Success Stories

Addy with her new fur sister.


Adorable Addelaide turned up in a shelter that was too full to handle more pups, so she came into our program. A volunteer picked her up and cared for her through her spaying procedure. Addy was then transferred to a different foster home but couldn’t stay there long due to an unexpected illness. Around that …

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Luna2 with her new forever Mom.


This energetic pup came from the shelter needing lots of basic training, but she loved to play with other dogs and hang out with people of all ages. After months of devoted foster care, she mastered good house manners, except for some mischief with toilet paper. When Luna was ready for adoption, her foster mom …

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Dobby with his new forever Mom, Dad and fur brother.


Like so many young, energetic GSPs, Dobby landed in a shelter. The staff there labeled him a submissive scaredy-cat. But his foster home included cats, and he discovered he enjoyed terrorizing felines. His foster parents diverted his attention to the thrill of chasing balls. Once Dobby settled in, he learned to relax and blossomed into …

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Sweet Dory.


Young Dory entered a shelter timid, insecure, and looking as if she’d been attacked by other dogs. Understandably, she was scared and tentative about meeting people but eventually opened up to play with other dogs. She is full of puppy wiggles, but with proper exercise, she loves to cuddle with people and learn new tricks …

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Dior with her new forever mom.


Four-year-old Dior appeared at a shelter with a pal, one-year-old Paco. They were both shy initially and took time to trust humans. Once Dior emerged from her shell, she became a high-octane, spunky, yet classy princess. She is a fast, graceful runner who loves to chase squirrels and leap over puddles. She escaped briefly to …

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Lucky2 relaxing at his new forever home.


Being a senior didn’t stop Lucky (Lucky2) from wandering off on an adventure. He landed in a shelter and was classified as “rescue only” due to his advanced age and a need for attention to some medical issues. His fosters were impressed by his sweet demeanor, ability to get along with other dogs, and devotion …

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Nettie with her new forever family.


Young Nettie ended up in a full shelter, so they asked if we would take her into our program. Once settled in a foster home, we learned some things about her: she’s pretty good in a crate, not bad on leash, energetic, cuddly, excited for her meals, loves her people, and needs basic training. Nettie …

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Trexie with her new forever human brother.


We rescued young Trexie from a shelter, where she’d turned up as a stray. She’s very sweet and gentle, submissive to other dogs, and a velcro girl around humans. She’s found her forever home with a dog-savvy couple who can overlook a bit of GSP wackiness because Trexie is “the happiest creature we’ve ever met.” …

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Lizzy with her new forever family.


Five-year-old Lizzy is in her prime. She loves to run outdoors and lives to fetch stuffies indoors. When she settles, she is a sweet, eager-to-please love sponge, constantly wanting to be petted and snuggle. According to one foster, “eat, play, love” sums this girl up well. Thank you, Jen & Michael and Mary, for fostering …

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Isabella with her new forever family.


It’s not every day someone steps up to adopt a powder face approaching fifteen years old. There are some awesome friends of GSPs out there. Isabella had a long-term steady home but bounced around a bit after her dad died and her mom had to move. Her fosters all adored this spunky senior sweetheart. She’s …

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Ollie with his new forever family.


Handsome Ollie (Huxley in rescue) has learned a lot in his eight years about mastering house manners and relationships with people and dogs. He knows how to be a loyal member of a family. He respects house rules, is very gentle with young kids, and is energetic enough to play full-out with other dogs. A …

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Angie with her new forever Dad.


Four-year-old Angie was picked up as a stray by people who weren’t able to keep her, so they took her to a shelter. Her foster dad reported that she was quiet, smart, affectionate, housetrained, and laid back for a GSP. No wonder he decided to keep her! Thank you, Austin, for fostering and adopting Angie …

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Annalisa with her new forever mom.


Five-year-old Annalisa packs more power than a small nuclear reactor. She races like the wind, pulls like a sled dog on leash, and loves to attempt creative escapes over or under fences. Despite being a bit of a handful, her GSP-savvy foster home decided to keep Annalisa due to her essentially sweet nature. Thank you, …

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Margot and her new forever fur brother, Leo.


Two-year-old Margot is a petite, adaptable sweetheart. She’s good with other dogs, curious but polite around cats, good in a crate, and insistent about cuddling with her humans. Once we advertised her availability for adoption (her fosters already had two rescue GSPs but were trying to help out more), she was quickly noticed by a …

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Argus with his new forever family.


Young Argus emerged from the shelter with multiple challenges. First, he had an intestinal infection, then roundworms. He had dental problems and had to have some teeth extracted. And an old injury in his right hip was causing him to limp. Despite all that, Argus is an active, happy guy. He’s a lovable goofball with …

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Cooper Ace with his new mom and dad.

