Success Stories

Tigi fam pic


One-year old Tigi was a stray. When no one came to the shelter to claim her, we did. She is a very high-energy wild child who loves to play and finds it hard to relax. She can be a bit bratty sometimes, but with persistent attention and training, she has settled nicely into a home …

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Rowdy fam pic


Rowdy had been rescued from a facility that breeds sporting dogs. Since he was gun shy and not inclined to hunt, he’d been relegated to a concrete kennel and all but forgotten. Some GSP-savvy folks spoke up for him, then spent a year trying to give him back the puppy time and training he’d missed …

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Bacall with new family


When Bacall first arrived in foster care, she was anxious, had a hard time relaxing, and wasn’t sure about human touch. Her foster folks worked with her daily, giving her the time and space needed to let her sweet side flourish. At nine years old, Bacall has plenty of energy and loves to run, fetch, …

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Shila with family


Wee Shila—a GSP/Lab mix puppy—was rescued from the street, where her mom and pups appeared to have been dumped. After just a few weeks, the family that took her in realized that, between work demands and health issues, they could not care for a young dog properly. They asked for our help. We found Shila …

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Corazon with Max


One-year old Corazon was saved from being run over as a stray on a Mexican roadway. She quickly learned about leashes, cats (!), treats and human beds. This smart and funny girl gets along great with her new canine sibling, Max. Thanks, Suzanne and Anne, for fostering Cora. And thank you, Rita and Dennis for …

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Remie with family


Young Remie loves the good things in life: fetching tennis balls, watching squirrels, going for walks, and hanging out with her people and other dogs. She’s also that rare GSP who can get along with cats! When her owner became very ill, we helped find Remie the right new home. Thank you, Pam, for fostering …

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Buddy with his new adoptive mom and dad


Buddy’s family had to move, so they surrendered him for rehoming. He arrived with allergic dermatitis, a bacterial infection, and mild conjunctivitis. In spite of all that, his foster home found him to be a calm and sweet boy! They soon learned that he loves treats, walks, and affection–but that you can’t turn your back …

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Riley with his forever family


Riley’s owners surrendered him for rehoming when their circumstances changed and they no longer had time to exercise him. Fortunately, we were able to find this sweet boy a family that was ready and eager to adopt a new best friend. Thank you, Leo and Paula, for fostering and adopting Riley.

Rip standing on two chairs


Rip’s owner gave him up because changes in his job situation meant he had to leave the dog home alone too many hours a day. Not a good situation for a one-year-old GSP! His foster dad gave him a taste of the good life, including daily runs, car rides, trips to the beach—and above all, …

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Dixie with forever family


Young Dixie’s owners had to move and they could not take the dog with them, so they surrendered her. She’d spent most of the past two years chained up in a backyard so she would not escape. Living indoors took some adjustment, but her foster home was patient and consistently showed her that she was …

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Timber with adoptive dad


Timber was not quite one year old when his owners decided they could not handle such an energetic dog with young children in their home, so they found him a new home. The couple who adopted him thought he was a good and handsome dog, but they realized right away that they would not be …

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According to his new dad, Timmy acts like an 8-year old,  although he is 11 years old. Affectionate Timmy quickly bonded to his adopter and his 13-year-old male GSP named Trigger. He was well-mannered in the house, even though he’d spent most of his life outdoors and had never even been to a vet. Thank …

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Young Beau’s family moved and had less time to spend with him. Beau was not happy about the changes. He started digging and chewing in frustration. We found a foster home with more time to spend with their pets and even a canine big sister to play with. Thank you, Rebekah and John, for temporarily …

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When we were contacted by a veterinarian for urgent help with a very young pup ill with Parvo, we couldn’t say no. Time was of the essence. Fortunately, he recovered fully. When you see how adorable this fellow is, you will understand why his foster home could not let him go. Thank you, Meg and …

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Powder-faced Hunter was relinquished by an owner who had to move and could not take the dog with him. The poor dog needed several operations to address his dental disease. Despite his advanced age (sixteen years!), his foster mom found him to be ‘a really sweet boy who deserves all the good stuff in life.’ …

