Success Stories

Donovan with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Three-year-old Donovan came into a shelter underweight and with a leg injury. His fosters found him to be a sweet boy who was fully house-trained, slept well in a crate, had perfect leash manners, and got along well with their resident dog. Donovan caught the eye of a couple with many years of experience raising GSPs and were ready […]

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Emmeline with her new Mom.


We pulled wee Emmeline from the shelter thinking she was a GSP, but she turns out to be a Doberman Pinscher/Lab mix! Her sweet disposition and easy-going nature won hearts easily. Thank you, Cheryl, for providing loving foster care to young Emmeline (now Maggie?); and thank you, Valerie, for adopting her.

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Gilmore with his new Mom and Dad.


Gilmore arrived at the shelter with severe wounds, including a leg with multiple fractures. The shelter asked us to take him since he was going to need surgery and a closely supervised recovery period. Our team sprung into action to get him the care he needed. We had an orthopedic surgeon complete a complicated repair.

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Raine with his new forever Mom.


Raine has a sunny disposition. He’s full of curiosity about anything new, loves snuggling with humans and playing with other dogs. He likes being told he is the handsomest, sweetest, best dog around. He’s found an active home that can provide him with the consistency, companionship, and adoration he craves–and even a few other dogs around to

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Gunner4 with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Despite having a loving family, Gunner had to be surrendered to our rescue when his owners became too sick to care for him properly. This eight-month-old GSP, with tons of energy and personality, was looking for an owner to match. When a runner who lives a block from the beach and works from home applied

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Artamus with his new mom and cat siblings.


Young Artamus loves people, all dogs–and even cats. He’s a happy-go-lucky fellow who adores car rides and nose games and is gentle with treats and toys. However, his fosters have had to work with his severe separation anxiety and lack of recall. Despite these challenges, Artie won the heart of his new family with his

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Emmett2 with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Two-year-old Emmett was found wandering as a stray. A Good Samaritan took him in and reached out to us to help find him a great home. Emmett lacked training but had a sweet disposition, loved being with people, and seemed eager to learn how to be a happy permanent household member. He’s been adopted by

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Bandy with his new forever family.


Four-year-old Bandy was picked up and taken to a very full shelter. Though relatively young and a sweet boy, he was put on a Put To Sleep list due to lack of space. We got him out of there and into a series of foster homes. Our fosters found him delightful, but he needed training

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Cute Cocoabean.


Young CocoaBean got lost while her family was camping and ended up in Barstow, where a GSP-savvy good samaritan took her in. She seemed like the perfect companion for Waylon, their two-year-old GSP male. Thank you, Kimberly and family, for rescuing and adopting CocoaBean (now June).

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Dayzee with her new fur brother and forever Dad.


Three-year-old DayZee turned up at a shelter as a stray. Her owner chose not to reclaim her. We matched her with former adopters who were looking for a young playmate for their male GSP, Neo (a NorCal GSP alum). DayZee fit seamlessly into  the family, so it didn’t take long for them to decide she was

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Fargo with his new forever family


One-year-old Fargo and a canine sidekick wound up in a shelter. They seemed to have no training and were full of puppy pranks: counter surfing, chewing furniture and clothing, riffling in trash cans, and jumping on people to say hi. Once he was settled in a loving foster home, Fargo showed he was smart, loving,

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Cami with her new mom and dad.


A good Samaritan found Chamomile tied to a tree in an orchard, apparently abandoned. She’d recently had a litter of pups. The couple who agreed to take her in could not keep her indefinitely, so they called on us. Cami was nervous around people initially but could not hide her sweet demeanor for long. She

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Cute Jake with his new fur brothers.


Jake’s owners surrendered him because of his propensity to eat rocks, drywall, fence boards, bedding, etc., resulting in bowel obstructions and expensive surgeries. Other than that, he is a charming, playful, cuddly guy who loves to play fetch and gets along well with everyone. Jake found just the right forever home–with a secure yard for

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Cedar with her new Mom and Dad, and fur sister Ruby.


Cedar was easy to foster. She enjoyed playing with other dogs but was also a champ at snuggling with humans. So what if she chewed the odd shoe? There were too many lying around, tempting a young dog. Well, there was some counter surfing, too, but she excelled at going into her crate without a

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Asher with his new best friend and forever Dad.


