Success Stories

Lucy Lou with her new dog brother Max

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou was surrendered by a family when they realized they didn’t have time to give her the exercise she needed. Her foster family found her to be a good girl who adored playing fetch. She’d spent most of her life outdoors, so had to adjust to indoor living and being in a crate sometimes. …

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Marlowe and new mom


This 1-year-old bundle of energy loves to hike, run, and romp. He came to us from an over-full shelter that needed dogs out asap. His new mom is an experienced trainer. Marlowe (now Kylo) is learning to play with alum Scout, who was adopted into the same family last year and lives nearby. Kylo likes …

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Bauer with his new family


Young Bauer was picked up as a stray and landed in the shelter. Upon entering our rescue program, he acted more like a 10-year-old GSP than the 2-year-old he was estimated to be. He was unsocialized, not potty trained, and needed lots of medical attention to get him in top shape. Once his medical needs …

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Hannah2 with her new mom and dad


Three-year-old Hannah (Hannah2) got away and soon found herself in a shelter. Once in foster care, she discovered the joy of swimming. She also delights in running around the yard chasing birds. She caught the eye of a GSP-savvy family that had just lost their six-year-old female, also named Hannah! They wanted to adopt another …

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Benji with his new mom and dad


Three-year-old Benji’s family surrendered him when they had to move and couldn’t take the dog with them. His foster family found him to be a curious, loving boy short on training and too interested in anything left on the countertop. They coaxed him steadily to learn house etiquette and leash manners–and to play well with …

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Amber with her new family


Amber is an elderly gal, but she’s young at heart, with a tail that never stops wagging. She likes kids and gets along well with other dogs, too. Now she’s in a forever home with a dad who is around most of the time, plus two canine siblings (a GSP and a Chihuahua), as well …

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Parker 2 with his new family


Parker (Parker2), an 8-month-old pup, was surrendered when his owners had to move and could not take the dog with them. Fortunately, this energetic young guy made himself right at home with his foster family, who are home a lot to provide the attention and training he needs. He now gets lots of love and …

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Kamo with his new family


Kamo is not quite three years old, but this high-energy sweetheart has been through a lot. He was bred to be a hunting dog, but Kamo’s life became chaotic when his owner passed away unexpectedly. He was abandoned for a time, left with only a tennis ball for a friend. Eventually, he went to a …

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Bear with his new mom


Bear’s owner reluctantly surrendered him due to sudden, unexpected life changes. The dog went from living in a home with a yard, two humans, and a canine sibling to long days alone in an apartment. He wasn’t happy and voiced his concerns, loud and long. Everything changed again when Bear came into our foster program. …

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PJ and his new mom


Adorable PJ charmed the shelter staff with his puppy antics. They were surprised no one came looking for such a cute dog. Because PJ could not use one of his hind legs, they released him to us for medical treatment. An orthopedist determined the leg was not broken; PJ just needed to take it easy …

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Leonie with her new Mom


Young Leonie, a GSP/Great Dane mix, had suffered a lot. She ended up in a shelter with buckshot wounds, and she was very skinny. Her foster mom reported that Leonie (aka Lulu) seemed sad, didn’t know how to play, and needed to learn house manners. Once she healed and settled in, she blossomed into a big love bug, …

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Paisley with her new fur brother Bogie


Paisley was picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim her. She had little training and suffered from severe separation anxiety. Nonetheless, her foster family found her to be sweet, friendly, and loving. Now she has a forever home with a backyard full of birds and squirrels, parents who are home most …

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Keene with his new mom and dad


Keene is intelligent, loving, stubborn, and loyal–in other words, a typical GSP pup. He arrived from a shelter anxious and afraid of being left alone. With care and training, he settled down and learned to obey house rules. He discovered a love of hiking–and a knack for getting foxtails up his nose. His fosters worked …

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Remmy at his new home


Eleven-year-old Remmy landed in a shelter when his owner died. We pulled him and took care of some health and dental needs. His foster mom found him a happy, friendly, loving guy. When Remmy was ready, he went to a foster-to-adopt situation and made himself right at home. The new house came with neighborhood kids …

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Oaklee with her new family


Sweet, petite Oaklee was scooped up as a stray from an overcrowded shelter. She’d been passed around from owner to owner, but no one came to claim her. Her foster family reported she was super sweet and timid. They also noticed she had a limp, which was diagnosed as bilateral elbow dysplasia. After surgery and …

