Success Stories

Midnight in between her new dad and mom


Midnight and Moonlight were dropped at a shelter together. Midnight was in much better shape than his sister but still needed lots of love and nursing, as well as neutering. He turned out to be house trained and crated trained, knew basic commands, and was good on leash. He was anxious when left alone but …

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Mtn Scout on the sofa with his new mom

Mtn Scout

Mtn Scout was surrendered because his family did not have time to exercise him and he made it known that he did not like being left home alone all day. He’s a sweet and funny dog who loves to run, chase squirrels, play Keep Away, and hang out with attentive humans who preferably will pet …

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Canelo SS pic


Canelo came into rescue confused. He’s a super-intelligent dog who may have been trained to do security work. As a workaholic, he was at a loss when his job vanished. He wanted to work but couldn’t figure out what happened and seemed to be in pain. A change in diet helped him a lot. The more discipline, …

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Reese and Joy in a cozy cave

Reese and Joy

Go ahead and say it: Aaaaawww. Cuteness overload! Reese and Joy were two of four young pups from an unexpected litter. The owner wanted them to find good homes, so surrendered them. Thank you, Brad and Megan—and NorCal GSP Rescue alum Ruby–for fostering and adopting Reese and Joy (now Jake and Juno).

Apollo2 standing on a hardwood floor


Wee Apollo (Apollo2) needed more exercise and attention than his family could provide, so they surrendered him hoping he’d find a more suitable home. In foster care, he received some training and lots of exercise, as well as constant supervision to prevent counter surfing, shoe stealing, or leather chewing. Thank you, Chere, for fostering this …

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Beamer in front of ferns with his new mom and dada


Young Beamer initially had a hard time settling into foster care after he was pulled from the shelter, but once he was fixed, he calmed down considerably. He learned to play and cuddle, always wanting to stay close to his people. Thank you, George and Suzanne, Liisa, and Lisa, for fostering Beamer. And thanks, Dan …

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Honz with new mom and dad and small dog


Ten-year-old Honz came into rescue not looking or feeling his best. Once he got needed medical attention, he showed us what an easygoing dude he was, even allowing his nails to be clipped without a fuss. He was housetrained, mellow, and got along with all dogs, big and small. Now adopted by a family that …

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Copper2 with his face smooshed against human's chest


Copper (Copper2) came into the rescue with a painful old leg injury and was severely underweight. His leg injury was promptly addressed, and after two surgeries, he was on the mend when he had a fall and broke his tibia. After his third and final surgery, Copper is on his way to a pain-free life. …

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Eleven-year-old Enzo was surrendered when his owners moved to a new home where dogs were not allowed. He’d been an outdoor dog, so initially was reluctant to live indoors, but he soon began to appreciate indoor living. Enzo showed he could be sweet, gentle, affectionate, and obedient—and comforted his foster family when they recently lost …

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Sedona looking at the camera


Poor Sedona was found as a stray in Stockton — skinny, missing most of one ear, and a plastic jug stuck over her head! While in foster care, she blossomed into a sweet, shy GSP who loves car rides, squirrel hunting, and cuddling by the fire. She’s now in a permanent home with doting parents …

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Cora in hatch of SUV with new mom and dad


Cora’s family gave her up because they didn’t have time for the exercise and training a GSP pup needs. She is a petite girl with lots of energy and a sweet personality, though a bit shy when meeting new dogs and people. She’s gone to a forever home close to beaches and trails full of …

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Maverick with his new dads and GSP brother


Maverick and his littermate Remington were surrendered simultaneously but assigned to different foster homes. Maverick was placed with an active family of trail runners that included an 18-month-old GSP. With consistent routines, daily runs, and lots of affection, Maverick quickly endeared himself to the family. While they didn’t plan to add a second dog to …

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Remington next to his golden retriever sibling, with new dad and mom in raincoats in a hallway


Remington and his litter-mate were surrendered by an owner overwhelmed with the prospect of raising new human twins. Once in a safe and loving foster home, Remi was reserved at first but soon revealed himself to be a sweet, cuddly guy. He was adopted by an active couple with time to devote to his training …

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Debonair Ruger was picked up as a stray when wildfires were causing chaos in northern California. His fosters discovered he was a well-trained gentleman who wouldn’t dream of counter-surfing but who had a talent for photo-bombing ZOOM meetings—showing up suddenly with a toy in his mouth to remind the humans they should play more! With …

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Milady and foster sibling with new dad


We whisked Milady out of the shelter and into a loving foster home, where she could enjoy attention and treatment for her cranky joints. She let the dogs know when they were being too spunky. She preferred to hang out calmly with any human who would pet her. Now she’s living on a ranch in …

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Bruno2 with his new family on a grassy lawn


