Adventures of Becki and Chris


Becki got Peyla, her first GSP, while she was pregnant with her daughter, Kyler, and as any experienced GSP owner knows, these dogs need work and exercise. Through it all, Peyla has turned into a gem. She's sassy, spunky, and knows exactly what she wants and will tell you all about it. She's independent but will connect with anyone with just one look or paw to the hand.

When Chris came into the picture, Peyla quickly became fond of him. Chris had a Boxer named Tyson, and Peyla also adored him. They quickly became the best of friends. Unfortunately, Tyson crossed the rainbow bridge due to a congenital heart condition, She became depressed, and we were sad for her. We love Peyla so much that we adopted a senior GSP named Zeva, from a breeder. She was old and not in great shape, but we helped her get her strength back up. She was the sweetest girl and was grateful for each day we gave her.

To add to our GSP craze, we adopted two puppies! Lassen and Zion, are from the same litter but have completely different personalities. Lassen is sweet and shy. Zion is loud and spunky. When it's nap time they are inseparable.

Clearly we love GSPs (maybe a little too much), and that is why they would like you to give back to something that is near and dear to our hearts.

We’re so glad you’re part of our lives and our special day. Thank you for helping the doggies.


Generous donations have been received from:

Jeff & Sara Simmons
Paris Organist - Congratulations on your wedding! Thank you for what you do!
Amy Mendonca

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