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Kittle with new mom and dad


Kittle is a super-smart boy who got caught in the Covid conundrum. He had a great start in life, but when pandemic restrictions were lifted, his owner could no longer work from home. Left home alone all day, young Kittle became bored and destructive. His owner knew the dog deserved a home that could provide …

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Marty with his new mom on a fern-lined hiking trail


Marty had some bad luck and landed in a shelter. Then he had some good luck. We found him a foster home with room to roam and where three adults worked from home. They were dog lovers who had not had a GSP before but met his puppy shenanigans with training, boundaries, and treats. Marty …

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Tahoe2 with her new big brother, Jacob


Young Tahoe was a bit of a wild child, a puppy full of beans and wiggles. After testing several homes, she found one with the time and patience to teach her how to control her exuberance. She now has a GSP big brother, alum Jacob (now Winston) to look up to and learn from. Thank …

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Angel lying down next to a cat and a dog


Angel’s owners could no longer care for her, so they gave her to a family member who already had too many dogs and too little time–so they surrendered her to a shelter. Angel’s foster home initially reported that she was a little devil with no training whatsoever. She was not housebroken. She counter-surfed and knew …

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Adam success story pic, with Adam with his paws on his forever dad's shoulders


Rebecca and Art decided to foster for us, not intending to adopt, as they already had one GSP and several cats. When they picked up Adam, he was wet, muddy, trembling, and timid. Their first foster report indicated that Adam was a counter surfer who needed to learn his manners; nonetheless, they found him cute, …

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Kobee with his new family


When this one-year-old sweetheart was sprung from the shelter, all he wanted was love and attention, but he’d had very little training. His foster homes taught him about boundaries when living indoors with humans—or even a cat, yikes. He’s figured it out–pretty well. Thank you, Keyona, for fostering Kobee. And thanks, Dawn and John (and …

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Boon with his new mom and dad


When Boon was picked up as a stray, he was severely injured and had to have a leg amputated. Losing a limb did not suppress Boon’s cheery disposition. His tail never stops wagging, and he loves all people and dogs. Thank you, Denise, for caring for Boon as he recovered from surgery, and thank you, …

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Moonlight NOW with her new family


Moonlight was dropped at a shelter in terrible condition. She was so emaciated her rib cage protruded sharply and her head was covered in lesions. One of our experienced foster homes nurtured her back to health. Initially, she was so weak she had to be carried up and down stairs. She gained 20 pounds in …

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Rolo perched on an office chair


Rolo is a typical Pointer puppy, full of pranks but very snuggly, too. He goes to work with mom most days and wags his entire body when he meets new people. He enjoys hiking and fetch and is learning etiquette. He’s upped the energy level in a home already full of loving chaos, with 2 …

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Draco snuggles on a large dog bed with a dog buddy


Whiskery Draco, a GSP/GWP mix, most loves giving kisses and getting scratches. His owners didn’t have the time needed to train a young, energetic pup, so they surrendered him in hopes of finding him a great home. Draco needed some training tips, but is basically a sweet boy who loves being around people as much …

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Ziggie with his forever family


Alum Ziggie was returned to rescue shortly after being diagnosed with Tetanus—rare in dogs but extremely serious. After 15 days in the ICU, Ziggie was finally well enough to be discharged to his new foster home, where he continued to receive TLC and follow-up care. They fell in love with this mellow boy immediately and …

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Twix at holiday time in front of a Christmas tree


Twix was the runt of an unwanted litter surrendered before the holidays, but don’t let his small size fool you! He’s full of spunk for a little guy. He can hold his own in play with his older canine brothers, Ruger and alum Trapper. He can be a cuddle bug, too, but most loves pointing birds …

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Lady3 sitting in front of block and wood fence with her new mom and dad


Lady (Lady3) was surrendered due to a serious medical condition as well as a play style that was too rough for the family’s young kids. She needed training and socialization to learn that nipping and barking are not good ways to initiate play. Thanks, Pam, for patiently fostering Lady, nursing her through her vet care, …

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Chaise with his new mom and dad on green grass in front of a low brick wall with tall plants


Seven-year-old Chaise is house-trained, crate-trained, and an all-around pleasant, well-behaved fellow. His owners had to surrender him when they found they could not afford the vet care he required. Once he had his medical needs taken care of, one of our past adopters, whose GSP died a few years ago, snatched him up. Thanks so …

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Midnight in between her new dad and mom


Midnight and Moonlight were dropped at a shelter together. Midnight was in much better shape than his sister but still needed lots of love and nursing, as well as neutering. He turned out to be house trained and crated trained, knew basic commands, and was good on leash. He was anxious when left alone but …

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