Bruno (rescue name Bruno2) tested out a few foster homes before picking one to settle into forever, with a fenced yard close to numerous trails. And that’s not all. He scored two active parents, plus their two grown sons and an agile part-GSP canine sister named Ruby. Thanks to all who helped foster Bruno – …

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Walker2 with his new family, with 3 people on the couch and one person on the floor next to him


Five-year-old Walker (rescue name Walker2) bounced around among several homes and foster homes, honing his skills as an escape artist until he finally settled down and started trusting people. He found a family to show his affectionate side. Now he snuggles with everyone when he is not busy checking out the geckos in the backyard. …

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Briar on top of at least 3 dog beds, looks like he is snoozing with a ball/rope toy in his mouth


Briar spent most of his four years chained in a backyard and neglected until a good-hearted neighbor persuaded the owners to relinquish him. As the neighbor tried to find him a new home, Briar was attacked by another dog and ended up in quarantine at a dog shelter because there were no records to indicate …

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When young Stinson first arrived at his new foster home, his foster mom reported that he excelled at jumping on people, chasing cars, and un-stuffing toys at top speed. And that he was atrocious at walking on a leash. Nonetheless, she loved his enthusiasm for meeting new people and dogs, going for car rides, playing, …

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Buckshot with purple toy in his mouth, under a tree, sitting in front of 4 people in his new family, two of whom are sitting in rope swing seats


Five-year old Buckshot lost his way and ended up at a shelter in Lodi. The shelter reported that he was good with dogs, cats, and kids of all ages. His fosters brushed up his commands and house manners to help him find a forever home, while he enjoyed playing with alums Tigi (now Melody) and Koby (now …

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Do you hear an echo?? In 2007, a couple adopted a GSP as an owner referral through NorCal GSP Rescue. That dog’s name was Echo, and she was with them until she passed in 2019. As it happened, a new GSP named Echo was born around that time and ended up in our rescue program …

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Anaya success story photo with new adoptive mom


Two-year-old Anaya slipped away from home and ended up in a full shelter in northern California. The shelter called us because they were over-full and would have to start euthanizing dogs at the top of the list if they could not make more room. Our volunteers stepped up to spring this young dog the next …

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A black and white photo of the faces GSP Hazel and Springer Spaniel Caper, with the forever mom behind them


Hazel’s elderly owners reached a point where they could no longer care for their two senior GSPs, so they called on us for help. Hazel’s foster mom found her to be a sweet and mellow gal who enjoys typical GSP pursuits like car rides, ball games, and critter patrols. She loves being around people and …

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Success story photo - Mictlan, a white GSP with liver ticking and patches, being held on the sofa by his forever mom, sitting next to his forever dad who is holding Lena, a mostly liver female alum


Mictlan’s family surrendered him when it turned out that their older, smaller dog could not deal with his energy and became very stressed. His foster family found him to be a friendly, fun-loving pup with typical GSP habits. He also turned out to be able to match their young GSP Lena, another rescue alum, in …

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A selfie - Hennessy cuddled up again his new dad, on the sofa, Hennessy is wearing a bow tie


When Hennessy’s owner passed away, a neighbor took the one-year-old dog in temporarily. One of our brand new foster volunteers with previous GSP experience jumped at the chance to care for him. Man and dog bonded instantly and enjoyed going on adventures together, with Hennessy sporting a bow tie on his collar. When the dog …

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May with new family


May was only nine months old when she arrived at the Stockton shelter as a stray. They were anxious to get her into a rescue program due to her very high energy. The girl could not sit still, ever. She wanted to be outdoors and play and play and play some more. Now she has …

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Tigi next to a similar looking dog, both on harnesses and leashes, out for a walk


One-year old Tigi was a stray. When no one came to the shelter to claim her, we did. She is a very high-energy wild child who loves to play and finds it hard to relax. She can be a bit bratty sometimes, but with persistent attention and training, she has settled nicely into a home …

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Rowdy fam pic


Rowdy had been rescued from a facility that breeds sporting dogs. Since he was gun shy and not inclined to hunt, he’d been relegated to a concrete kennel and all but forgotten. Some GSP-savvy folks spoke up for him, then spent a year trying to give him back the puppy time and training he’d missed …

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Bacall in the lower center of the photo, with new mom and dad on either side


When Bacall first arrived in foster care, she was anxious, had a hard time relaxing, and wasn’t sure about human touch. Her foster folks worked with her daily, giving her the time and space needed to let her sweet side flourish. At nine years old, Bacall has plenty of energy and loves to run, fetch, …

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Shila with family


Wee Shila—a GSP/Lab mix puppy—was rescued from the street, where her mom and pups appeared to have been dumped. After just a few weeks, the family that took her in realized that, between work demands and health issues, they could not care for a young dog properly. They asked for our help. We found Shila …

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