Success Stories

Lilly with her new forever family.


Miss Lilly ended up in a shelter as a stray the day before Thanksgiving and then hit the GSP jackpot!  Darrell & Linda  provided her freedom ride to their home as a foster.  She was a perfect fit for their GSP family and helped to fill the void left behind by the loss of their 15-year-old beloved …

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Franco with his new mom and dad.


Franco, now Hunter, came into the rescue as a stray from a shelter just in time for Thanksgiving. He was quite thin, but overall a healthy 7 year old in need of training and routine. His foster family quickly discovered his love of chasing balls and his ability to wiggle out of harnesses. Hunter loves …

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Daisy May with her new forever family.

Daisy May

Some dogs take longer than others to find where they belong. Daisy May is one of those dogs. After spending a year in rescue and getting some medical issues sorted out, Daisy May is living her best life with her adopters Alicia and Shawn and their three kids. She’s surrounded by love for sure! Thank …

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Isla with her new sister Regina.


One-year-old Isla turned up in a Bay Area shelter, very thin but trusting of humans. She hadn’t had much training but had two GSP sisters (3 and 7 years old) to show her the ropes in her foster home. She loves playing with them and cuddling with her people. Thank you, Ryan and Vicki, for …

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Brownie 2 with Santa Claus.


When we pulled eleven-year-old Brownie (Brownie2 in rescue) from a shelter, he seemed to have some problems with his sight, hearing, and mobility. Our foster volunteers tuned up his manners, improved his leg strength, and treated his anxiety. Thank you, Mark, Kirsten, and Kellen, for fostering Brownie; and thank you, Marlene, for fostering and adopting …

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Sweet Sofie in her new forever home


Young Sofie was a stray to shelter who showed up very skinny, with a double “cherry eye” needing surgery. From the get-go, Sofie demonstrated her loving and playful nature. Thank you, RaeLyn, for fostering, and thank you, George and Suzanne, for adopting Sofie. Now she shares a home with a GSP brother, Murphy, and a …

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Oso with his new forever family.


Six-month-old Oso was picked up as a stray. The shelter reported him to be friendly and easy to handle. In foster care, Oso proved himself to be playful, eager to learn, and easy going with humans, dogs, and cats. His foster mom labelled him a Snuggle bug. Thank you, Keyona, for fostering Oso, and thank …

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Shelter staff described Darby as a “nice” and gentle dog. They guessed he was around two years old, although a vet thought he might be a few years older. We placed him in a GSP-experienced foster home where he received loving care and attention through his medical tests and neuter surgery. He wormed his way …

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Parker3 in her new forever home.


Parker (Parker3 in rescue) is only two years old, but when she arrived at the shelter as a stray, she appeared to have had a recent litter of pups. She had a hernia and was so emaciated she had difficulty standing. In foster care, she learned house manners and gained weight and confidence, though she …

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Hunter with his new dad.


Handsome Hunter (Hunte4) came into rescue wound as tight as a Grandfather clock on Sunday morning. He was hyper-alert to every sound, every movement. This clever pup was a good boy who simply hadn’t had enough physical exercise and mental stimulation. We placed him in one of our most experienced foster homes, where he relaxed …

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Jamie with his new fur brother.


When young Jamie needed rescuing, we were there for him. A GSP-experienced volunteer agreed to foster this youngster. Jamie played so well with other dogs and fit in so well at home that his foster dad decided to make this easy-going pup a permanent part of his pack. Thank you, James, for fostering and adopting …

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Skippy with his new mom and dad. SS


Skippy was only seven months old when he was hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated. Losing a limb did not faze this young, high-octane, playful guy. He can keep up with any other GSP with four legs. Thank you, Cathy, for caring for Skippy after his surgery, and thank you, …

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Buck with his new dad. SS


Buck is a mature GSP adopted from us a number of years ago. Due to some changes in his adopter’s circumstances, Bucky has been living with a close friend. In good news for Bucky, they’ve decided to make it official. Thank you, Larry, for caring for and adopting Bucky.

