Success Stories

Viv sprawled on an outdoor sofa with her forever dad


Viv has high energy and a strong prey drive, so she can get distracted outdoors. But has good house manners and loves all humans, including little kids. She likes human company so much that she prefers to never be left alone. Viv (now Birdie) has landed in a GSP-savvy home where she’ll have constant companionship, […]

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Jimmy curled up on the haunches of his new dog sibling


The shelter staff described three-year-old Jimmy as really thin but a very nice boy who got along well with other dogs. He had to be rescued because the shelter was full. Around the same time, we received an application from a family that had always had two GSPs, but one of theirs had just died.

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Darla stretching out.


A good Samaritan found Darla soaked and shivering in a rainy field. She was extremely malnourished and seemed to have recently delivered a litter of pups. The woman who saved her could not keep Darla, as she already had a home full of dogs, cats, and kids. The local shelter was full, too, so we

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Pasha with her new forever family.


On the scale of GSP energy and prey drive, Pasha is off the charts. Her foster home struggled to get her to focus on basic commands instead of birds on the wing. The help of a professional trainer was a game changer for them and the dog. Pasha was making steady progress when she met

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Poor Phoebe2 was a mess when we picked her up from a shelter. She had recently given birth to a litter of pups and had a uterine infection that required emergency surgery. We found an ideal foster-to-adopt situation for her, but then her mom fell and broke an elbow. Surgery would require 6-8 weeks of

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Daizy with her new Dad.


Ten-year-old Daizy may be nearly deaf and blind, but she adores hanging out with her people and getting belly rubs. Daizy’s new dad fell for her as soon as he met her through a friend who was fostering her. Daizy is going to get all the love and attention she deserves and may even get

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Gilbert and his new fur sister, Katie.


Gilbert’s new family applied to adopt one of our dogs, but once they saw a photo of Gilbert, they only had eyes for him! We’d posted a courtesy photo of him, then in the Yolo County shelter. Before the family could organize a trip to Woodland to adopt him, we pulled him into our program.

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Edgar with his new family


Edgar was sprung from a shelter and taken in by some of our seasoned volunteers who have lots of GSP experience and big hearts. He amazed them with his good house manners, and he is even good on leash and loves his crate! Edgar (now Beckett) has gone to a forever home where he has

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Theo in a slot canyon with his forever dad behind him


Who says seniors can’t find love? Not twelve-and-a-half-year-old Theo! His excellent manners, cuddly nature, and respect for the family cat impressed his foster parents. Now he is theirs forever. Despite some arthritis, Theo is always up for an outdoor adventure and tries his best to keep up with his younger GSP siblings, two-year-old Karoo and

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Gunny, a handsome liver and white ticked male with a green lawn background, posing for his success story photo


This beautiful, energetic GSP was taken to a shelter as a stray. His foster family found him to be a bit shy but very affectionate. Once settled in, he developed a love for long hikes, hunting in the back yard, and cuddling with his humans. Thanks, Janelle and Matt, for foster care, and thank you,

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Cute Ralphie in his new forever home.


The shelter staff described Ralphie as “rock star alert, life of the party, fun, adventurous, easy to handle, and fabulous.” We had no trouble finding him a foster home and a forever family. Thank you, Alex, for fostering, and thank you, Allison and Joseph, for adopting Ralphie (now Finn). His new canine sister is our

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Winter with his new Mom and Dad.


We placed this nine-month-old pup in a GSP-savvy foster home that has adopted several dogs from our rescue previously. Winter is sweet and mellow, but has a propensity to steal shoes, pillows and clothing. He loves hunting for critters outdoors and couch snuggling indoors. Thank you, Diane and Jim for fostering and adopting Winter (now

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Charlotte with her new mom and dad.


We took one-year-old Charlotte out of a shelter and placed her with an active couple who had extensive experience rescuing other breeds. They were in for an education about young GSP energy levels, prey drive, and separation anxiety! But Charlotte stole their hearts and they committed themselves to balancing her training needs with job demands

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Gorgeous boy Swift.


This sweet, loving pup with boundless energy was surrendered when his owner had medical problems. He now has a new home with a three kids who’ve grown up around dogs, a Golden Retriever sister, and even some cats and chickens to keep him sharp. Thank you, Joe and Shannon, for fostering and adopting Swift (now

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Success story - Jake3 and his new fur brother.


This four-year-old boy came into rescue incredibly sweet, smart, gorgeous–and completely untrained. We placed him in a home with adults experienced with raising GSPs from puppyhood to old age. Jake (Jake3) quickly learned his name and some basic skills, and he soon mastered use of the doggie door. He showed he could be a bit

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Sunza with her new mom.


