Success Stories

Pasha SS


Little Pasha has the high energy typical of a one-year-old GSP. Her foster family discovered she’d had little training and a strong interest in the neighbor’s chickens. Her sweet and affectionate nature won them over, nonetheless. Pasha made quick progress in a short time and now knows her name, as well as how to sit …

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Harley with her new family SS


This sweet, shy six-year-old had just weaned pups and was having trouble adjusting to shelter conditions. We got her out and placed her with a GSP-savvy foster home. Harley (Harley4 in rescue) impressed them by coming when called, getting along nicely with other dogs, resting quietly while they ate, and mastering the use of the …

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Tyson with his new dad SS


Young Tyson came into rescue after being hit by a car. One of his hind legs was severely fractured and had to be amputated. Becoming a tripod did not slow this brave, attentive boy down. His fosters and trainers gave him a solid foundation, and he continues to improve daily. He’s a fanatic ball fetcher, …

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Billie at her new home SS


Billie, just six months old, came to us from an unfortunate situation. She is sweet and a bit shy but becoming more mischievous by the day. Her parents and two human brothers were delighted to adopt this rambunctious pup. She’s helping them recover from the recent loss of their nine-year-old GSP, Bernie. Thank you, Linda, …

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Leila with her new dad SS


Six-month-old Leila was picked up as a stray and taken to a very full shelter, where staff were happy to turn her over to us. Leila is sweet, affectionate, sociable, and relatively docile for a pup, with moments of classic GSP rambunctiousness. She was snapped up by long-time volunteers who were ready to invite a …

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Francine with her new Dad SS


When two-year-old Francine was surrendered, we found her a foster home experienced with rescue dogs and GSPs. Two years ago, the death of their last dog, NorCal GSP alum Daisy, broke her dad’s heart. He was not ready for another canine companion, but as soon as Francine met him, she stuck like glue. She won …

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Private with his new canine brother SS


The shelter called and asked us to home a three-year-old GSP stray who seemed like a ‘very nice boy with no training.’ We found him a dog-loving home willing to spend time to bring out his best. Having had other high energy rescues in the past, the foster family immediately put him on an exercise …

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Taylor with new mom and dad SS


Adorable Taylor went to a GSP-loving home where her foster family found her to be a sweet puppy full of spunk. GSP alum Ronald was delighted to become a big brother and gain a new playmate. The house cat, Ms. Sparkles, enthusiastically embraced her job of teaching Taylor how to respect and fear a long-reigning …

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Moby with his new family SS


Moby is easy-going for a one-year-old. He’s not sure which he loves more: chasing balls, cuddling with his humans, or napping next to his GSP brother, Gus. He’s found a cozy forever home with a family of runners, including adults who work from home and several active young men. In addition to a canine sibling, …

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Remington2 with his new GSP brother - SS


Five-year-old Remington (Remington2 in rescue) arrived at a shelter with a leg wound needing treatment. Once healed, he emerged from his shell and showed what a goofball he can be, stealing paper towels and socks, and diving into the pool to blow bubbles underwater. Remi (left) made friends with his 11-year-old GSP brother, Boone (right), …

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Gabriel with his new mom and dad SS


Two-year-old Gabriel was surrendered when his owner died. His fosters found him to be very smart but easily bored and needed lots of love, attention, and exercise. He could be naughty, stealing shoes for games of keep away, but responded well to training and affection. Gabriel has been adopted by an active, GSP-savvy family with …

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Dan with his new mom and dad SS


Seven-year-old Dan was a frequent visitor to his local shelter. His owner signed Dan over to the very full shelter, and they called on us to find him a new home. His new owners have raised multiple GSPs, so understand the devotion required. Thank you, Pam, Karine, and Alysha, for fostering Dan, and thank you, …

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Kimber with new four legged siblings


Young Kimber had to find a new home due to a series of life changes her owner experienced. She’s an easygoing girl who enjoys the company of people, including kids. Running, swimming, and ball playing are her favorite sports. Kimber now has a permanent home with retired adults, two GSP siblings and grandkids to play …

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Karley and Tucker3 with their new mom and dad

Karley & Tucker

Finding good homes for older foster dogs can be challenging. Karley and her son, Tucker (Tucker3 in rescue), are such dogs, but they got lucky. Experienced former adopters living on a spacious farm with donkeys, horses, and three other rescue dogs missed having GSPs, so they applied to adopt. They expressed particular interest in Karley …

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Remington3 with her new family