Marge with pal Rocko SS


Young Marge entered rescue with little training. She became an escape artist when she went into heat but settled down after spaying. She’s an attentive learner, wanting to please her foster mom and get along with the two house dogs. Thank you, Janis, for fostering and adopting Marge, now Maggie. (Photo shows Marge feeling right …

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Stryker with his new mom and dad. SS


Seven-year-old Stryker landed in a shelter with kennel cough. We got him out of there and into a foster home, where he showed himself to be sweet, docile, intelligent, trainable, and great with people of all ages. He even tolerated a hose bath well! Poor Stryker arrived with a limp, so his foster family was …

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Esuda with his new family SS


Five-year-old Esuda’s family surrendered him, realizing they did not have the time and energy to give him a good life. He seemed bored and lonely, but with help from some of our most experienced foster volunteers, everything changed. He became a sweet and curious guy who loves human attention and wants to play with other …

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Birdie and a puppachino SS


Six-year-old Birdie appeared to have been abandoned soon after having a litter of pups. She was cowering under a trailer in a town where the shelter was full and could not take her. The folks who found her agreed to foster for us. They discovered Birdie had little training, pulled like a sled dog on …

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Pasha SS


Little Pasha has the high energy typical of a one-year-old GSP. Her foster family discovered she’d had little training and a strong interest in the neighbor’s chickens. Her sweet and affectionate nature won them over, nonetheless. Pasha made quick progress in a short time and now knows her name, as well as how to sit …

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Harley with her new family SS


This sweet, shy six-year-old had just weaned pups and was having trouble adjusting to shelter conditions. We got her out and placed her with a GSP-savvy foster home. Harley (Harley4 in rescue) impressed them by coming when called, getting along nicely with other dogs, resting quietly while they ate, and mastering the use of the …

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Tyson with his new dad SS


Young Tyson came into rescue after being hit by a car. One of his hind legs was severely fractured and had to be amputated. Becoming a tripod did not slow this brave, attentive boy down. His fosters and trainers gave him a solid foundation, and he continues to improve daily. He’s a fanatic ball fetcher, …

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Billie at her new home SS


Billie, just six months old, came to us from an unfortunate situation. She is sweet and a bit shy but becoming more mischievous by the day. Her parents and two human brothers were delighted to adopt this rambunctious pup. She’s helping them recover from the recent loss of their nine-year-old GSP, Bernie. Thank you, Linda, …

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Leila with her new dad SS


Six-month-old Leila was picked up as a stray and taken to a very full shelter, where staff were happy to turn her over to us. Leila is sweet, affectionate, sociable, and relatively docile for a pup, with moments of classic GSP rambunctiousness. She was snapped up by long-time volunteers who were ready to invite a …

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Francine with her new Dad SS


When two-year-old Francine was surrendered, we found her a foster home experienced with rescue dogs and GSPs. Two years ago, the death of their last dog, NorCal GSP alum Daisy, broke her dad’s heart. He was not ready for another canine companion, but as soon as Francine met him, she stuck like glue. She won …

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Private with his new canine brother SS


The shelter called and asked us to home a three-year-old GSP stray who seemed like a ‘very nice boy with no training.’ We found him a dog-loving home willing to spend time to bring out his best. Having had other high energy rescues in the past, the foster family immediately put him on an exercise …

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Taylor with new mom and dad SS


Adorable Taylor went to a GSP-loving home where her foster family found her to be a sweet puppy full of spunk. GSP alum Ronald was delighted to become a big brother and gain a new playmate. The house cat, Ms. Sparkles, enthusiastically embraced her job of teaching Taylor how to respect and fear a long-reigning …

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Moby with his new family SS


Moby is easy-going for a one-year-old. He’s not sure which he loves more: chasing balls, cuddling with his humans, or napping next to his GSP brother, Gus. He’s found a cozy forever home with a family of runners, including adults who work from home and several active young men. In addition to a canine sibling, …

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Remington2 with his new GSP brother SS


Five-year-old Remington (Remington2 in rescue) arrived at a shelter with a leg wound needing treatment. Once healed, he emerged from his shell and showed what a goofball he can be, stealing paper towels and socks, and diving into the pool to blow bubbles underwater. Remi (left) made friends with his 11-year-old GSP brother, Boone (right), …

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Gabriel with his new mom and dad SS


Two-year-old Gabriel was surrendered when his owner died. His fosters found him to be very smart but easily bored and needed lots of love, attention, and exercise. He could be naughty, stealing shoes for games of keep away, but responded well to training and affection. Gabriel has been adopted by an active, GSP-savvy family with …

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Dan with his new mom and dad SS


Seven-year-old Dan was a frequent visitor to his local shelter. His owner signed Dan over to the very full shelter, and they called on us to find him a new home. His new owners have raised multiple GSPs, so understand the devotion required. Thank you, Pam, Karine, and Alysha, for fostering Dan, and thank you, …

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Kimber with new four legged siblings


Young Kimber had to find a new home due to a series of life changes her owner experienced. She’s an easygoing girl who enjoys the company of people, including kids. Running, swimming, and ball playing are her favorite sports. Kimber now has a permanent home with retired adults, two GSP siblings and grandkids to play …

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