of sweet BayLee with kindest thoughts and support to Sherry Miller. Donated by Cheryl McMillan.
gift_icon In honor of Hank and the people that adopted him, from Sarah McAuliff.
Tribute In Memory of our Duke. We miss our soul pup everyday. Donated by Leigh and Paul.
gift_icon In honor of my darling niece Julie Lupkin. Donated by Aunt Beverly.
gift_icon In honor of the Bermudez family – Merry Christmas! Donated by Miguel Solis.
gift_icon In honor of Julie Lupkin and her service to many fur babies! Donated by Aunt Sandy.
Tribute Donated by Suzie GSP in memory of Corkie (fka Courtney).
Tribute Donated by Karen and Casey in memory of Maya DiVecchio – passed away December 1, 2017. She came to Nyki as a foster girl in 2004 and soon after Nyki knew that she was forever hers. She was the sweetest dog and the bond between Maya and Nyki was extraordinary. Run free Maya – you will always be the champion of the Donner Summit World Cup Soccer Tournament. Run with Joe and Sully and Ruby and Daisy Mae. We will all miss you – Maya Papaya, Princess Pie
Tribute In memory of our babies that have crossed over the rainbow bridge – donated by Kristi Dude.
Tribute Donated by Dave Epstein in memory of Gemma.
Tribute Donated by Suzie GSP in memory of Lorelei.
Tribute In memory of Arnie, I pray you found a better life. Donated by Patricia Stuart.
Tribute In memory of James Von Miller, from Suzie GSP.
Tribute In memory of Jay on behalf of the Rojas pack, donated by Tonya Walter.
Tribute In memory of Jay, donated by Joanne Ladolcetta.
Tribute In Memory of our beloved GSP Jay, donated by Chrissy and Paul Rojas.
Tribute In loving memory of Jay, from his son, Kimo.
Tribute In memory of Samson Disco Kalapuya, donated by Kimmy Carter.
gift_icon In honor of Carol and Michael Graham and their GSPs — with gratitude Alphie, Albert, Julie, & Natalie.
Tribute Donated in loving memory of Woody, who was loved unconditionally by Bill, Brian & Annie. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. Love, Aaron, Michele & Kuma.
Tribute Donated in memory of Izzy, for Matt and Camille, by Jennifer Price.
Tribute This is in memory of Rocko our GSP we adopted from Lake Tahoe in 2003. He was in a kill shelter and had been found wandering the desert. I drove down from Vancouver, BC and he lived a long and happy like hiking and chasing squirrels. He was the light of our lives. Donated by Barbara C.
Tribute In memory of Max, my food hunting buddy. You were so amazing! You could not see, yet you saw a lot. I’ll be thinking about you always. Love, Suzie
Tribute EddieIn loving memory of Eddie on his birthday, donated by MMM.
Tribute Catherine T, Rory and Skye want to honor Porsche their French Bulldog friend who passed to Rainbow Bridge April 2017.
gift_icon Thank you Wendy Hilton for all you do and have done to help dogs! Donated by Margaret Daul.
Tribute In memory of Rocco and in tribute to his wonderful foster family Charlotte and Al. Donated by Cheryl Warner.
Tribute In memory of Clark. My Granddog was such a great dog and I will miss him and Lois! Much love. Donated by Karla Morris.
Tribute Donated by Rebecca Heller in memory of Clark.
Tribute Donated in memory of Clark. We’ll miss Clark – Greg and Christy.
Tribute In memory of Clark, donated by Scott McIntyre.
Tribute Donated by Suzie GSP, in memory of Clark.
Tribute Donated in memory of Dan Cordle, from Carolita Carr.
Tribute For Sally Webb, in memory of Dottie, donated by Chris Kafitz.
Tribute In memory of Clark who was loved by Cheryl Warner and Chris Whitney, donated by Janie Schryer.
Tribute In memory of my best friend, Dottie. I miss your smile every day. Love, Suzie
gift_icon Donated in honor of the Bermudez family – Merry Christmas! by Miguel Solis.
Tribute EddieIn loving memory of Eddie, donated by MMM.
gift_icon Donated in honor of Julie Lupkin with love for the dogs, from Aunt Beverly.
Tribute In memory of “Callie” and “Aly,” to honor them and let their memory live on by helping a GSP in need.  Donated by Pets Eternal Rest.
gift_icon Donated in honor of Julie Lupkin for the holidays, from Aunt Sandy.
gift_icon Donated in honor of Buckley, adopted into the family 4/30/16 by Corinne Hayhurst.
gift_icon Donated by Vivian Lock in honor of the marriage of Jennifer Anthony and Srini Neel Karamadai.
Tribute In memory of Dakota & Roscoe Pico Train, donated by Scott & Amber Cornelius.
Tribute Donated in memory of Bosley (formerly known as Boy Scout), from Bill & Sylvia Hamilton.
Tribute In memory of Lois, donated by Alice Martineau, to be used wherever it is needed most to help the dogs.
gift_icon Many, many thanks to Sally Webb. She not only house-sat with my Bauschan for the week I was in hospital, but took care of the house (she does not do windows, though!!!). She is truly a great friend and I don’t know what I would have done without her. Her own GSP, Dada, kept all three good company, too. Thank you again, Sally. Donated by Chris Kafitz in honor of Sally.
Tribute In memory of “Abby,” to honor her and let her memory live on by helping a GSP in need.  Donated by Pets Eternal Rest.
gift_icon With love and gratitude to NorCal GSP Rescue & foster mom, Dalia Wood, our donation to help other GSPs.  From Albert Fu and Julie Tokunaga.
Tribute In memoriam – Lily Storer. Donated by Van and Darcy.
Tribute For Christine Graham, in memory of Riley, donated by Dominic DeGuilio.
Tribute koa-gsp-in-memoriam-fka-TristanIn memory of Koa (rescue name Tristan), donated by Jeanette Murphy.
Tribute Eddievera memorial webIn memory of Eddie on his birthday, and Annie (aka Vera). Donated by GSP Suzie.
Tribute A generous donation has been made by Cheryl Warner, in memory of Minnie and in honor of her foster home Sue and Robert.
Tribute In memory of Otto, GSP. Donated by Marty Mackowski.
Tribute Otis-VogtIn loving memory of our Otis. We lost you way too soon sweet boy. You’ve left footprints on our hearts. Donated by Danielle & Rob Vogt.
Tribute A donation has been made in memory in loving memory of AJ Nilsson, by Joe Cortez.
Tribute In memory of Jim, donated by Carolita Carr.
Tribute In memory of the sweetest girl I’ve ever known – Penny. Donated by Don Spicer.
Tribute In loving memory of Mo. Donated by Giovanna Schenini and Karen Hallstein.
Tribute Remembering Lucy, most loved companion to Nancy and Lisa. Donated by Stephanie Dabney.
Tribute Donated in honor of our GSP who we lost a week ago at the age of 15+. His name was Romeo and he was amazing. Agnes and Scott McKinlay.
Tribute CaseIn memory of my lizard hunting buddy, Case. Love Suzie
gift_icon In honor of Robert Chinn this holiday season from Bryant and Jeanette.
gift_icon This donation is made in gratitude to Dalia Wood for keeping our GSP Alphie happy and safe while we are out of town. Albert F & Julie T.
gift_icon In Memory of Fred and our wonderful shorthairs Buddy, Spot, and in honor of my current shorthair Coco and my foster pups Missy, Cassy and Brady! Donated by Kim Gillilan.
gift_icon With love in the name of my dear niece Julie Lupkin. Donated by Aunt Beverly.
Tribute In memory of Otis, Sadie, Annie (aka Vera), Rock (aka Jed), Cyrus, and Eddie (my Whole Wide World). MMM

