Month: August 2011


Jackpot did hit the jackpot, getting adopted by a family that’s adopted from us before, and getting to live in a wonderful house with plenty of dog beds, where his every whim will be addressed! Adopted: August 2011


Hilo had the good fortune of knowing he’d found his forever home as soon as he got out of the shelter. It took his forever dad a little longer to figure it out, but that’s ok, we all know how smart GSPs are! Adopted: August 2011


Angus, now known as Sparky, had come back into rescue after some changes in his family situation. But lucky for him, he got another chance at love, and he’s doing great in his forever home! Adopted: August 2011


Hudson has such a beautiful face! We’re sure that’s what won over the heart of his forever family – and a big heart it is to find love with this mature gentleman! Adopted: August 2011

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