Adoption Questionnaire

Please Read: Due to the shelter in place order for the entire state of California, we have made the difficult decision to suspend adoptions for the next month, until April 23rd or later. If you are currently looking to adopt, you are welcome to still apply, and our adoption team will be in touch to start the process. However, no adoptions will take place for the next month. Please note that response times will be delayed as our volunteer team manages their own personal situations and needs. You may not hear back for a few weeks or more if you apply in the next month. We’ll provide another update by the end of April on adoptions.

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescue GSPs!

This questionnaire is the first step in our adoption process. You will be called or emailed shortly after your application is received, usually within 5 business days.

This questionnaire is for those residing in Northern California only. If you are interested in one of our older or hard-to-place dogs, we will consider out-of-areas applicants in areas in the western United States; please apply if that’s the case. If you reside in Southern California, our colleagues at CA GSP Rescue will be happy to assist you – Southern California residents CLICK HERE. Not in California? Find rescues in your area on the Regional Rescue Group List through National GSP Rescue.

Because almost all of our dogs come to us with unknown histories, we don’t adopt to families with children under 6 unless specifically noted. 

By submitting this questionnaire, you are confirming that all information entered on the form is true and correct.  If you make any false statements on this questionnaire, or any material misrepresentations or omissions, NorCal GSP Rescue will have the right to reclaim any dog adopted from NorCal GSP Rescue.