Cooper Ace

This nine-month-old pup turned up as a stray to a shelter with a broken leg. We took him in and discovered that he’s very high energy yet comfortable in a crate. He’s also lovable with people and gets along well with other dogs. He just wants to play, play, play! He’s found a permanent home …

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Archi showed up in a shelter underweight, with open wounds on his chest, belly, and both hind legs. Fortunately, no bones were broken. It seemed he’d been hit by a vehicle and dragged. We placed him in an experienced foster home willing to nurse him through his healing. They discovered Archi is a cuddler and a lover, friendly with people, dogs …

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Hudson on the coach with a paw on his new adoptive dad's leg


Two-year-old Hudson2 was found as a stray and taken in by a good samaritan who could not keep him forever. She did her best to care for him for a few months, but ultimately this pup needed vet care and a new home. We stepped in to help. Hudson’s experienced foster family learned he had …

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Dugan with his new forever family.


Young Dugan entered a very full shelter as a stray. He’s a big boy, around 75 pounds, possibly a Mastiff mix. Easygoing and curious, Dugan loves toys and tries to engage everyone in playing with him. Now he is in a forever home with three adults and two canine siblings named Lola and Savannah, as …

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Widgett with his new forever family.


A dog called ‘Hiccup’ was a stray taken to the full Fresno shelter. Although barely one year old, he was put on a list of dogs to be euthanized to make more room. We got him out of there and into a foster home that found him to be an amusing, almost-perfect pup. He didn’t …

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Stewie in a nice sit, looking intently at something out of view, sitting next to his new dog sibling.


Stewie was found wandering a busy 2-lane highway. Luckily, he was saved and settled into a foster home where he got vet care, healthy food to eat, lizards to chase, and three resident GSPs to annoy with his puppy antics. He moved to a foster-to-adopt home with two parents who work from home, two teenage …

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Luna with her new forever family.


Young Luna2 showed up as a stray to shelter. Despite being less than one year old, she is relatively calm, even good on a leash. She loves hanging out with people and kids and is eager to play with and learn from other dogs. This little gem found her forever home with an active retired …

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Manny with his new Mom and Dad.


Five-year-old Manny is a classic GSP–energetic, goofy, and obsessed with squirrel and bird hunting. He loves most people and dogs, but can be cautious or unsure when first meeting others. He took his time to find the right forever family–prior adopters with GSP rescue experience. Thank you, Liz (and family), for patiently fostering Manny. And …

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Paco standing next to his forever dad


Young Paco showed up in the Tulare shelter at the same time as a similar female GSP. Both were gorgeous, high energy dogs with super-soft coats and no training. Both would cower when anyone tried to pet them. Paco’s foster home focused on getting him well (recovered from kennel cough and surgery), putting on weight, …

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Brandy with her new Mom and Dad.


Sweet 9-year-old Brandy was surrendered by her previous owner in January 2023 and placed directly into a foster home with our rescue. Good with both other dogs and children, she has found a new, loving home with Judy and Gordon who are dedicated to giving her everything she needs to live a long and happy …

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Lacey with her new forever Mom.


Six-year-old Lacey is not a fan of commotion or loud noises. It takes her a while to warm up to people, but once she does, she becomes a cheerful and loyal companion. Lacey won the heart of her foster mom, who works mostly from home, has a huge fenced yard and plenty of time, patience, …

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Viv sprawled on an outdoor sofa with her forever dad


Viv has high energy and a strong prey drive, so she can get distracted outdoors. But has good house manners and loves all humans, including little kids. She likes human company so much that she prefers to never be left alone. Viv (now Birdie) has landed in a GSP-savvy home where she’ll have constant companionship, …

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Jimmy curled up on the haunches of his new dog sibling


The shelter staff described three-year-old Jimmy as really thin but a very nice boy who got along well with other dogs. He had to be rescued because the shelter was full. Around the same time, we received an application from a family that had always had two GSPs, but one of theirs had just died. …

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Darla stretching out.


A good Samaritan found Darla soaked and shivering in a rainy field. She was extremely malnourished and seemed to have recently delivered a litter of pups. The woman who saved her could not keep Darla, as she already had a home full of dogs, cats, and kids. The local shelter was full, too, so we …

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Pasha with her new forever family.


On the scale of GSP energy and prey drive, Pasha is off the charts. Her foster home struggled to get her to focus on basic commands instead of birds on the wing. The help of a professional trainer was a game changer for them and the dog. Pasha was making steady progress when she met …

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