Handsome James


James is really coming into his own in his foster home. He’s loving having a sibling that respects his space and he even went to see Santa this year! (We think he has a crush on Layla).

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James – Our Foster Dog

Handsome James!

Meet James! James arrived at his foster home looking like he’d seen better days. His eyes were sad, his coat was rough, and his entire body was painful. From the looks of him, he had spent his whole life outside and had never known the comforts of a loving home. He melted into his bed that night.  If you touched him wrong and/or surprised him, he would yelp in pain. When he made it to the vet, they cleaned years’ worth of gunk and debris from his sore, inflamed ears and a prescription for Deramaxx quickly took the edge off […]

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James taking a stroll

Hi James!

Senior dude James is getting used to living in doggie “shangri-la” where he can lie on the grass, stretch his legs and test out his squirrel hunting skills. He’s a long way from living homeless now, we’ve got your back James!

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