Tribute In loving memory of Shotgun: Michele’s rambunctious and faithful companion and best friend to a GSP. Fondly, Lauren & Richard.
gift_icon Congratulations Sally! You took extra special care to help Vixen become the wonderful dog she has become in the past year. And now found the forever home she deserves. You are truly a really really great foster mother. Kudos to you. Donated by Chris Kafitz.
gift_icon In honor of Renuka Kumar, Craig Blok, Alana Blok, and Patch. Donated by Ninh Chung.
gift_icon In honor of Julie Lupkin and her continued love and care for our devoted furry friends. Donated by Aunt Sandy.
gift_icon In honor of Doug & Janelle Schneider and the dogs they have loved and cared for. Donated by Sally Webb.
Tribute In loving memory of Faye E. Kline, a true animal lover, from California Family.
Tribute In memory of Sharon Osthimer.
Tribute In memory of Fred Gillilan and our two shorthairs Buddy and Spot. Donated by Kim Gillilan.
gift_icon In honor of her “birthday,” GSP Skye (aka the princess) has sent a generous present to help the oldies at NorCal GSP Rescue. She’d like it use to help a senior in need – medical expenses, etc. Donated by her human mom Catherine.
Tribute Achilles-tribute-2015In memory of our beloved Achilles, who died last Wednesday at age 10. He brought such joy to us for 8.5 years and we were heartened (though not surprised) at the outpouring of support and condolences from all of our friends and family who knew him. Donated by the Kho Family.
gift_icon In honor of Eddy Francisco and his family to thank them for being wonderful to Dottie – she is one lucky girl to share their affection. Donated by Sally Webb.
gift_icon In honor of Cheryl Warner’s birthday, donated by her brother Jeff.
Tribute In memory of the Mother: she looked after the pets in her neighborhood and periodically filled her station wagon with food for the animal shelter. Donated by Charlotte.
Tribute In memory of Phoebe Brashear. OTF celebrity, beach runner, mountain climber, yogurt eater, Queen Phoebe showed all how to enjoy every minute of life. Donated by Coby & Jeff Richter.
Tribute Donated in honor of “Cowboy” by Pets Eternal Rest – may his memory live on by helping to care for a German Shorthaired Pointer in need.
Tribute In memory of Tia and in honor of her dog mom Vicki. Her time was too short with Vicki and family, but it’s wonderful that she knew so much love for that final year. From Cheryl and the NorCal GSP Rescue team.
Tribute In memory of Chance and in honor of his dog mom Janie. May this donation give another needy dog a chance at the wonderful life he had. From Cheryl and the NorCal GSP Rescue team.
Tribute Oshie’s bright and happy personality brought joy to all who met and loved him. Please know that in memory of his beautiful life we have made a donation to help other Shortypies find wonderful homes to live in, just like he did: wonderfully. Thank you for sharing his life with us. We will miss him. Our deepest sympathies, Tim and Erin Olsen
gift_icon Sadie-tributeThank you Carol and Derek Potter who adopted sweet Sadie and she has the best home ever!
Chris Kafitz & Bauchan
Tribute In loving memory of my GSP Lulu (who you all called Shorty), who passed away last week. From Alan Green.
gift_icon In honor of Cooper fka Benny’s birthday! From Rebecca and friends.
gift_icon An anonymous donor would like to thank the volunteers for all their hard work!
gift_icon Thank you to NorCal GSP & the Nast family for helping find a forever home for Emily!
Tribute In memory of Rhett, to help the oldies. From Catherine Tumilty and Skye.
gift_icon In honor of Claire and Art for all the things they do for dogs in need.  From Cheryl Warner.
gift_icon Zinga-tribute-2015Bandit-tribute-2015From Craig Carlson, in honor of Bandit and Zinga!
Tribute Donated by Denise Salles in honor of all the dogs that are now golden memories.
gift_icon In honor of Dalia Wood, from Albert Fu and Julie Tokunaga.
Tribute In loving memory of Hollywood “Luke” who is always with me.  Eddy Francisco
Tribute Belle - memorial tributeDonated in memory of Belle Van Popering by Tina Tuma, on the one year anniversary of her passing.
gift_icon For Julie Lupkin from Aunt Beverly.
gift_icon In honor of Julie Lupkin’s continued support of dog rescue from Aunt Sandy.
Tribute Belle - memorial tributeDonated in memory of Belle Van Popering by B Van Popering.
Tribute otisIn memory of Otis from Hank the Lab.
Tribute EdTribute-MMM'14 SadieTributeMMM'14In memory of Eddie and Sadie. MMM
Tribute In memory of Stella Laplaca, by Rosemary Acciari.
Tribute In memory of Stella Laplaca, by Carolyn Stanek.
Tribute Bowdie-in-memoriamsmsqDonated by Janet Pacher in memory of Bowdie Terry who was adopted by Jeralyn Terry DVM and passed away in early November 2014.
gift_icon Donated in honor of our GSP Jake and thank you all for helping this amazing breed of dogs. From the Cleary Family.
Tribute Donated in honor of “Rocky” by Pets Eternal Rest – may his memory live on by helping to care for a German Shorthaired Pointer in need.
