Austin (fka Franky) – passed away August 2017

This picture of Austin was taken on 7/25/2017, his 16th birthday. When he arrived at our house he was, of course, a little confused. He was used to a female household, and oh, boy! He had ‘boys’ to play with!! He soon had my husband and my 25 and 35 yr old sons right under his paw. I was raised with hound dogs. Hound dogs bark! We just let him be the hound dog he was. He would bark at a leaf if it startled him! But we loved to see him being a dog. We can only hope that we made him as happy as he looks in this picture. He was our big old floppy-eared hound dog. And we loved him dearly. Thanks for letting me tell you about his time with us. I wish we had gotten him sooner. 16 yrs wouldn’t have been long enough…

-Lois Vining

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