Sunza, now Gabby, found herself returned to Rescue through no fault of her own. This adorable whiskery face was quickly placed in another foster home and lo and behold, they decided to make it permanent. Gabby now has over an acre of fenced doggy paradise to chase squirrels to her heart’s content. Thanks to Constance

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Brick at his new forever home.


This gentle giant (likely a Lab mix) entered a shelter in early November, and we rescued him just after Thanksgiving. He was comfortable in his foster home, quickly learning the house rules and soon warming up to both humans and their GSPs. Thank you, Janelle and Matt, for fostering Brick, and thank you, Furman and

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Autumn2 and her new fur brother Normal.


When thirteen-year-old Autumn was picked up as a stray, she was unable to stand or walk. She improved with medical care and soon preferred to be sniffing around outdoors all day long. Thank you, Renee, for giving Autumn2 (now called Winter) the TLC she needed and for adopting her to give her the best rest

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Natalie with her new mom and dad.


Noelle arrived with a pack of dogs surrendered due to their owner’s medical condition. She had virtually no training and had lived mainly outdoors. Our foster volunteers described her as spunky, confident, affectionate, fearless, and a quick learner. She scored a permanent home with an active young couple working from home and up for a

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Sonic with his new mom and dad.


This adorable one-year-old arrived with a pack of dogs surrendered all at the same time. He was named Sonic for his speed and agility. He’s always up for a brisk walk or run and loves to socialize with other dogs. We found him a foster home with two adults and a teen ready to adopt a

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Frosty with his new forever mom and dad.


Frosty came into our rescue as a curious nine-month-old pup with virtually no training. At first, he was withdrawn and subdued, confused by the big change in his life. House training was challenging, and then he had to be neutered and put on restricted activity. Once he recovered, Frosty flourished and embraced his foster home,

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Lola in her new home.


Young Lola, aka Little Miss Liar, came to NorCal GSP Rescue from a hoarding situation in Arkansas that involved 35 dogs living in squalid conditions with minimal human contact. She was extremely fearful and preferred to have no direct interactions with humans. Fortunately, she landed in one of our experienced foster homes where, over many

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Lilly with her new forever family.


Miss Lilly ended up in a shelter as a stray the day before Thanksgiving and then hit the GSP jackpot!  Darrell & Linda  provided her freedom ride to their home as a foster.  She was a perfect fit for their GSP family and helped to fill the void left behind by the loss of their 15-year-old beloved

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Franco with his new mom and dad.


Franco, now Hunter, came into the rescue as a stray from a shelter just in time for Thanksgiving. He was quite thin, but overall a healthy 7 year old in need of training and routine. His foster family quickly discovered his love of chasing balls and his ability to wiggle out of harnesses. Hunter loves

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Daisy May with her new forever family.

Daisy May

Some dogs take longer than others to find where they belong. Daisy May is one of those dogs. After spending a year in rescue and getting some medical issues sorted out, Daisy May is living her best life with her adopters Alicia and Shawn and their three kids. She’s surrounded by love for sure! Thank

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Isla with her new sister Regina.


One-year-old Isla turned up in a Bay Area shelter, very thin but trusting of humans. She hadn’t had much training but had two GSP sisters (3 and 7 years old) to show her the ropes in her foster home. She loves playing with them and cuddling with her people. Thank you, Ryan and Vicki, for

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Brownie 2 with Santa Claus.


When we pulled eleven-year-old Brownie (Brownie2 in rescue) from a shelter, he seemed to have some problems with his sight, hearing, and mobility. Our foster volunteers tuned up his manners, improved his leg strength, and treated his anxiety. Thank you, Mark, Kirsten, and Kellen, for fostering Brownie; and thank you, Marlene, for fostering and adopting

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Sweet Sofie in her new forever home


Young Sofie was a stray to shelter who showed up very skinny, with a double “cherry eye” needing surgery. From the get-go, Sofie demonstrated her loving and playful nature. Thank you, RaeLyn, for fostering, and thank you, George and Suzanne, for adopting Sofie. Now she shares a home with a GSP brother, Murphy, and a

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Oso with his new forever family.


Six-month-old Oso was picked up as a stray. The shelter reported him to be friendly and easy to handle. In foster care, Oso proved himself to be playful, eager to learn, and easy going with humans, dogs, and cats. His foster mom labelled him a Snuggle bug. Thank you, Keyona, for fostering Oso, and thank

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Shelter staff described Darby as a “nice” and gentle dog. They guessed he was around two years old, although a vet thought he might be a few years older. We placed him in a GSP-experienced foster home where he received loving care and attention through his medical tests and neuter surgery. He wormed his way

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