Tribute Bowdie-in-memoriamsmsqGenerously donated by Jeralyn, in Honor of Bowdie – in 4 years he taught me more than any other animal; both in medicine in how to care for senior pets, and in life. He was happy every single day, and made the most of every moment despite losing vision, hearing and mobility. He never had a bad day. He loved everyone, every animal (whether it was a cat, dog or squirrel), and every vegetable he ever met. I’m so thankful he was in my life.
gift_icon A generous anonymous donation has been made in honor of an adopter!
gift_icon Happy Birthday, Paula! In honor and memory of Sawyer. Donated by Kim, Tawny, Lisa, Denise, Barbara, and Ray.
Tribute MooseGenerously donated by Caitlin and Steve, in memory of Moose, to help other older GSPs get the care they need.
gift_icon Donated by Jen C who would like to remind everyone to 1) contact a rescue or shelter first 2) never ever ever buy a pet from a pet store, or off of Craigslist 3) if you do buy from a breeder, make sure it’s a reputable breeder that places each dog with a contract and return policy.
gift_icon Generously donated by Chris Kafitz in honor of Mark Hardwicke: A big thank you to Mark Hardwicke of Better Homes/Mason McDuffie Real Estate in Berkeley! He sold one home and found the dream house for two of my friends. He worked very hard and made everyone happy.
Tribute Pierre-in-memoriam-aug-2014096Donated by Marie Paoletti in loving memory of Pierre. “Pierre was a very calm and sweet boy. Nicknamed poohbear. He was the seeing eye dog for my blind girl Fiona. He loved “his” bed, having heavy creamed coffee with me in the mornings. He is gone way too soon only 7 years 2 months. He died almost exactly 7 years after I got him. Now my son is worried about my safety because at 90 pounds Pierre was a great protector. He has chased many intruders out of my back yard. Fiona will just lick them to death.”
Tribute In memory of Odin & Spirit, my best furry friends. They romp together now on the forever trail. Odin passed away 10 years ago and came back as Spirit shortly after. We spent great years together and I think of both lovingly. A special thank you to Barb Gale, who found the “reincarnation” of both for me. It seemed he had been waiting for me, too. He is now my best new friend and quite happy on the trail. Welcome home Bauschan!  Generously donated by Chris Kafitz.
Tribute This donation is in memory of Higgins the Airedale. In honor of Maggie for all the love, comfort, and care she has provided to senior dogs over the years. I’m inspired by your dedication. Michelle
Tribute Belle - memorial tributeDonated in fond memory of Belle from Jeff and Coby.
gift_icon “Happy Birthday, Erin! Love, Jonathan and Katie”
gift_icon In honor of Glenn and Anne, from GSP Spirit and Chris Kafitz. Spirit says “The ramp you made for me is great. I just have to get used to it. You know I’m a stubborn old guy. I know you made it with much love and care. It’s currently upstairs by the couch which I also have problems to climb. I’ll learn eventually. Thank you Glenn and Anne.”
Tribute EddieIn memory of Eddie on his birthday.
Tribute AnnieIn memory of Annie (aka Vera) on her one year memorial.
gift_icon In honor of Dalia Wood, from Alphie.
Tribute Donated in loving memory of Rosie, by Nancy S.
Tribute For Lisa McKibbin, in memory of Sammy, donated by Wendy Kato.
gift_icon kimoIn honor of GSP Kimo and his people Robert and Sarah, donated by Elizabeth C.
Tribute Belle - memorial tributeIn memory of Belle Van Popering, donated by Jolly and Lucky McDaniel.
Tribute Belle - memorial tributeIn memory of Belle Van Popering, donated by Tina Tuma.
Tribute MackeyIn memory of Mackey, generously donated by Brad Beals.
gift_icon In honor of Gina, Genice, Kent, Tina & Amy – donated by Christina S.
gift_icon In honor of Cheryl Warner and all she does for GSPs.
gift_icon In honor of Jim and Diane Coward, and their dog Bandit.  Donated by Craig Carlson.
Tribute Franz-SchulkeIn loving memory of Franz, donated by Barbara Schulke.
Tribute Sawyer-tributeIn memory of our sweet Sawyer boy.  Generously donated by Ray and Paula Mays.
gift_icon In honor of Barney, donated by Anna and Davis White.
gift_icon Thank you, Linda Lipscomb, donated by Chris Kafitz.
gift_icon In honor of Julie Lupkin, donated by Aunt Beverly.
gift_icon In honor of Bo and Missy, donated by Karen Lubash.
Tribute mike_lubashDonated in honor of my Dad who loved GSPs and his pointers Bo and Missy. Keep up the good work!  Nannette W.
Tribute MooseGenerously donated in memory of Moose, from Cait, Steve, and Uly.
Tribute Donated in memory of Luke and in honor of his foster homes Dalia, and Eddy & Lisa, by Feb S.
Tribute Donated in memory of Luke, and in honor of Eddy & Lisa, by Cheryl Warner.
gift_icon Donated in honor of Lisa McKibbin for Christmas, by Nancy Bostdorff.
Tribute EddieOtis_and_EddieAnnieI’m very thankful for the GSPs in my life. In memory of Otis, Sadie, Annie and Eddie (my Whole Wide World). MMM
gift_icon kimoDonated by Robert Chinn in honor of Kimo – “We like to think that he saves his allowance so that he can help provide for others, especially other GSPs.”
Tribute Nov 19,2011 Snow 069Journey Jan 31st, 2010 002Donated in memory of Cider and Journey. I lost two of my girls in a short time. Both were wonderful friends. Cider you were always so close to me I hardly have any pictures. Kelly Verd.
