The Jackson shelter was about to close for Thanksgiving and would be short-staffed over the holiday. They asked if we could take Spot, a sweet and needy boy with wounds that needed tending. He’d been on the lam for weeks wearing a harness, which had made wounds where it rubbed. He was so thin he had to be fed small meals several times daily. We placed him with seasoned fosterers. As he recovered, he learned to trust the support team surrounding him. Duke was gentle with their 97-year-old relative and her Chihuahua. He enjoyed daily romps in a neighbor’s vineyard with his canine brother, GSP Zippy. In short, he won hearts and earned his place in the family. Thank you, Bill & Cheryl, for fostering Spot (now Duke–short for Marmaduke) and adopting him.

Spot2 with his new forever family.

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