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Young Cassidy got along with all the dogs at her previous ranch home—except for one that she couldn’t stop picking on. We got her a new home to try out. Her foster family found her to be loyal, sweet, and playful. Although she loved to chase squirrels and sniff for critters, she would come when …

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Nine-year-old Sage was extremely skittish and nervous when she came into our rescue program. She would hide under tables and startle at any large objects or loud sounds. Within weeks, she emerged from her shell and became very loving to her foster family. She’s grown active, enjoys long walks and squeaky toys, and behaves like …

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Image of Mitzy with her forever dad


Young Mitzy is a powerful gal who prefers to gallop rather than walk. Indoors, she is a cuddle muffin, loving nothing more than to snuggle up with her human. Thank you, Dalia and Wendy, for fostering this pretty girl, and thank you, James, for adopting Mitzy (now Ziva) and training her to leave the chickens …

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Image of Bobi in the snow with his new sibling, an older GSP


Handsome Bobi was sprung from the shelter full of rambunctious energy and pranks. He seemed to lack training of any kind. He was super skinny and eager to do anything in exchange for food or treats. He soon learned indoor manners and mastered some useful commands. Now he’s in a new home with a senior …

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Young Cane decided to go AWOL and showed up at a shelter just in time for Christmas. We found good foster care for him (thank you, Stephanie & Matt and Emily & Caleb). Cane revealed himself to be quite a friendly fellow, with a mellow temperament and a great fondness for snuggling. He was quick to …

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Though only two years old, Micki arrived overweight, timid, and suffering from allergies and mild hip dysplasia. Initially, she showed signs of separation anxiety, as well. With regular diet and exercise and some help from the vet, she soon settled down in her foster home. She lost some weight, learned to use the doggie door, …

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Six-year-old Bryant landed in a shelter mid-summer, and he tested positive for heartworm. We placed him in a foster home that was willing to commit to the challenging, months-long treatment and recovery process. At the same time, they had to deal with his strong prey instincts,  his lack of house training, and his love of …

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Maggie is a young GWP who came into our care all wiggles, with a tendency to get overexcited sometimes. She is a curious, smart, fun pup with lots of love to give and a particular passion for tennis balls. Thank you, Angela and Dan, for your fabulous fostering, and thank you, Joe and Jessica, for adopting …

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Samantha and Maximillion

Janelle and Matt have a big soft spot for GSPs. When they noticed that two adorable elderly GSP siblings needed a home, they couldn’t bear to think of them being separated. So they brought Samantha and Maximillion home to give them some loving care. At first, the resident boys (littermates Boone and Crocket) were not …

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After an hour-long car ride from the shelter, Regina (now Mia) was introduced to her new fosters. It was love at first sight. Although she was not housetrained or leash trained, she was a whiz at fetching and she slept quietly all night in her crate. While underweight, with every bone showing, she had plenty …

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From the get-go, easy-going 5-year-old Hattie was relaxed in her foster home–super sweet and eager to please. She loves belly rubs, trips to the park, hunting squirrels, and spending time with her people. Thank you, April and Bart, for fostering this girl, now named Maisy, and giving her a forever home.


Five-year-old Bogart has a strong prey drive, but he also loves to cuddle with humans. No wonder he won over his fosters, who came to love the rambunctious boy. Thank you, Eddy and Lisa, for fostering and adopting Bogey.


Roy was hit by a car and ended up in a shelter with a fractured hip. Once he was placed in a foster home, he proved himself to be a well-behaved gentleman who loved to be petted. The vets at UC Davis determined that surgery would improve Roy’s mobility and lessen his pain. He was …

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Nine-year-old Reginald was found as a stray. He was pretty well behaved and friendly, but the arthritis in his spine and his bad teeth were causing him to be in a lot of pain. With the help of pain meds, supplements, exercise, and extensive dental work, Reggie is now a happier and more energetic boy. …

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Our volunteer was looking for the right canine companion and fostered a series of dogs before she fell in love with this one at first sight! She loved having Sunza in the car as her vigilant co-pilot. She loved the dog’s whiskers mixed up with bubble gum pink lips. She wanted to adopt her and …

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