gift_icon In honor of Renuka Kumar, donated by SVB Asset Management.
Tribute CiderIn memory of Cider, sweet mama of Max and our hiking buddy, donated by Lisa and Nancy.
Tribute In memory of Emma, Sally Webb’s great companion for about 12 years and loved by all. Sally has loved and owned other GSPs, and also fostered Sophie for many months. But Emma has been, and always will be, very special to her and all of us. Donated by Chris and Spirit.
Tribute Daisy-Mae-1-sq Daisy-Mae-2-sqIn memory of the courageous Daisy Mae – the consummate critter chaser.  The pool sweep can finally work in peace.
Tribute Daisy-Mae-1-sqIn memory of Daisy Mae, from the volunteers of NCBR.
Tribute Daisy-Mae-1-sqIn memory of Daisy Mae, sweetest GSP ever. Donated by Nyki DiVecchio.
gift_icon In honor of Robin Farley, for helping GSP Salty find a great home.  Donated by Friends Of Colusa County Animal Shelter.
Tribute In memory of “Sandy,” beloved “Golden” of Gabriela, Gene and Sophie, and little Valentine too.  She had many four- and two-legged friends on “The Trail” for 15 years. We all miss her, especially my GSP “Spirit” who inherited her very luxurious king-sized doggie bed. He thanks her very much.  Donated by Chris Kafitz.
Tribute Daisy-Mae-1-sqIn memory of KC and Karen Heald’s GSP Daisy, donated by a NorCal Boxer Rescue volunteer.
Tribute Frida-Kahlo100In memory of Frida Kahlo, generously donated by Wendy Jacobson.
Tribute Mac-McAlexanderIn memory of Alva E. McAlexander, donated by Golden Gate Transit.
Tribute Mac-McAlexanderIn memory of Alva E. McAlexander (Mac), donated by Nancy and Bill Davidson.
Tribute Mac-McAlexanderIn honor of the memory of Mr. Alva E. (Mac) McAlexander.  Donated by Dal Poggetto & Company.
gift_icon Donated by Chris Kafitz, in honor of Gary Ball, Rhino Rooter, plumber extraordinaire and proud owner of two wonderful GSPs.  Thank you for all your help.
gift_icon Emma-Fleming-GSPDonated on behalf of GSP pup Emma Fleming, who excels at bringing joy.
Tribute Frida-Kahlo100In memory of Friday Kahlo, donated by Deanna Parsi.
Tribute In memory of Sadie, donated by David Hale and Michael Hackett.
Tribute Frida-Kahlo100In loving celebration of the life of GSP Frida Kahlo (companion of Wendy Jacobson). She will always be in our hearts. With love, Mom
Tribute EddieIn memory of Eddie on his birthday.
gift_icon GWP-GSP-pupsThank you, Jill Posener of PAW FUND in Berkeley. Two little GSP/GWP pups were surrendered to her and she appreciates the support of NorCal GSP Rescue in placing them into great homes.  Donated in honor of two groups working together collaboratively for the good of the dogs!  By Chris Kafitz and Spirit.
Tribute ziggyIn memory of Ziggy. Her time was far too short, but we’ll always remember that sweet, spunky girl! Generously donated by Cheryl Warner.
Tribute This is a memorial tribute for “Shadow,” the beloved GSP of my dear friend, Leslie, who rescued and loved him for 14 years.  He was a very special boy.  Donated by Gerrie Schwartz.
Tribute In fond memory of HAPPY, much beloved companion who is so missed by Kai and Yu Hsieh, neighbors and friends. Happy was truly a happy dog for 13 years until cancer and complications took her away from us.  We think of her all the time. Donated by Chris Kafitz and Spirit.
Tribute In memory of Roy Marcum – Sacramento County Animal Control Office, killed in the line of duty, serving the animals of his community.  Donated by Julie Lupkin.
Tribute Who can resist a face like that?In memory of foster dog Olive, generously donated by Karen Heald.
Tribute In memory of Mackey, generously donated by Brad Beals.
Tribute In memory of Jessie this holiday season, from Aunt Wendy and GSP Frida Kahlo.
Tribute In memory of “Darla” who went to Rainbow Bridge on December 17, 2012. Generously donated by Donna Sprouse.
Tribute Donated in memory of Eddie and Sadie.
Merry Christmas in honor of Julie Lupkin, from Aunt Beverly. Thanks for all you do.
Merry Christmas in honor of Myron and Nancy Rude! Donated by the Murray family.
Merry Christmas in honor of Richard and Lorraine Henninger! Donated by the Murray family.
Merry Christmas in honor of Max, Maggie, and Chip Murray, who want to help other GSPs who are waiting for their new loving families to find them! Donated by the Murray family.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A thank you to all who help, rescue, and find homes for GSPs. Chris Kafitz and Spirit.
Tribute Donated by Front Porch Realty Group, in memory of Sofi and in honor of Janet and Alec and Luce our GWP who misses Sofi still.
Thank you Eliana! You were and still are so helpful to me after I fractured my shoulder and could not do much for myself. It is so appreciated, my dear friend. Many many thanks. Donated by Chris Kafitz and Spirit.
Tribute In memory of golden “Grady.” He was much loved by his friends along “the trail” and in Kensington, especially by Gail and John, who gave him a very good caring and loving life and to whom he was so devoted. We all miss him very much.  Donated by Chris Kafitz and Spirit.