Asher was one of a litter of eight puppies that came wriggling into our rescue program. Like his siblings, this sweet boy loves to roughhouse with other dogs, play with toys, run around the yard, nap, and cuddle. Thank you, Brad & Anna, and Sue & Robert, for fostering Asher. And thank you, Steven, for

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Zhivago with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Handsome Zhivago was taken to a shelter as a stray. His foster homes discovered that he loves to run and play, is respectful around other dogs, and adores attention from humans. He has a heart murmur, but it does not slow him down or make him any less charming. Thank you, Lesta, Samantha & Michael,

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Atlas with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Atlas melted hearts everywhere he went. He was smaller than most of his littermates, but his personality was oversized. He was fearless in wrestling and tug of war matches with his siblings. He learned to play fetch with humans early on and proved to be a champion cuddler. Thank you, Eric and family, and Sue

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Gorgeous Dion in his new forever home


Four-year-old Dion came into our rescue program with little training and lots of challenges: digging, chewing, leash pulling, and severe separation anxiety. Despite all that, he won over his foster home with his keen desire to learn and superior cuddling skills. Thank you, Embeli, for fostering Dion. And thank you, Leigh and Paul, for fostering

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Sheba with her new dad and human brother.


When Sheba was surrendered to us, she had Parvo and soon needed intensive 24/7 vet care. She went to a foster home without a resident dog because Parvo is highly contagious. Once fully recovered, Sheba was snapped up by a family that had tragically lost their young GSP and needed a new support dog for

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Archabald and his new mom and dad.


Archabald was one of a litter of eight puppies surrendered to us around the holidays. He was adopted by an active, dog-loving couple with two resident dogs–an elderly Chihuahua and a middle-aged Italian Greyhound. Thank you, Sooky and Carolin, for fostering Archie. And thank you, Jonathan and Beth, for adopting him.

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Spot2 with his new forever family.


The Jackson shelter was about to close for Thanksgiving and would be short-staffed over the holiday. They asked if we could take Spot, a sweet and needy boy with wounds that needed tending. He’d been on the lam for weeks wearing a harness, which had made wounds where it rubbed. He was so thin he

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Greta with her new forever Dad.


Little Greta fit right into the home of a prior adopter with lots of GSP experience (even raising puppies). They’d recently lost a GSP, and Greta filled the void in their pack. Thank you, Carolin & Stefan and Sooky, for fostering Greta. And thank you, Peter, for adopting Greta (now Dolce) and providing her with

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Genie with her new forever family.


When Genie’s foster home signed up to care for puppies, they had no intention of adopting another dog. But Genie got to them with her adorable looks, tiny size, big voice, and bigger personality. “Now we don’t even remember how life was before Genie. When we call her, she tilts her head before she runs

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Angel2 with her new fur sister.


Angel was surrendered to us and turned out to have Parvo, requiring intensive (and expensive) vet care. Once she was well, she was adopted by one of our seasoned volunteers, whose mature dogs livened up on the arrival of a younger GSP. Thank you, Seth and Donna, for fostering Angel. And thank you, Renee, for

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Coupe with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Young Coupe turned up at the shelter with a ligament tear and a cut paw pad on his left hind leg, causing him to limp. Despite his injury, his foster family found him intelligent, loving, and good with kids and adults (even cats). On the other hand, he was uncomfortable in the car and pulled

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Gunther with his new forever Mom and Dad.


Sweet Gunther needed to find a home deserving of his cuteness overload–and he scored! Not only did they welcome him with open arms, but he arrived to find his first “Gotcha Day” party in progress. Thank you, Carolin and Sooky, and Brad and Anna, for fostering Gunther. And thank you, Jenna and Jonathan, for adopting

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Lola with her new forever Mom.


Lola (now Lucy) has gone to a GSP-loving home where she’ll have two doting parents and a GSP sister, Kona (formerly Kuna)–an alum from our 2018 Mountain Litter. Thank you, Eric and family, for fostering Lola. And thank you, Nancy and Luigi, for adopting her and showing her La Dolce Vita.

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Pippin with her new forever Mom.


Little Pippin is one of a litter of pups we wanted to find excellent homes for. She lucked out with a GSP-savvy family that had been waiting patiently to welcome the right new puppy into their lives. Thank you, Brad and Anna, for fostering Pippin. And thank you, Susan and Roger, for adopting this adorable

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Sunza with her new forever family.


Sunza experienced a tumultuous life, with serial owners having to give her up–or dying unexpectedly. Her most recent foster family found her to be a very good dog who was quiet, adored petting, and would come immediately when called. She got along so well with everyone in the extended family that their daughter decided to

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Cute Forrest with his new fur brother.


This energetic pup loves to play with other dogs and check out humans. Nonetheless, he has a tendency to get overstimulated and hyper aroused. With the support of his foster families, vets, and trainers, Forrest figured out how to dial down his energy level and relax. Thank you, Aston, Seth & Donna, Jess & Jeremy,

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