Two-year-old Remington (Remington3 in rescue) loves other dogs and humans. She wants to play and play and play with dogs. From humans, she demands full attention and will complain loudly when she feels bored or under-stimulated. Her rambunctious pranks earned her the nickname “Lawless” in her foster home, where she learned how to channel her …

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Lonestar with his new mom and dad


Nine-year-old Lonestar came to us from a shelter with little training and a few wounds that needed tending. His foster homes found him to be a good boy–docile, curious, and a bit insecure. He loves kids and playing ball, and he leans into adults to encourage petting. He’s been adopted by a GSP-savvy couple who …

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Lucy Lou with her new dog brother Max

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was surrendered by a family when they realized they didn’t have time to give her the exercise she needed. Her foster family found her to be a good girl who adored playing fetch. She’d spent most of her life outdoors, so had to adjust to indoor living and being in a crate sometimes. …

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Marlowe and new mom


This 1-year-old bundle of energy loves to hike, run, and romp. He came to us from an over-full shelter that needed dogs out asap. His new mom is an experienced trainer. Marlowe (now Kylo) is learning to play with alum Scout, who was adopted into the same family last year and lives nearby. Kylo likes …

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Bauer with his new family


Young Bauer was picked up as a stray and landed in the shelter. Upon entering our rescue program, he acted more like a 10-year-old GSP than the 2-year-old he was estimated to be. He was unsocialized, not potty trained, and needed lots of medical attention to get him in top shape. Once his medical needs …

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Hannah2 with her new mom and dad


Three-year-old Hannah (Hannah2) got away and soon found herself in a shelter. Once in foster care, she discovered the joy of swimming. She also delights in running around the yard chasing birds. She caught the eye of a GSP-savvy family that had just lost their six-year-old female, also named Hannah! They wanted to adopt another …

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Benji with his new mom and dad


Three-year-old Benji’s family surrendered him when they had to move and couldn’t take the dog with them. His foster family found him to be a curious, loving boy short on training and too interested in anything left on the countertop. They coaxed him steadily to learn house etiquette and leash manners–and to play well with …

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Amber with her new family


Amber is an elderly gal, but she’s young at heart, with a tail that never stops wagging. She likes kids and gets along well with other dogs, too. Now she’s in a forever home with a dad who is around most of the time, plus two canine siblings (a GSP and a Chihuahua), as well …

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Parker 2 with his new family


Parker (Parker2), an 8-month-old pup, was surrendered when his owners had to move and could not take the dog with them. Fortunately, this energetic young guy made himself right at home with his foster family, who are home a lot to provide the attention and training he needs. He now gets lots of love and …

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Kamo with his new family


Kamo is not quite three years old, but this high-energy sweetheart has been through a lot. He was bred to be a hunting dog, but Kamo’s life became chaotic when his owner passed away unexpectedly. He was abandoned for a time, left with only a tennis ball for a friend. Eventually, he went to a …

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Bear with his new mom


Bear’s owner reluctantly surrendered him due to sudden, unexpected life changes. The dog went from living in a home with a yard, two humans, and a canine sibling to long days alone in an apartment. He wasn’t happy and voiced his concerns, loud and long. Everything changed again when Bear came into our foster program. …

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PJ and his new mom


Adorable PJ charmed the shelter staff with his puppy antics. They were surprised no one came looking for such a cute dog. Because PJ could not use one of his hind legs, they released him to us for medical treatment. An orthopedist determined the leg was not broken; PJ just needed to take it easy …

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Leonie with her new Mom


Young Leonie, a GSP/Great Dane mix, had suffered a lot. She ended up in a shelter with buckshot wounds, and she was very skinny. Her foster mom reported that Leonie (aka Lulu) seemed sad, didn’t know how to play, and needed to learn house manners. Once she healed and settled in, she blossomed into a big love bug, …

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Paisley with her new fur brother Bogie


Paisley was picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim her. She had little training and suffered from severe separation anxiety. Nonetheless, her foster family found her to be sweet, friendly, and loving. Now she has a forever home with a backyard full of birds and squirrels, parents who are home most …

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Keene with his new mom and dad


Keene is intelligent, loving, stubborn, and loyal–in other words, a typical GSP pup. He arrived from a shelter anxious and afraid of being left alone. With care and training, he settled down and learned to obey house rules. He discovered a love of hiking–and a knack for getting foxtails up his nose. His fosters worked …

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Remmy at his new home


Eleven-year-old Remmy landed in a shelter when his owner died. We pulled him and took care of some health and dental needs. His foster mom found him a happy, friendly, loving guy. When Remmy was ready, he went to a foster-to-adopt situation and made himself right at home. The new house came with neighborhood kids …

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