Tribute In loving memory of our Ruby (1998-2012) the Little Shorthair who Ran Everywhere.   She was our first shorthair foster and we loved her dearly.  She is greatly  missed.  karen and kc
Tribute In loving memory of Jessie, donated by Wendy Jacobson and the fabulous GSP Frida Kahlo.
Tribute “Thank you, Catherine Krueger of Marvin Gardens Real Estate in El Cerrito. She was most helpful to my friends when selling their home. Her own GSP, “Mollie” died a little while ago in Provence, France, where they grew up together. Mollie was 17!!” Very generously donated by Chris Kafitz
Tribute In loving memory of Gracie, generously donated by Karen H and KC.
Tribute This is to Barb Gale who does more for GSPs than anyone I know and just lost her beloved “Jessie.”  Generously donated by Chris Kafitz.
Tribute In memory of Odin, generously donated by Sandy Amundson.
Tribute In memory of Peyton, for Tim and Erin Olsen, donated by Jaclyn Humphrey.
Tribute In loving memory of our beloved shortypie Peyton, who passed away on May 12,2012. You were the light of our lives and are deeply missed. Donated by Tim and Erin Olsen.
Tribute In memory of Eddie on his birthday. Suzie and Sadie 5/4/12.
Tribute In loving memory of Bolt, donated by Samuel A. Cole, Jr., for Barbara and Allan Bauer.
Tribute In memory of Michael J. Lubash – donated by Nannette Wilkinson.
Happy Birthday, Michelle! Donated by Jennifer Blythe in honor of Michelle Heathman’s birthday.
Ribbon Donated by Karen Longoria in loving memory of GSP Sage.
Ribbon In Loving Memory of my mom, Belva Mellor. Paula M.
Ribbon In memory of Spot and Radar, donated by Marie Paoletti.
Donated by Lesley Lamb Mapstone in honor of Charlotte and Al Johnson.
Donated by Karla Morris – In honor of my daughter Cheryl Warner who loves her dogs so much and helps so many other dogs.
Donated in honor of Richard & Lorraine H – Merry Christmas, Love from the Murray Family.
Donated in honor of Myron & Nancy R – Merry Christmas, Love from the Murray Family.
Donated by the Murray family in honor of Max & Maggie – Merry Christmas to the best dogs we’ve ever had!
In memory of Eddie Kiji, my Whole Wide World.
Donated by Dalia Wood to celebrate Izzy’s and Hooper’s adoptions.
Donated by Barbara Gale in memory of Bacchus, a good friend to our Jessie.
Generously donated by Ray Mays in honor of Paula’s birthday.
In memory of Gracie – we think of you all the time and miss you every day. Generously donated by Karen & KC
Donated by Barbara Gale in honor of the marriage of Rachael Kleidon and Bryant Etheridge.
Donated by Barbara Gale in honor of Jessie’s 15th Birthday.
“To the NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue Team, we would like to acknowledge the work of Mr. Ron Zander and other volunteers.” Generously donated by Jill Grunewald and Ken Culp.
Donated by Chris Kafitz in honor of Andrew Sams, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVS. “He best ‘bone vet’ by popular acclaim and certainly by me. My stubborn big guy, Spirit, is ready to roam and chase again with both elbows (knees?) successfully repaired. Doc Hawley, the ‘needle vet’ along with the staff are very caring and friendly as well.”
Donated by Tom Dwyer, in honor of Gypsie and her foster mom Katherine.
In memory of “Eddie Dog” on his birthday. We miss you so much. – Suzie and Sadie, 5/4/11
Donated by Marie Paoletti, in memory of Spot and Radar
Donated in memory of Mercy, by Celia Angel
In honor of The Sams Clinic, donated by Chris Kafitz
In loving memory of Simon. It is he who rescued me. – Michelle Ravn
Donated by Chris Kafitz in memory of “Fritz” very much loved and now so missed by Mary and Pete Hurd.  There will always be “cookies” for him in my pocket.
“In memory of Eddie Kiji, my Whole Wide World.” – MMM
Donated in memory of Trooper, by Chuck and Pat Siffing.
Donated by Holly Easterby in memory of Dakota and Kaylee.
Donated by Marie Paoletti in memory of Spot.
In loving memory of our first GSP rescue – Chipper. Donated by Vicki and Bruce Rosenthal
Generously donated by Doug Tilden in appreciation of Michelle Heathman’s dedication.
In honor of C. Richardson (and Walter, Herman & Luther) whose photographs and story-telling make me smile every day.  Donated by Jennifer Scrivner.
Donated by Morena Timm in honor of Barbara Gale’s birthday.
Donated by Dennis Holden for Buggy and Julie in memory of Buggy’s birthday.
Donated by Barbara Gale in honor of Jessie’s 14th birthday.
In memory of Eddie on his birthday. From Suzie and Sadie.
“In memory of sweet Candace. I’m grateful to have spent time withher, however short, and so thankful that she was able to have a happy, comfortable last few months.”
Donated by Cathy Olson in honor of Kate’s 10th birthday.
“We miss Gracie so much and love her dearly.”  Generously donated by Karen and KC.
Donated in loving memory of Eddie Kiji, my Whole Wide World.  5/4/94-12/23/09. MMM
Merry Xmas to Julie Lupkin who has given so much to her babies and to others’s babies too. Love, Aunt Sandy
Generously donated by Gordon and Eleanor to help their fellow GSPs.
Donated by Morena & Michael Timm in honor of Barbara Gale’s birthday!
Donated by Julie Lupkin “In honor of Buggy, I was the luckiest Dog Mom ever. I miss you.”
Donated by Eddie in memory of Grandma on her 49th day Memorial.
Donated by Ralph Pietrobono in memory of Moe.
Donated by Barbara in memory of Michele’s father.
On behalf of our Otis’ 3rd birthday, donated by Rob and Danielle Vogt.
In memory of “Sofi” Levy-O’Brien, donated by Janet and Stephanie.
Donated in honor of Zoey Merrill. The GSPs are sending you some doggie karma for your little test in July. From Peter, Cathy and Kate.
In memory of Morgan most beloved and cared for Wirehair by Kim & Ken Krause and his constant companion at work after his buddy Casey, a Shorthair died a while ago. They are both missed so much. Donated by Chris Kafitz.
Donated in honor of Phil’s birthday by Jen Mo.
“Eddie Dog”, Happy 15th birthday! From Suzie and Sadie.
Donated by Barbara Gale in honor of Jessie’s 13th birthday.
For Julie in memory of Buggy donated by Beverly Kelty.
Donated by Natalie and Jim James in memory of Nick, and in honor of Dr. Schenck on behalf of his good works – a wonderful vet and remarkable man. Nick von Excee was such a presence throughout his 12 1/2 years – he loved to hunt and swim, but he mostly and absolutely loved Natalie and Jim. They have made this generous donation to honor the generous heart that their best boy shared with them for too short a time.
In tribute of Barb’s mom, donated by Pat and Mike Cook.
In loving memory of Charley, our Char-Char.  He knew from the minute we met that he was home, it just took us a little while longer to figure it out.  We miss you still Big Dog.
Donated by Karen Hansen in honor of Mable.
Generously donated by Jim Coward in honor of Roger and in memory of Jinx.
Donated by Donna Sprouse in memory of Honey and Naylor.
From Michelle Ravn and Simon in memory of Tucker.
In memory of Barb’s mom, donated by Cathy Olson.
In memory of Edith Gale, donated by Wendy Hilton.
In memory of my beloved “Boone” donated by Catherine Hodges.
Donated in honor of Doc from Ted and Lisa Schade of ICARE (Inyo County Animal Resources and Education. Visit ICARE at
Donated by Maggie Segale, in memory of Shauni, 1991-2006.
To NorCal GSP Rescue in honor of Barbara Gale’s birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Barb! Donated by Morena Timm.
In honor of birthday of Barbara Gale, donated by Gene Jacobson.
In memory of Tux (was Rex). The most handsome boy in Miley’s litter left us way too early. Thanks to GSP Rescue he was loved and adored from day one to day 379. Loved and missed by Stephen and Robyn Drivon. Peter, Cathy, Kate and Hot Spot Olson.
Generously donated in memory of Buddy, by Tracy Landauer.  Tracy had rescued him and had this to say: “Buddy was dumped at age 14 because he was too old to hunt, and he had the best 2 1/2 years that a dog could ever want. :)  He died a month shy of his 17th birthday (coincidentally, our birthdays were on the same day).  He charmed the pants off anyone who ever met him, a deliberately hilarious dog. No doubt he’s cruising around the clouds, happily instructing those who preceded him in the ways of his good AND bad habits, such as counter surfing, eating underwear, biting a pen cap in half or even a cell phone, jumping over mud puddles, shuffling his feet as though he were wearing slippers, snuffling the contents of a purse, outrunning a 45 year old woman (albeit one with a sprained ankle), and how to be hilariously good-natured 24/7.  Boy do I miss that silly goose.”
Thank you for saving Frida Kahlo, the princess of perfection.  Great work all!  Donated by Wendy Jacobson.
In memory of Donna Sprouse’s GSP Honey, donated by Valley Agility Sports Team.
Donated by Michael and Debbie Bruce, in honor of Ada Ormsby and Gloria Clemons. Sandy is a very special and wonderful dog!
In loving memory of Ron Sprouse and Naylor, donated by Donna Sprouse’s dearest friends Mary Van Wormer, Carlene Chandler and John Nunes.  Both Ron and Naylor are missed by their family and friends.
Donated by Barbara Gale in honor of Jessie’s 12th birthday.
Suzie wants to thank the volunteers at NorCal GSP Rescue for saving her life and for finding good homes for her babies.
To honor Barbara Gale and to express my deep gratitude for all the help she has given me, donated by Gene Jacobson.
In honor of Barbara and Tom Cooney, donated by Jim and Diane Coward (and Cody and Tanner).
In honor of dogs that are in foster homes this holiday season, donated by Michele Jonsson.
In honor of our past, present and future foster families! Generously donated by Bryn Thenell.
On behalf of Cathy Olson, donated by Polly McBride.
In honor of Cathy Olson, donated by See Ping Lim and Rene Cervantes.
In honor of Donna White, donated by Charles and Susan Nelson.
In honor of Myles (Talissa and Kurt), donated by Kathryn Ralph, PhD.
In honor of Julie Lupkin, donated by Sandra Battista.
For “Tommy” from Ayne & Merci.
In honor of Betty Sears, donated by James Tipper, Sr.
In honor of Karen Heald and her partner K.C. who so generously and competently fostered GSP ‘Spring’ until she “came home” to me … & her “big brother GSP (also a rescue babe) Booji – Thank you from Boo, Spring/Sparks & Doreen.
Donation in honor of the birthdays of Wendy Jacobson and Barbara Gale, sent with love from Gene Jacobson.

Jim Carr Memorial

JimCarr memoriamJimCarr GSPs memoriam

Jim passed on Oct. 11, 2014, after a short but valiant battle with leukemia. His great joy in retirement was raising two wonderful GSPs, Elizabeth and Molly. He trained them for hunting, but also he treated them as members of the family. When he became ill, his only regret was that he would not be able to care for them to the end of their lives. His dogs will be cared for, but since others may not be so fortunate, his family has requested donations in Jim’s name to NorCal GSP Rescue.

Donors: Becky Lindstrom, Diane Gums, Patricia Burden, Martella Nuckols, Vicki Hensley, Thomas Nuckols, Judy Maahs, Janice & Howard Nielsen, Dennis Haggard, Betty Miller

In addition to being a handsome boy, Austin is also a matchmaker. Claire adopted him from NorCal GSP in August of 2010. On his very first public outing, he charmed his way into Sarah’s heart and it wasn’t long at all before Claire followed suit. Not only did Austin find his forever home, Claire and Sarah did too.
On the occasion of their wedding Claire and Sarah invite you to give a donation in their honor. Your gift will help other GSPs like Austin find loving homes.
I think it is so special that Austin had such a great role in bringing the both of you together. Animal lovers *DO* make better lovers! Cheers to you both!! with love, Indira and Kimi
Congratulations on your marriage and your amazing union. Thank you for giving Austin such a great new mom. Loving wishes, Michelle and Mason

The Mike Lubash Memorial Fund
Mike always had a soft spot for animals, especially GSPs.  Here he is with Missy Bo as a puppy.  Now she is 14 and still going strong.  I’m sure it has to do with the fact that she was his baby and that she thinks she is more human than dog.  They went for walks everyday, out to the gun club and there wasn’t a table scrap she didn’t get at least a nibble of.  Mike passed away peacefully at home November 7, 2010.  His family misses him dearly but takes comfort in the fact that he lived a good life and told us so all the time as well as how much he loved us.  This memorial fund is a fitting tribute to Mike and his generous spirit.
Donated by Christa Ognissanti, in honor of Mike Lubash.
Bob Gianatasio
The Rehab Department of Seton Coastside
Tribute Angie Chan-Geiger
Tribute Robert Venkus
Tribute Mark Kilkenny
Tribute “I love my papa to the moon and back.” – Karenna
Tribute Cassandra Fuentes
Tribute Donald Cohn
Tribute Michelle Lubash
Tribute Joan Grier
Tribute Dan Wilkinson
Tribute Sue Miller

Wedding Tribute
Lesley and Brian recently adopted two rescued German Shorthaired Pointers from our group, giving forever homes to Rocket and Triton.  Their hearts hold more than just love for each other. There is room for dog love!To spread that love even further, they invite you to share their joy by donating in honor of their wedding.  Your meaningful gift will help other German Shorthaired Pointers find loving homes! Thank you to the following donors who have generously given to this fund!Anonymous, Ken & Donna Evans, Rick & Marie Stathes

The Fred Gillilan Memorial Fund
Fred was a long-time lover of GSPs, and along with his wife Kim fostered for our rescue group. He fought a very hard battle against his brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme) and finally succumbed to the effects of the treatment. In a fitting tribute to Fred, Kim has established The Fred Gillilan Memorial Fund to provide veterinary care for needy rescued GSPs.
In loving memory of my dear husband. I love you and miss you so very much.
In the name of Fred Gillilan, donated by Brian and Sandra Arvin.
Donated in memory of Fred Gillilan by Rick & Malia Burrows.  Pismo will be empty without him.
In memory of Fred Gillilan – we could not have known a better person. Jeff & Tammy Casalegno
You will be missed. Chris & Jackie Berryessa
Donated by Mike and Ranell Stephens in memory of Fred Gillilan.
Donated in memory of “O.” December 1993 – August 2008.  We really miss you.  Your best bud, Ed.
Donated by Lori Gillilan to The Fred Gillilan Memorial Fund
In memory of Fred.  Monica and Joseph Rock.
We already miss Fred.  Russ Sell
In honor of a great neighbor and fellow dog lover.  Sincerely, Tom & Becky Enciso

Wedding Tribute
Cheryl and Chris adopted their first GSP from NorCal GSP Rescue, Clark, in 2008. For anyone who has met Clark, they know that very few more perfect dogs exist. Once they saw how wonderful GSPs could be, there was no turning back. They added Lois to the mix a year later and also foster when they can. Cheryl volunteers actively for the rescue, witnessing firsthand what a difference the organization makes for this breed. She loves every second of it. Thank you to the following donors who have generously given to this fund!Jeffrey Warner, Barbara Gale, Meghan Kirby-McFarland, Nicolas Melo

John T. Bonner, M.D. Memorial

In memory of John T. Bonner, MD – donated by Marvin and Eleanor Beil

In loving memory of our deceased friend and colleague John T. Bonner, MD – donated by Dr. John D & Barbara White

John T. Bonner, M.D., husband, father, and neurosurgeon passed away after the recurrence of a malignant brain tumor. Born on December 7, 1936, in Havre, Montana, John was raised in Butte, Montana by his mother, Isobel, after his father passed away in 1938. John’s mother was a public school teacher who impressed upon her son the importance of education. Consequently, John was his high school valedictorian and Boys State representative. He then graduated maxima cum laude from Carroll College in Helena, Montana, before attending medical school on scholarship at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. He did his surgical internship at Duke University and his neurosurgical residency at the University of Washington. From 1969 to 1972, he taught neurosurgery at the University of Missouri at Columbia. John came to Fresno in 1972 to enter private practice neurosurgery. He also worked as a medical consultant for the State of California, Disability Determination Service.

John loved being a neurosurgeon, and he was active in many medical organizations and activities. He was a longtime medical ethics consultant at Community Regional Medical Center and he was also a dedicated member of the St. Agnes Hospital Institutional Review Board. John served as President of the Fresno Madera Medical Society and was for many years a local delegate to the California Medical Association (CMA). He was President of the California Association of Neurological Surgeons (CANS), and President of the Western Neurosurgical Society (WNS). For his service, John was honored with the Fresno Madera Medical Society Lifetime Achievement Award and the California Association of Neurological Surgeons’ Byron Cone Pevehouse Service Award, which is conferred upon a neurosurgeon in California who has served both the community of neurosurgery and medicine in general in an effective and distinguished manner.

John strived for excellence in everything he did and he appreciated the finer things in life, including travel, good wine, his BMW automobile, anything by Barbra Streisand, and his five German Shorthaired Pointers. John and his wife, Romona, particularly enjoyed their forty some year participation in a theme dinner party gourmet group. John was an avid follower of sports, and ran several marathons. And, he loved to travel. Even when his health was failing, John traveled recently to Montana, Hawaii, Chicago and Missouri.

John was preceded in death by his wife of 52 years, Romona, as well as his mother, Isobel, and father Thomas. He is survived by his three children, Kerry, Cheryl and David, and his German Shorthaired Pointer, Liesl.

The family would like to thank Dr. Thomas Hackett of Fresno, and Drs. Lawrence Shuer and Lawrence Recht of Stanford. John lived, and lived well, far longer because of the excellent care he received from his doctors and their staffs at Fresno’s CCARE and Stanford Medical Center.